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May 21, 2019


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I have book club at my house next week and I always kind of panic about what to serve to eat. Cupcakes are a good idea! The other (two) members really like sweets, but I don't generally think of that (since we drink wine, and to me it doesn't feel like a palatable combo). Maybe some fruits and nuts and cheese and crackers and CUPCAKES! (If I can find any decent ones out here in the boondocks...)

The Iowa State Fair could be very interesting. It's absolutely HUGE during a presidential campaign season, viewed as sort of the kick-off for the primaries. It wouldn't surprise me if you encounter several candidates' rallies and big crowds (and possibly some security hassles). Just a heads-up!

Used to go to Rainiers games long ago (actually back then they were the Tacoma Cubs) and really enjoyed them. I haven't been to Cheney Stadium since they remodeled it. Once, about 1994, I attended a game with some coworkers, and guess who was playing? Alex Rodriguez, before he was a Mariner!

Ally Bean

I know the book you're talking about here, but haven't read it. I think the author was the husband of the sister of the woman who has the wonderful website, A Cup of Jo. That's why the book is familiar to me, I think.

I'm not in any bookclub. They've disbanded around here. Or at least the ones I was in. However the cupcakes look delicious and make me wish I could find an excuse to eat one-- well-half of one.


The book titled in your blogpost is definitely a stay-away book for you. It is sad and I don't remember it being very enlightening either. Though I did add it to one of my "Recommended Nonfiction lists" I created. See you this afternoon.


I don't understand the names of your cupcakes at all. What on earth could turtle and butterfinger be? Here, birthday cake would probably be fruit cake, ie a rich dark fruit cake... I suppose. That's what our Christmas and wedding cakes are like too, though nowadays they vary a bit - well, wedding cakes do (it's the American influence!). But orangesicle? Very puzzling! Same language, different cultures...

Kristi Jalics

I can't read books about Alzheimer's, either....I love your choices of cupcakes. I can't eat cupcakes, but I enjoy looking at them and I don't want them, either. Concentrating on positive and happy things is important and you're doing a good job.

Marie K

That Butterfinger cupcake looks amazing! How fun to meet up in Iowa. On Bookstagram, people are discussing trigger warnings for books. It's quite understandable that certain people won't read about certain topics. It all depends on your experiences. We are going to a Rainiers game in June, I think. Owen's workplace has some seats reserved for all of us. :)

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