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Favorite places I've visited

  • Innsbruck, Austria
    I must be attracted to old towns because Innsbruck's is lovely. (the gold roof) The wonderful mountain scenery, river, the yellow and white buildings--an idyllic spot!
  • Washington D.C.
    The weather was too hot, but the monuments and museums were wonderful!
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
    Holds many fond family memories and relaxing beaches, gorgeous scenery and weather.
  • Lucerne, Switzerland
    Very clean and pretty. I always felt safe there, even at night. Loved the fresh mountain air and beautiful lake.
  • Heidelberg, Germany
    The old town is very picturesque and the castle and other buildings are gorgeous.
  • Madrid, Spain
    Constant night life and delicious food!
  • Victoria, Canada
    Full of special family memories--as a teenager and later as a parent. Superb museums and Butchart Gardens!
  • Florence, Italy
    Venice and Florence are both incredible, but of the two I would love to go back to Florence. Wonderful architecture and history.
  • Jackson, Wyoming
    An interesting town with great shopping, sights and scenery. The Grand Tetons are beautiful.
  • Paris, France
    So much history, art and culture!

My favorite music

  • Various Artists: Garden State
    Classical baroque--Bach and Handel 80s Alternative--Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Genesis Alt and Classic Rock--too many to name U2, REM, Led Zeppelin,the Who, etc.. Beatles--especially George Harrison "While My guitar gently weeps" Samuel Barber's Adagio--can make me cry every time. Hard rock--I actually like some by Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Smashing Pumpkins


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I am in my early 50s with a college graduated daughter, and a younger daughter who has just started college. I teach French at a local high school.
1. My parents are both retired teachers.
2. I’m a teacher too,but am on Plan 3 retirement, so I’ll never get to retire!
3. I grew up as the only girl in a family of four children.
4. I was the princess who always had my own room.
5. Two of my younger brothers have died.
6. One died in an accident at the age of 16.
7. He had just gotten his driver’s license and it came in the mail after his death.
8. My other brother killed himself at the age of 24.
9. I am still angry at him for doing so.
10. However, I did train and volunteer at a local Crisis Line because of it.
11. I met some wonderful people there and feel like I helped the world in a small way.
12. My only surviving brother is 15 years younger than I am.
13. He was my parent’s “accident” or blessing, as it turns out.
14. I have been married for 24 years.
15. I can’t believe it’s been that long.
16. It hasn’t always been perfect or happy.
17. We have two children.
18. Our elder daughter is a very intelligent hippie.
19. She’s also a gifted artist and dancer.
20. Our younger daughter is a preppy athlete.
21. She loves gymnastics, and has been very successful at it.
22. She’s not continuing with college gymnastics which makes me sad/happy.
23. I am a recovering perfectionist.
24. My husband is also a perfectionist.
25. Our hippie daughter has inherited all those perfectionist genes.
26. Our preppy daughter hasn’t inherited enough of those genes.
27. I love to read mysteries.
28. If I don’t have a book to read, I get very nervous.
29. Sometimes I make a midnight desperation book run to the grocery store.
30. I am also addicted to espresso.
31. When we go on a trip, I am stressed if there is no coffee bar nearby.
32. Hefeweisen is my favorite alcoholic drink.
33. Henry Weinhard's is the brand I prefer, although I tolerate Pyramid.
34. When we were back east, no one had ever heard of Hefeweisen.
35. While in Philadelphia, I learned to enjoy Yuengling, the oldest beer in the country.
36. My favorite color is blue.
37. I graduated from and teach at a school whose colors are light blue and dark blue.
38. It was hard to be a University of Washington Husky and wear purple and gold.
39. In college, I dated lots of guys.
40. I was a very good girl though so some of the guys didn’t date me for long.
41. I fell in love for the first time when I was 20.
42. He had curly blond hair and bright blue eyes and fell in love with me too.
43. We got engaged.
44. We were going to get married after we graduated.
45. He taught me how to ski every Friday night at Stevens Pass.
46. He also taught me to always carry money with me.
47. He invited me places and then didn’t have money to pay.
48. He had a problem with honesty and ethics.
49. When I found out that he was selling drugs, I broke our engagement.
50. After I told him, he chased me around his apartment with a butcher knife.
51. Oh, I forgot, he had a bad temper sometimes.
52. Obviously, he didn’t catch me because I ran very fast.
53. I still like to run, but not from enraged ex-fiances.
54. Tennis is one of my favorite sports, but it’s hard to find the time. (and decent weather)
55. I enjoy watching dance, gymnastics and ice-skating.
56. I don’t enjoy watching my daughter crotch the beam in gymnastics meets.
57. My husband says that’s why men gymnasts don’t do beam.
58. My job and fellow World Language teachers are very important to me.
59. I consider my work a calling.
60. If I gave myself a grade, it would be a B+.
61. I believe that I do well at my teaching, but I can always improve.
62. I value my friends.
63. Some I teach with.
64. Some I met in high school or college.
65. Some I met through my children and their activities.
66. I consider my parents and my brother my best friends.
67. I can be very emotional.
68. It is NOT hormones, no way.
69. It could be my Italian heritage.
70. I’ve always been temperamental and our younger daughter is like me, but sunny natured like her dad.
71. Our older daughter is very logical and calm like her dad, but gets easily stressed out like me.
72. The older my girls have gotten, the closer we've grown, in spite of our differences.
73. I don’t understand computers very well.
74. They can make everything so easy, and yet so hard.
75. They eat up time and energy and cause such frustration.
76. Yet I would never give mine up!
77. Some day I intend to get a master’s degree.
78. The problem is that I’m not sure in what.
79. It would not be French.
80. I love the language, but want to find a new direction.
81. Computers interest me, but I think I would die of boredom sitting in front of one all
82. Librarianship is a possibility, but they're cutting library positions.
83. I am apprehensive to go back into the academic world.
84. Plus, I don’t have the time or money right now.
85. Eventually, I will need to be off a bell schedule because it’s too stressful.
86. I don’t watch anything regularly on television.
87. I used to have a few favorite shows, but lost interest in all TV a few years ago.
88. I would choose to have music on or no noise.
89. I think that’s because I’m around people all day.
90. My taste in music is eclectic.
91. It ranges from classical to hard rock.
92. The only types of music I don’t care for are country and jazz.
93. I would probably enjoy country if it didn’t twang or have corny lyrics.
94. Jazz with a melody is fine.
95. I don’t listen to lyrics much at all.
96. My husband only cares about lyrics.
97. I do love bluegrass though.
98. Our hippie daughter is crazy about Bob Dylan.
99. Our preppy daughter loves pop.
100. Both of their music drives me right out of the house!


running, tennis, microbrews, traveling, reading mysteries, espresso, walking