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November 13, 2021


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Uh oh! That $500 sale will not help matters. No siree!


I always enjoy seeing pics of Mari and her mysterious green eyes, but almost laughed when I saw that robust cat on your fence! Sure is a pretty backdrop too. Nice seeing John here too, and wow that's a nice profit off that one medal! But I still think the guy is walking a fine line with all that other stuff... I guess time will tell.

Ally Bean

We save things that we've inherited or might want to use in the future, but as for junk... that goes to Goodwill or in the trash. It's a fine line between "waste not want not" and hoarding. [A friend's mother is a hoarder, it's an odd mindset.]


A hoarder certainly DOES have an odd mindset; they aren't embarrassed, they are PROUD of their finds (and towers of crap), and are defensive. It's kind of like cult behavior. You would not BELIEVE all the crap John got rid of after his mom died. She was always so proud of moving all that crap all across the country over years and years. She had boxes of cancelled checks dating back to the 50s. One of a million crappy quirks. CRAP, I tell ya!

That big ol' cat on your fence is beautiful! (And seems to be ignoring Mari).


I'd never heard of an atmospheric river until a couple years ago either. But it used to be called Pineapple Express. I've heard that term forever, I bet you have too. I wonder why they suddenly decided to change it.


Sounds like John knew the potential value of the medal. That's a nice profit for playing with stuff. Better than living at the casino and losing. Keeps him out of public trouble, eh? Wonderful report for grandson. Poor kitty Mari: if she's ever treated with some sips of milk, she'll now require it to be heated and frothed! Linda in Kansas


Wow! I won't mention that medal thing to Art because he'd probably start trying to find an estate sale over here. I wonder if they even have them here in Hawaii. There were so many in Illinois.


So John buys things to resell them, is this correct? He seems like he has an eye for deals and he's making money so I think I understand his "hobby." As long as he's buying stuff and moving it out quickly, I think it's harmless, although I personally wouldn't go out seeking other people's stuff when I have enough of my own!

Glad to hear your grandson is progressing nicely!


I think it's too late, you already are dating a hoarder:)

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  • Perkins-Valdez, Dolen: Take My Hand

    Perkins-Valdez, Dolen: Take My Hand
    This beautifully written and intricate book is my first 5 (or 4 1/2) star read for quite a while. It was powerful and filled with fascinating and well-developed characters. I even liked the ending! Jumping between two time periods isn't my favorite style, but the author handled it masterfully. (*****)

  • Haigh, Jennifer: Mercy Street: A Novel

    Haigh, Jennifer: Mercy Street: A Novel
    4 for the writing which was excellent, and 4 for the characters who were interesting and well-developed. 2 for the non-existent plot. The ending of the book left me extremely dissatisfied. Sadly, there are no discussion questions for it which might force me to reflect on the book's messages. (***)

  • Slocumb, Brendan: The Violin Conspiracy

    Slocumb, Brendan: The Violin Conspiracy
    A solid 3 1/2 stars for me, but a disappointment in general. As a former violinist myself, I was excited about the topic. I love mysteries which was what this novel was billed as. (not much of one and very predictable) I found the writing sophomoric and rather repetitive; the topics of slavery and underrepresentation of POC in classical music were compelling though. As always, I'm hoping for an excellent discussion at BC. (***)

  • Tyler, Anne: French Braid: A novel

    Tyler, Anne: French Braid: A novel
    I can see why some might not enjoy this book (not much plot), but I liked Tyler's writing, the complexity of the characters and the storytelling. Families are like a French Braid; you can never really be free of them since "the ripples are crimped in forever." I'm hoping our BC discussion will be enlightening and personal. (***)

  • See, Lisa: The Island of Sea Women: A Novel

    See, Lisa: The Island of Sea Women: A Novel
    Although it wasn't perfect (sometimes hard to follow the timelines), this book was fascinating on a personal, historical and cultural level. I learned so much while suffering through the tragedies and celebrating the joys of the characters. I'm hoping for an insightful discussion at Book Club, as this novel deserves. (*****)

  • Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel

    Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel
    Extremely well-written, atmospheric and full of fascinating characters and history. Being a mystery reader, I would have preferred more plot though. If you haven't read Whitehead before, I recommend "The Nickel Boys" instead. Fortunately, the book seems like it will elicit a decent discussion. (****)

  • Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea

    Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea
    This book was hard to rate (***1/2): heartwarming, yet cheesy and predictable. Imaginative, but also preachy. It reads like a YA novel. There were some wonderful characters if you enjoy fantasy. I think it will be nearly impossible to discuss as a Book Club read. (***)

  • Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel

    Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel
    This is a exquisitely crafted book and extremely well-written. I didn't always like the way it jumped from one person to another, especially when I was very engaged in the last story. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but the ending was also beautiful in its own painful way. 4 1/2 stars. (*****)

  • Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir

    Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir
    Although it had some fascinating and illuminating moments, this memoir of a young Chinese immigrant facing poverty and prejudice was ultimately a let down. Part of it was the writing and lack of proofreading(too many grammar mistakes) while the rest related to my confusion about whether I admired or disliked the author. She was often mean and dishonest. Much of the time I didn't find her sympathetic. (***)

  • Pooley, Clare: The Authenticity Project: A Novel

    Pooley, Clare: The Authenticity Project: A Novel
    A solid 3 1/2 stars--I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. It felt like a beach read with a bit more depth to it. Still it was often predictable and wasn't particularly well written. (***)