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October 27, 2021


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Ally Bean

Curls and frizz aren't the best look? I take umbrage at this remark. 😁


I find one of the joys of old age being able to get rid of the holidays. We have tossed the Trick or Treat tradition of Halloween since so few kids actually come around. We may have some kind of special meal for Thanksgiving but since SWMBO detests turkey it's usually pork tenderloin. Christmas gift giving died years ago when we realized we had everything we needed forever. As Kris Kristofferson wrote (and Janis Joplin sang memorably) "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."


Margaret I was wondering about you this morning (and how you're handling this weather). I don't think Pittsburgh is getting it as bad as NY, but it's been nonstop wind & rain here too. I was going to say your hair looked nice and then you made me laugh out loud with the blanket on your head while drinking your coffee. :^) I can't believe your trip's almost over, and am very much hoping your home is the way you left it when you get back. :^)


I'm pretty blessed I guess living here in the Midwest. Our weather rarely goes extreme and even when it does, it is over quickly. We don't have wildfires, hurricanes or earthquakes. No nor'easters or pineapple expresses. Our weather comes pretty predictably from the west and is either rain or snow when not sunshine.


Maybe grandson will let you take your new hat home with you. Probably protects you from the things you don't want to know about, or think about. It's the opposite of a worry hat. Linda in Kansas

Tonya Watkins

Monday will likely come really fast, huh? It's mind-blowing how fast time flies when you really don't want it to. I hope the weather improves for you during your last days there.

Cute "hat!" Or 'at.' Heh heh.

Yeah, I'm feeling some stress about the holidays, too. Mostly because as soon as they're over, Nate leaves for 6-9 months on deployment. :o(


Sorry you had some bad weather. Hopefully it'll clear up for your remaining time there. Time sure flies, doesn't it? I can't believe November is almost here!


Holidays are an issue for me also here lately. I sometimes just don't care. Yes I want to see my family and yes the food is nice but overall it seems like a lot of hype and then a letdown. So much prep and then it is over.
I hope you house is in good shape when you return.


You're going home and I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow! I'll send you some key tag photos after I get back Nov 8.


Great post. I want to hear that music and eat those apples. I have yet to see those varieties, but I will continue to enjoy honey crisp, which are not too dear at the moment.

Congratulations on using imbroglio. I've enver managed to use that word. What is wrong with me?


Sorry to hear that the bomb cyclone followed you all the way to New York.
It was pretty nasty here for about 3 days but not as bad as it was on the coast.
Enjoy the rest of your stay and I hope you have success not thinking about the things you don't want to think about.


I'm not starting out with a very good holiday attitude this year. We have time yet so perhaps the holiday mood fairy will come whack me in the back of the head.

Marie K

Nicholas used to make my parents do things like that (blanket on head). lol We don't have holiday plans either. My mom just got out of the hospital for a planned back surgery that was just supposed to be overnight but ended up being a week in. After a TIA and a heart attack (which she was just told happened...didn't tell her while in the hospital), things are on hold. She's doing fine. Enjoy your last few days visiting!

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