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October 21, 2021


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My grandma used to say, if you have one or more kids you will always have one to worry about. She was so right.
I love my DD's to distraction but my youngest sounds a lot like yours. It is hard sometimes with that one....

You grandson is so cute.


Hmmmm, I think your Mom was right. Maybe trying to prepare you?
I wish there was an Excavator Channel 34 years ago! My son would have loved it.
Lovely neighborhood! Grandson is SOOOO cute. Kinda nice that younger daughter already found a spot to move to. I would have thought she'd wait several months. Your kitty will be very glad.
Glad Jim found a better lady. Hopefully he didn't run out of money believing the previous one.
Enjoy your time! Linda in Kansas


Good news about Friend Jim!

I love the pictures, and baby is adorable.

I should ask for Alison's help to find my son an apartment, he's been looking in Tacoma for months and can't find anything he can afford on his own, so he's been commuting there from Everett. :(

Rain is pounding down outside, and we've already had a branch make a hole in our roof tonight. Happy happy Fall.


What a beautiful campus! What a cute baby!


Those are nice campus pics, but that one of your grandson sure is special! What a sweet little guy!


Just imagine the pickle Jim would have been in if no one had spoken up.


I think a quality of a good friend is honesty, albeit delivered tactfully as you do. The campus and architecture are just beautiful. Grandson is adorable and could probably be a child model, but I bet his parents aren't into that as they don't want him on social media already. It might not be good for him, either.

Sorry to hear of younger daughter's continued struggles. I hope she learns quickly and grows so her life improves. I confess to also having champagne tastes on a beer budget (hadn't heard that phrase before!), so I can relate to the struggle. My mom was that way, unfortunately, and often demonstrated it in ways like having multiple pairs of red pumps, getting excited about how Princess Diana dressed and wanting to copy her style, getting caught up in Color Me Beautiful (remember that book?) and wanting her wardrobe to be in the right shades and so on. She just liked nice things probably partly due to growing up very poor (which I know wasn't the case for your daughter).

You post the most wonderful quotes and poems. Do you keep them someplace? I would love to start building a file on poetry.


Those a=re fine photos. I don't think I could do any better just walking around and taking casual shots. It helps when you are gifted with a good canvas, including nice sky.


I hope your daughter gets out of the financial dilemma and most of all, learns important future lessons from it. I quickly learned back when I lived paycheck to paycheck and lost my first job how quickly one can get into trouble and it has guided me ever since.

Ally Bean

It's gorgeous where you are. The sky, the trees, the baby! I'm sorry to read about the impending bad weather on its way toward your home, but at least someone is there to take care of any problem stat. Didn't know about the Excavator Channel. I'm sure you're not surprised to learn this.


Your grandson is a cutie. My middle daughter is not a fan of my honesty. She also has champagne tastes.

Joanne Noragon

I've read about the impending bomb cyclone. It will ease the drought conditions a lot, and hopefully will not ease the mountains down to the valley.
That little guy has such a sweet and cheerful face. I suppose he knows how to use it, for and against.


Looks so pretty in NY right now! Your grandson is so adorable!


We had the most difficult time raising our son. My older daughter was the easier one and still is. Younger son had to deal with many of his own issues and went through so many wonderful girls who we really liked but the relationships would just fizzle out. And it was always him moving on. We just couldn't figure it out. When he joined the Peace Corps and met his partner, it turned out that she was brilliant and there was just that certain something that just worked for both of them. When he discovered their second child was also a boy, he laughed and said, "You're thinking this is funny, hunh? Revenge?" Well, we're watching them raise their two boys and marveling at what wonderful parents they are. There's always hope. Things eventually work out with enough patience. However, you NEVER stop worrying and being that parent.


That picture of your little guy is so adorable! I see Ashley so much, and because of that I also see Patt! (I know Patt would be over the moon. I wish so much that my parents could see Quinn. Oh, they'd be beside themselves).

Oh argh, I hope things settle for your younger daughter. Sometimes it takes a while to...grow up. (It did for Nate; the Navy hastened that).

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