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October 14, 2016


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Crossing my fingers that the storm won't be severe....


Be safe. We already lost our power today -- it will probably go on long enough to charge cell phones and then off again tomorrow. Stay safe. It's not every day we can say we got hit with a typhoon!


There was an article about your storms on Mental Floss today (http://mentalfloss.com/article/87505/another-big-storm-heading-pacific-northwest), but what I found most interesting was a comment.

"...You can feel sorry for us when our earthquake comes, but 60 mph wind and rain (which we are very used to) isn't a storm in my book. I live right in the middle of this "storm." It is a farce did not change my daily routine one bit."

There have been responses that disagree and I certainly hope that the storm is not severe and no one is hurt, but it does remind me of a category 1 tornado that touched down in Gillette, WY, while I lived there. It did a little roof damage to a couple houses and was the big news of the day for a while. Of course, I grew up in tornado alley and this storm was nothing to me. Six foot snow drifts were far more exciting to me but pretty commonplace to the long term residents. It's all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

Ally Bean

I don't like those high winds, either. A few years ago we had a tree come down on the edge of our deck after 75 mph winds whipped through here. Not a lot of real damage, but lots of clean up. It's the waiting for the winds [or tornado] to happen that's so difficult. Take care, huh?

[What is an earthquake box?]

Marie K

Hopefully it won't be as bad as they think. You're right, that's happened many times before, although it great to be prepared. Beer and coffee should do you!

notoriously nice™

27 years after Hurricane Hugo and I still dread the wind which is one of the reasons we fled to Atlanta ahead of Hurricane Matthew. Sorry I'm too far away to help if you need it.


The coffee thing - if you feel that power outages are going to get more frequent, why not get yourself a little one-burner propane stove? I have one I got at Target, and it's come in handy a few times when the power goes out. About $20. You can boil water on it and use a French press.


Thanks so much, Mike. Big and potentially damaging storms make me feel so alone. Mari isnt much help! My dad is too old. My brother has his own family, as do my friends. I know people would help me if I asked though!


I am happy to hear you have your earthquake box. Ours should be better stocked than it is, a goal for this year. And we need a stove of some sort too - let me know if you look into those.
I have several friends/coworkers that are spending the nights in their basements, just in case a tree comes down. One of them narrowly missed losing their baby in a big storm here a few years ago. They had taken her out of her crib a few minutes before a tree crashed down, landing on the crib. Luckily it just covered her sister in the same room with branches and insulation.


Hope the storm blew over. It sounds very frightening. (By the look of you, you certainly don't need to worry about calories! (Unlike me.)


I was very nervous about this storm (since our power was out for 14 hours yesterday during the "mini" storm), but thankfully it wasn't as bad as they predicted. It got a little impressive for a bit, but ultimately no big deal. Lights flickered a few times, but thankfully stayed on (I would have been pissy if they'd gone out AGAIN). I was overall appreciative of having John around, but to be honest, he was quite flaky throughout this! Then, in the midst of the storm, he took off to get gas for a borrowed generator (20 miles away) and didn't even take his phone with him. I've been rather peeved with him these last few days.


I have been thinking of you all weekend for more reasons besides the storm but the storm was the biggest reason.
I hope you are doing well and hanging in there.
That was a really awful comment about the calories sometimes people just don't know when to keep their mouth closed.
I guess that is all I have been thinking about you often on a crazy school day saying to myself "I wonder what Margaret would think" but more about that later.

kayak woman

I want to say that I am happier facing down storms with the GG's presence except when he decides to go OUT in them! But I'm thinking about tornadoes, which are the only truly scary storms that ever happen here and big ones are rare in my city. Snow or ice storms can be devastating but not so much to folks who are safely ensconced at home and don't need to go anywhere. I saw that propane thingy on fb and I would also be worried about blowing myself up!


Dear CHRIST that person at Starbucks was horrible! That's the sort of thing so appalling that you can't even find words to effectively tell them off. I lived in Tornado Alley for three years, so I'm even more suspicious of particular cloud types.

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