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November 30, 2021


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I'm glad you've had small joys, it's good to be open to them.


Your house is looking festive! So happy the trains still work.

Rainier is majestic!

kayak woman

So cool John got the trains working! And I actually love your mountain photo. Juxtaposition of nature and manmade.


Oh, you are so lucky to have those trains. I remember the trains of my childhood. I wonder whatever happened to them. John seems to be a "keeper". ?????


Can you "rebuild" the age-related falling Santa? I repainted a 1950s satellite tree topper plastic star to make it shine a few more years. Glad the train batteries didn't corrode their connections. You can have TWO trains in different parts of your house! It looks like your friend lives above the mountain's elevation. Your intersection view is lovely. A Kansas intersection view is....non-existent. Little blessings and little miracles are much easier to handle than big ones! Don't let John sell one of those trains! Linda in Kansas


Omigod, those views! For a minute (before I kept reading) I thought those mountain views were paintings. Anyway Margaret, your new fireplace screen looks great, I like your comfy clean home. Those trains look fun too. :^)


Perfection is definitely an illusion and I've read several times lately that people trying to make their lives look perfect on social media is causing all kinds of stress in others, particularly teenage girls. I am not sure why this is news, we've known that for a while now.

And I send you a hug for your happy/sad moment with the trains. I like some of the small things we bring out at the holidays that remind me of past Christmases with family. And my one real regret is not going through my folks' ornament box. I had just had too much by that point. There are a few things I miss. I have some things from our trees when I was just a kid and there's really only so much of that stuff that I can keep. Still, there are those few silly things I wish I'd dug though the box for.

I love your Santa. Could he sit down or is he locked in an upright position? Have you thought of getting him a doll stand to help him remain upright? Something like this https://smile.amazon.com/Collections-Etc-Womens-Wooden-Silver/dp/B00BQ5H0HO/ would probably be sturdy enough.


Perfection is definitely an illusion. Everybody has losses in their lives and everybody struggles, even if we don't see it.

I'm so glad the trains are working for your grandson. He'll be so excited.


Goodness, I had a few posts to catch up on again. It seems I only get on about once a week any more.
So glad you and your mom had a good Thanksgiving together and had a delicious pie to boot. Doesn't sound to fun of a Thanksgiving at your brothers ;-) 2 sets of my kids were home for Thanksgiving this year as well as my brother and a niece and great niece. We had a blast and had 5 pies. Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin, Lemon meringue and a chocolate cream. zi sent pie home with anyone who would take some. haha
Your house is looking festive and jolly for Christmas. Those old faithful decorations/toys are so nostelgic. Your fireplace sheild is very pretty.
Fun to get out with your daughter, even if the tires took much longer. That Mt. Rainer never fails to make me smile whether through your windshield or not. Its beautiful.
I heard you were expiriencing another atmosheric river. Ugh! not fun. We are warm here, up in the 40's today. I dread when we really get winter setting in. Wendy


I have the same experience. I see Mt. Rainier quite often as I drive by the dump. Beautiful and stinky!


That is fantastic about the trains I would love one. Alas, neither we nor Sha have the room for one. Her ex doesn’t either. And trains don’t really seem mean a whole lot to most kid let’s these days anyway.

Ally Bean

I hope you get your trains running. I think they're cute as can be but we've never had any so I enjoy from afar. Your screen doesn't look pewter, but it looks nice.


I think your fireplace screen is really elegant, Margaret. It's a lot prettier than what we had in Illinois, that's for sure. And yes, it's the small joys that balance out our lives.

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