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I'm in my early 60s with an older daughter who has a PhD in geography, and a younger daughter who has a BS in Mathematics.
1. My parents are both retired teachers.
2. I’m (mostly) happily retired after having taught high school French for 37 years. (some years 1st year Spanish or German, and English) I'm very versatile!
3. I grew up as the only girl in a family of four children.
4. I was the princess who always had my own room.
5. Two of my younger brothers have died.
6. One died in an accident at the age of 16.
7. He had just gotten his driver’s license and it came in the mail after his death.
8. My other brother killed himself at the age of 24.
9. I am still angry at him for doing so.
10. However, I did train and volunteer at a local Crisis Line because of it.
11. I met some wonderful people there and feel like I helped the world in a small way.
12. My only surviving brother is 15 years younger than I am.
13. He was my parent’s “accident” or blessing, as it turns out.
14. I am a widow, as of December 4, 2012. Cancer sucks.
15. I've been dating a wonderful guy since August 19, 2018.
16. He is retired from Boeing, and his name is John.
17. He has two daughters also.
18. My older daughter has a son, born on May 20, 2020. He is gorgeous and I'm madly in love with him.
19. That daughter is also a gifted artist and dancer.
20. My younger daughter is very athletic and musical. She did competitive gymnastics for many years.
21. Older daughter is currently living 2,800 miles away from me.
22. Younger daughter is "only" 2,300 miles away.
23. I hate the distance between us.
24. I love to read, especially mysteries.
25. My cat's name is Mari and she's completely black.
26. She used to belong to Younger Daughter, but I took her when she went to South Korea to teach for a year. Then I didn't give her back.
27. Mari is a one person cat, and that person is me!
28. If I don’t have a book to read, I get very nervous.
29. Sometimes I make a midnight desperation book run to the grocery store.
30. I am also addicted to espresso.
31. When we go on a trip, I am stressed if there is no coffee bar nearby.
32. Amber Ale is my favorite alcoholic drink.
33. Mac and Jacks or Alberts Amber Ale on tap are the ones I prefer.
34. Right now(September 2020), I'm not going to bars, so Alaskan Amber in the bottle is my go to.
35. I enjoy Crystal Light too: Mango/passionfruit, blue raspberry, and blackberry lemonade.
36. My favorite color is blue.
37. I graduated from and taught at a school whose colors are light blue and dark blue.
38. It was hard to be a University of Washington Husky and wear purple and gold.
39. In college, I dated lots of guys.
40. I was a good girl though so some of the guys didn’t date me for long.
41. I fell in love for the first time when I was 20.
42. He had curly blond hair and bright blue eyes and fell in love with me too.
43. We got engaged.
44. We were going to get married after we graduated.
45. He taught me how to ski every Friday night at Stevens Pass.
46. He also taught me to always carry money with me.
47. He invited me places and then didn’t have money to pay.
48. He had a problem with honesty and ethics.
49. When I found out that he was selling drugs, I broke our engagement.
50. After I told him, he chased me around his apartment with a butcher knife.
51. Oh, I forgot, he had a bad temper sometimes.
52. Obviously, he didn’t catch me because I ran very fast.
53. I still like to run, but not from enraged ex-fiances.
54. Tennis is one of my favorite sports, but it’s hard to find the time. (and decent weather)
55. I enjoy watching dance, gymnastics and ice-skating.
56. I didn't enjoy watching my daughter crotch the beam in gymnastics meets.
57. My late husband said that’s why men gymnasts don’t do beam.
58. My job and fellow World Language teachers were and are very important to me.
59. I considered my work a calling.
60. If I gave myself a grade, it would be a B+.
61. I believe that I did well at my teaching, but I could always improve.
62. I value my friends.
63. Some I taught with.
64. Some I met in high school or college.
65. Some I met through my children and their activities.
66. I consider my parents and my daughters my best friends.
67. I can be very emotional, but have mellowed in old age.
68. I'm addicted to cheese.
69. I eat way too much Ben and Jerry's ice cream: The Tonight Dough, Half Baked, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are my favorites.
70. I can be temperamental and our younger daughter is like me, but sunny natured like her dad.
71. Our older daughter is very logical and calm like her dad, but gets easily stressed out like me.
72. The older my girls have gotten, the closer we've grown, in spite of our differences.
73. I don’t understand computers very well.
74. They can make everything so easy, and yet so hard.
75. They eat up time and energy and cause such frustration.
76. Yet I would never give mine up!
77. I've always wanted to write a book.
78. The problem is that I’m not sure what about.
79. My Book Club is extremely important to me.
80. I also belong to a group of retired World Language teachers called the Ram Ladies. We are very close friends.
81. We've been through a lot together.
82. I am not a conservative.
83. I consider myself moderate, although many see me as liberal.
84. I have gotten very into walking in my retirement, no matter the weather.
85. I also run, but these days it's more of a shuffle.
86. I don’t watch anything regularly on television.
87. I used to have a few favorite shows, but lost interest in all TV a few years ago.
88. I would choose to have music on or no noise.
89. My boyfriend loves TV and youtube videos though. And gadgets. He has recently bought e-bikes, a 3D printer and a drone.
90. My taste in music is eclectic.
91. It ranges from classical to hard rock.
92. The only types of music I don’t care for are country and jazz.
93. I would probably enjoy country if it didn’t twang or have corny lyrics.
94. Jazz with a melody is OK.
95. I don’t listen to lyrics much at all, and often sing them incorrectly.
96. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I'm not a good gift giver, so Christmas can be depressing. December is a hard month for me.
97. Although I don't like country, I do love bluegrass.
98. I'm scared of heights.
99. I adore traveling, and have been many interesting places, often because my daughters were there (South Korea, Senegal, Thailand), as well as New York and Ohio in 2020.
100. One of my favorite trips was to Scotland in 2019 on a Rick Steves tour. I was planning to go to Ireland in 2020, but then my grandson and a pandemic came along...


running, tennis, microbrews, traveling, reading mysteries, espresso, walking