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June 13, 2021


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Marie K

That must be hard going through closets. I love the prawnts, though! Long hairs like Ziggy shed so much! We find clumps of Henry's hair randomly around the house.


That last half paragraph is touching and powerful.


I lost my Dad 4 years ago and every day when I'm out running I think of him. I lived away from him for a lot of my life, but just knowing he was alive somewhere was enough for me, because it's all I had. I would think how the sky above me was the same one above him (and my Mom) and so I still felt connected. I have lots of his artwork throughout my house which makes me feel his spirit. I cry thinking about how he seems to be everywhere and also nowhere that I can find on this earth. All this to say, I hear you and I understand your pain.


We are going through a similar but very different situation. Going through my Mom and Dad's things, cleaning out the house. But Dad is still with us. I wonder how he feels about the decisions we are making on what to take, or not.

Donna W

Your daughter is so thin!


I am getting very fond of Ziggy! Love that photo of him with the "what do you want" stance! I also very much enjoyed seeing that 1984 Oster blender, yes!! I have an Oster mixer from 1981 that rattles a little too much but still works just fine. Also, look at your pretty daughter with the long skinny legs! The leggings look good still. :) PS. I very much relate to your feelings about your dad's shirts. When my dad passed in 2001, my mom asked if I wanted any of his hats (mostly caps) and I took a couple to show my respect, but the bands smelled of his hair & sweat and hurt my heart immensely.

kayak woman

Grief is very weird. I don't think I ever actively grieved about my brother, dad, or mom. I didn't have time to feel sad and even now what I miss is them *before* their last difficult end-of-life seasons. Once I actually CRIED about garbage cans. We had been issued new garbage/recycle carts and I was kicking our ANCIENT disintegrating metal cans to the curb for pickup. My husband caught me in the act and questioned what I was doing and I burst into tears. How ridiculous is that! I recovered quickly and did the dirty job. I also love the prawnts!


It sounds like you have all adjusted well and work together to make it continue to go smoothly. That little grandson is so lucky to spend the summer with grandma :-)
Have you thought about taking a few of your dad's shirts and finding someone who can make a pillow out of them? I've seen it done. I have my dad's old workboots and his old work coat that he wore outside putzing around. Gives me great comofort too.

Bruce Taylor

Your "older" daughter looks so young! And that cat. What a beauty.

Pam Donaldson

Sympathy. It's so sad.


It sounds like you are all working things out quite well, even Ziggy! Your daughter looks like a lot of fun and she's adorable. I'm so sorry you are missing your dad. It is so hard. Mine has been gone for over twenty years now and I still miss him terribly.


Odd—big long blank space at the end of your post and then at the bottom after scrolling there's this: "(she says)." Was there supposed to be a photo there?

I cracked up at your old blender! Tee hee! I had one that looked similar, I think. Funny!

Maybe a Dad shirt quilt? Hey, there, Ashley...! ;o)

Ally Bean

I recognize that blender. We had one just like it. Ours bit the dust, so I'm impressed with yours.


We had a blender like that a long, long time ago, but it broke down eons ago.
I'm so sorry for the sorrow you are going through, Margaret. I know your dad was a beautiful human being. He'd want you to remember him with joy which I believe you will feel when time has passed.

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