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November 27, 2021


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I never go into any automotive place without a good book in hand and a plan to get lots of reading done.


That's a nice photo of you & YD, Margaret--and 4 new tires sounds like a pretty nice gift too!


What a fabulous gift. Not sexy, I know, but so wonderful and necessary.


Such a good mom! You and your daughter do look very much alike. She has beautiful eyes.


You and your daughter look a lot alike. I've found that most kids are afraid of santa at first. He looks weird really, large, fat, hairy man in a red suit. Katie loves santa now but it took years for year to stop being afraid of him.


Nix on the boat. Definitely an ark!


Awwww, how sweet! Tires are important, and not on young adult budgets. See, you got to spend some nice time with her, supervised out in public, so it was lovely. Of course, holidays are a busy time for tire people, but they were needed, no matter that it was busy. It's supposed to ease your worried Mommy mind that she has safe tires now. (My Dad called ahead and had me go to our neighborhood gas station to put tires on a car as I was "running / escaping" to get married in another state.) Years later, my folks would send a check in a special envelope ahead of the holidays. I recall really needing tires, to go visit THEM, so I opened it before Christmas, bought the tires, and didn't worry about when their check cleared the bank. That was before electronic speedy zapping banking.
To give my son some tires one year for Christmas or his birthday, I once ripped the tire wheels off of an old Matchbox car, put the tiny wheels in a box, wrapped it up and gave it to my son. He didn't understand what I'd done. Big checks work better. Linda in Kansas

Ally Bean

When my car needs anything done I drop it off for a whole day, making no assumptions that it'll be finished when they say it will. Tires are a nice present, says the boring older woman.


Sometimes I think you look more like one daughter, then I think you look more like the other. I've been staring at those pictures for a while and you have a number of individual characteristics that are similar. I mean, you have the same chin, the same nose, the same cheeks, a very similar shape to the face and lips - yet you don't really look that much alike. Perhaps if younger daughter wore her hair the same way or wore glasses. Do the bright blue eyes really make that much of a difference and throw me off?


I know that new tires are "boring," but I have grudgingly appreciated them. When I've bought them for myself, I tell grumpy me: "New boots!" That makes me feel better for a minute! Ha! A very nice gift, though!

Finally today there were some moments of sunshine, and I was out doing errands. It made me smile to see blue sky, but now and then I'd have to turn on my wipers. But ALSO now and then, I was blinded by the light! My eyes are not accustomed!

Adorable pic of bundled up Little Guy!

Pam Donaldson

I've never thought you looked like Alison, though maybe if you didn't have a fringe, you have the same broad forehead? Anyway, you're both beautiful!


Great pics of your daughter. She always looks so healthy. Pink cheeks. :)


I agree it's a lovely photo of you and your daughter.
We hate long waits. They could have at least called you!
Oh wow! That looks really cold.

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  • Perkins-Valdez, Dolen: Take My Hand

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    Haigh, Jennifer: Mercy Street: A Novel
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    See, Lisa: The Island of Sea Women: A Novel
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  • Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel

    Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel
    Extremely well-written, atmospheric and full of fascinating characters and history. Being a mystery reader, I would have preferred more plot though. If you haven't read Whitehead before, I recommend "The Nickel Boys" instead. Fortunately, the book seems like it will elicit a decent discussion. (****)

  • Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea

    Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea
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  • Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel

    Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel
    This is a exquisitely crafted book and extremely well-written. I didn't always like the way it jumped from one person to another, especially when I was very engaged in the last story. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but the ending was also beautiful in its own painful way. 4 1/2 stars. (*****)

  • Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir

    Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir
    Although it had some fascinating and illuminating moments, this memoir of a young Chinese immigrant facing poverty and prejudice was ultimately a let down. Part of it was the writing and lack of proofreading(too many grammar mistakes) while the rest related to my confusion about whether I admired or disliked the author. She was often mean and dishonest. Much of the time I didn't find her sympathetic. (***)

  • Pooley, Clare: The Authenticity Project: A Novel

    Pooley, Clare: The Authenticity Project: A Novel
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