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November 02, 2021


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Glad our less-trafficked air space helped out, even if it lengthened an already long day.

We make sure to allow access to the house via the front door. We unbar the locks that don't have keys and make sure to take the front door key with us. Actually, I don't have a choice about taking the door key because it is attached to my my car key.


Ah, travel! So wonderful and so awful all at the same time. On Sunday I drove five hours and then tried to find my Airbnb in the rain. The GPS led me down dirt roads and through a million turns before I finally found it. I was so frazzled that I nearly wept when I finally pulled into the driveway. It's lovely but a little farther out than I thought. What an adventure...


I'm surprised you found the time to share this finale to your adventure, given that you seem to have landed in the Twilight Zone... what a strange homecoming that was! Anyway, hooray for John for welcoming you back and what a nice picture of your grandson to wrap things up with. :^)


I'm so glad your journey went better than my neighbor's - his flight from New Orleans was cancelled and he had to find another way. On the other hand I have a friend that has the luxury of a corporate jet - no worries and no masks!


From experience, I have a house key in the console of my vehicle though I think I have used it maybe once since I got it. If I'm on foot, I usually leave a door unlocked so it isn't a problem.

Out of curiosity, I texted dig dig to myself on my iphone. It let me type in dig dig since it is an actual word just repeated twice. I'm curious as to what your phone autocorrected it too.

Ally Bean

I hate waiting on the tarmac for a gate to open up after having flown all the way to get to wherever. I just want to get off the plane. As for not relying solely on electricity... doesn't his electric garage door have a back-up battery so you can always get inside? Ours does. Thought they all did. Then just keep a house key in the garage and you're in.


Wow! I had a lot of catching up to do. What a wonderful time it looks like you had with your daughter, son in law and especially that adorable grandson. So many memories and fun times and walks.
So glad you are finally home after all the travel woes for the day, and then to not be able to get into John's garage, the icing on the top of the cake haha!
Does he have a man door on his garage that he just doesn't keep a key anywhere accessible for? Had to feel so good to be back in your own space and bed again though.


Glad Canada let's us fly around in their space! What a wonderful toy for that beautiful boy: did you label the doors with "Grandma's Trucking"? What a weird power outage! So, lovely that John could pick you up, but instead of coal in his Christmas stocking, he gets a rock: one of those "hide-a-key" rocks, eh? Better yet, he needs to give you a key to his place, eh? (I've heard of the red cord to release a garage door to raise in manually, - if you got inside -- but not a battery-back-up one.) I'm sure your kitty is glad you're back. Breathe....breathe again. Linda in Kansas


Glad you're safely back. OMG on the electricity being out everywhere due to vandalism. I, too, learned the hard way to have a set of keys to my front door (we generally enter through our garage) with me at all times. I had to wait until the power came back on from a storm here. Not fun!


Welcome back home, Margaret. Glad you had a good trip. My dad had a fun-filled adventure heading home as well after visiting us. Traveling from Boise to central Illinois, he ended up spending about 18 hours on the plane or at the airport trying to get back to his house. Best of luck getting back into the swing of things.


Your grandson is So-s--o---so cute! I bet you miss him with a deep ache. I spent time with grandson #2 on both Monday and Wednesday. He has a terrible cold and took long, snot-inducing naps but was still his cheerful self, until he wasn't. He gives his caretakers a few minutes warning before he falls apart if it is nap time. I missed the signs before the second nap of the day and he let me know my error. Oh boy. He loves his grandpa so much that he can't stop himself from interrupting Don's work. Tough life to be interrupted by a one-year-old who loves you, huh?


In spite of the tears, it's always good to get back to your own home.


Welcome home. Nothing says home like no electricity:)


So they're stealing copper wires in Seattle too? Sigh. They've been doing that in Hawaii so there are some dark streets occasionally. Your sweet, adorable grandson is an angel! I'm so glad you could have this time with him.


I was locked out of my house via the electric garage door opener when the Inaugural Day Storm hit back in 1992 or 1993. My house was on the market so my front door had a lock box with the key inside so I couldn't enter that way, either. It was a nightmare. Young child, work night, godawful storm with tree branches up to my armpits EVERYWHERE.

Glad you got home OK, even if the latter part of the trip was less than ideal. (Really figured it would be the BEGINNING of the trip that would be pesky).

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