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June 09, 2008


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This post reminds me of the day (which I'd forgotten about) that I realized my shirt was on backwards just as the kids were entering the classroom. I taught the class, feeling VERY self-conscious the entire time. As soon as the kids left after the bell rang, I shut my classroom door and fixed my shirt.


What DOES one do about the bra thing? I'm curious;


Hey! My bra came unhooked one day when I was teaching class too, but that was far less embarrassing than the day a tampon fell out of my pocket. That was mortifying, although I acted like it was totally no big deal.

I hate this weather too. And I hate the prediction it's going to be a "wetter and colder" than average summer. So NOT fabulous. But Jason echos your sentiment of it being nice that this weather is helpful for end-of-the-year classroom management.

Marie K

I love your letter to the Weather Forecaster...there are those positives, though, about having such cold weather in June, although I'd trade those in for a few days of warmth.


OOf... hail tonight. And then the news of the flooding, it's just so sad. Someone killed Pudge.


The weather is crazy! We lost our power for over 2 hours tonight. Couldn't believe it. The joy of living in WA.


Well, you know about our weather. I have a cute outfit to wear today and it's going to be soaked and wilted. I have been the fashion police, and feel badly because even my lanyard bothered me. HOT!

Miz S

Once I taught a lesson with my fly zipper down. In front of second graders. Which was probably way better than doing it in front of high schoolers would be.


ROFL....it seems like all of those things happen at the WORST possible time!

Deb once told me a story that made me laugh hysterical about how one time, when she was standing in front of the classroom, she opened her mouth to say something and a BURP came out - completely by suprise and by accident! She also said the not one person laughed - until she did.......then the entire class erupted!

Keep up the good work! A sense of humor is what gets us all thru!


It is sort of too bad we can't just order up the type of weather we would like to have, isn't it? It's been way too hot and way to stormy here in the midwest- hopefully it will msooth out by the time you go to Green Bay. So, I want to know: Did your bra ever really come unhooked in the middle of class? Could you post about that please?


It seems like the weather is weird all over the country! We had a storm here this morning that was quite windy. I'm glad to hear that school is wrapping up...:-)


About the bra thing... I just sent you an email. Read it and laugh.

We are hoping it dries out and settles down around here, too. We don't have the flooding the neighboring areas has, but the weather is mostly stormy with occasional sun.


Wasn't that a crazy storm? I don't recall the likes of it this time of year ever before. And gobs of snow in the mountains! Cripe! I heard we're well on track for the coldest June EVER.


At least these things all happen in front of a mature, polite and discreet audience. As if!

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