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January 11, 2019


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Sounds like a great day trip I have always wanted to see the Fish Throwers but I think tv will be the only way.
The sunrise pictures are just gorgeous! The other day we had a beautiful sunrise and was enjoying on my way to work. When I arrived to work and one of the teachers greeted me with “what an amazing sunrise this morning and I’m pretty sure I saw a small rainbow let’s have a great day!” What a nice way to be greeted.

Marie K

What a great day. Right now I'm watching the viaduct news on TV and all the remembrances. I love your introspection and it seems like things are turning a corner toward really being happy. Looking forward to coffee with you this morning. :)


Great trip! I'm with you on the gum wall--nasty, but it is certainly colorful. John looks like he's such a happy and kind person--perfect for you! Holy cow, those photos from Mt. Ranier, and with no filter! I can see why you find it beautiful to live there. I wonder if it feels a little scary, though? Hope you're having a nice weekend, Margaret. xoxo


I thought about driving 99 Friday, but opted for basic I-5N. Really I sort of forgot by the time I left work. What I was jealous of were the later night drivers that actually got out to take pictures. Enough that it was quite safe. We signed up to do the run/walk at the beginning of February to see the viaduct by foot, and the tunnel before it opens. Great idea, but it turns out we will be in Nashville that day. Hard to be mad because we are visiting our sun, but sorry to miss the opportunity. And the sunrise pictures are fantastic.


What beautiful and amazing pictures of Mt Rainier.....it always makes me feel “homesick” for my Auntie Astrid. So many summers spent at her house looking at the majestic mountain from her front yard. I have always wanted to see the gum wall. Maybe next time. My hubby has never been to Seattle. Also, I feel like your new relationship is flourishing and I feel like I am reading a slow building friendship love story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Kristi Jalics

I am sure that you were not fully recovered from losing Patt when you were "dumped" by Henry and that made it all the worse. But I am glad that you are now experiencing the rainbow with John! They talk of the "work" of grief because that is what it is. I lost my husband in the fall of 2007 and while I no longer experience that sharp devastating sense of loss, I think I will always miss him. But I am so grateful that we had 35 amazing years together with so many adventures, and such wonderful children and now grandchildren. You photos of Seattle are stunning. Perhaps I will see it someday.


Bub-bye, Viaduct! I guess they won't actually demolish it for a while (three months, I think I heard?) And it'll be done in stages. Lots of changes!

Love your photos. Our mountain is so majestic, isn't it?

And I love the photo of you and John! And you without your glasses! He just looks like a really good guy.

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