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January 25, 2022


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The kitty sure is pretty. She seems so calm in the picture.
I truly hope the counseling session will help and she will be willing to give
it a fair chance.
I ordered the 4 free tests and then us daycare providers received an email that we
can get a package of 30 free for testing with our families. I think it went through
here a couple weeks ago as a cold with the kids. 2 tested positive with only slight
cold symptoms. Mom tested positive so tested the kids and was shocked they were positive
too, so I think they all had it. I hope they did!! ha!
The sunset is gorgeous. We have had just absolutely beautiful sun rises and sun sets and
so many sun dogs that are beautiful too, with our bitter cold weather temps.


We are still waiting on our tests but that isn't surprising. I have been reading though about the short useful dates on them and many people are complaining about that. I have a feeling that by June, Omicron will be in the rearview mirror and we will be talking about another variant.


What a great looking car, and I like your life’s lesson went along with her. I hope your daughters session goes well.


At least your choice of colorful jacket kept you from getting hit in the fog!
Maybe Carol should go with YD to counseling too. Gives tyrant Mari a break. They do have those Glade-like plug in devices from Chewy.com to supposedly calm cats. They work at my veterinarian son's house.
Be patient with the therapy; it's baby steps you know. I always liked the thought that nobody gets from Point A to Point Z in life without a little help.
Yep, all the tests have expire dates. That's why, before the government free ones became available, I didn't order any online, not knowing what the dates would be. But that's when the TEST expires and shouldn't be used; nope not a requirement to catch covid to test, nor will you expire after the expire date. That IS a beautiful sky, very close to Hawaii's views; almost like an Indian blanket summer.
Linda in Kansas


Carol looks cool, calm and collected; maybe she's taking the change in stride. Great that YD has taken the first step and made an appointment. Your influence has gotten a positive result. Yes, I do believe strong women rule. With your ongoing gentle influence and support, I predict good things will happen. Your yellow jacket is really lovely on you and perfect on a gray day. Your sunrise photo is fantastic. Nature is truly beautiful.

Joanne Noagon

Therapy is measured by time. I hope today is a good start for YD.


Carol, like most members of the feline community, is beautiful. So serene. So omniscient. So cat.
Also, that picture of Mt. Rainier and the sky (who knows what it is) is stunning. I just corrected my misspelling of the name of the mount and wondered if it is that way because Washington is rainier than other places.

Tonya Watkins

Carol is truly beautiful! And so sad the cats don't get along, but that's not unusual. Even after having Nikki for over two years, she and Wylie (at 9!) do NOT get along. They just typically ignore each other, but now and then there are fisticuffs.

I'm very glad—and quite surprised!—that YD agreed to see a therapist. I hope she gives it a chance. And I hope the therapist is well-trained in helping YD to open up and self-reflect. I feel it's the best thing she can do for herself right now!


Glad to read this about YD, Margaret. Looks like everyone's on the same page except for Mari! BTW, that's a great photo of Carol--and your majestic Mt. Rainier. Interesting about the short shelf life of those tests too, I signed up for them the same hour they were announced on the news, but I'm not sure why,..

Ally bean

Good luck with the cats. Carol looks like our two cats, my they RIP. I always said they were cats in stripe-y pajamas. I'm not surprised there are expiration dates on the Covid test, but I sure wish they were usable for years, not months.


I'm just surprised the expiration dates are so soon. I've ordered my government tests. I wish I had one last week when the pulmonary therapist told me to be sure to wash my hands when I got home because the virus was "all over the place" there. Why wait till I get home? I have hand sanitizer in the car. I'm not running a fever but I am having a bad week.

I really do hope that therapy goes well. It's not meant to be a quick process despite what insurance companies think. But if she connects with a therapist it could be really helpful.

Good luck with your adorable kitties. Oh and beautiful photo of the mountain. Wishing I was there!

kayak woman

I wonder if the expiration dates are "true". Also Carol the cat is GORGEOUS!


I love that the cat's name is Carol.

That sunset is gorgeous.

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