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June 17, 2021


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I rode on an elephant in Bush Gardens, Florida, probably a year or two after Ashley's ride.


Wow about those elephant pics! Well, those mammoth critters are very perceptive, I'm sure they sensed your sweet kid's innocence. I'm glad to hear you & John are doing what you can to get together Margaret, and I miss Mari too--but Ziggy puts on quite the show! :)


The odds of something bad happening while riding an elephant are infinitesimal. But like many things, the age of the internet has over hyped the rare occasion when something bad happened. Any animal that has been maltreated can be dangerous to us human, including beloved pets like dogs.

Look at the bright side, Ziggy's love of small spaces saves you time dusting.

Ally Bean

The elephant photos are something from a different time. I like Ashley's comment. I think you did the right thing to give Mari a break from the chaos. As for a baby arriving on its due date... amazing.


The things we did. We once had our daughter ride home from the cottage in the open back of a pickup. She slept all of the way, but holy eff how stupid were we.


I agree with Ashley about it being a small elephant at least. I probably would have taken my kids too back in those days. So glad you had a nice dinner. Were those baby's first steps? It had to be very exciting! Congrats to John on the birth of his second granddaughter. My first baby, my daughter was born on her due date which was Christmas Eve. I hope you two had a nice ride today. :)

Joanne Noragon

It is Ziggy's duty to be sure no cranny will be too small for him.
Well, it's the end and the beginning, the baby will perfect his stride within a week. My youngest walked at nine months.


I’m sorry Mari is not having a good time. It’s great that you’re able to spend time with John again. I can’t remember any place with elephant rides when we were living on the mainland. The only time I ever rode an elephant was in Thailand… and then I learned how they were often mistreated. Sigh…

Bruce Taylor

Cats love nooks and crannies. And any box, no matter the size or shape. And yes he is spectacular.

Pam Donaldson

We used to go on elephant rides round our very hilly Zoo when I was a child. No, doesn't now seem like a good idea from any point of view.


I've decided to start using bar soap again as soon as I'm done with all my liquid/pump soaps in a small effort to help save the world from over plastic-ization. Now I go to shops that sell the homemade type soaps and try the sniff tests of the bars.


Hi, Anne! Maybe you should try making soap. It's lots of fun and can be quite inexpensive (and lead to sales if you want to go that route, too!). I used to have fun coming up with all sorts of soap recipes. I think chai (smelled just like the drink) was my favorite.


Poor Mari. Did you separate them because she doesn't get along with Ziggy? He sure is a big, beautiful, lovey boy. He looks like he's dusting the electronics, haha. I once rode an elephant as a kid at a mall and remember clinging to the bars. Ashley looks pretty confident up there!

Marie K

Just think, you probably won't have to dust those hard to reach places with Ziggy doing it for you! Congrats on John's granddaughter.


I remember riding an elephant when I was about 4. It was at Grant's Chevrolet on River Road, near to where we lived at that time, and while I was riding the elephant, a yellow jacket stung me on my middle finger. I started to cry (and probably carry on) and my parents hauled me off the elephant as I cried, "A tiger bug bit me!" They thought I was just being a whiney 4-year-old brat, until my middle finger swelled up to about 5 times it's normal size. Tiger bug. (The perception of a 4-year-old).

Also, Nate and I rode an elephant together at the Puyallup Fair! He was pretty little (5 or 6?) And we had a fun time. I don't recall anything like that metal chair or guard--we had full access to the elephant's neck/shoulders and we petted him! It was strange how rough and NOT alive he seemed! Somewhere I have a photo of that elephant ride.

Ziggy is so cool. I've never met him but I love him! But I do also miss Mari!

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