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January 18, 2022


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I looked and looked, but from 3,000 miles away, I just cannot see what the problem is with your new fireplace. It looks wonderful; I'm more than a little envious. Enjoy!


I don't notice anything but you do and you live there. It will bother you until it is fixed - I appreciate that!


I also don't see a problem with the insert? Inquiring minds want to know? Haha. It looks warm and cosy though.


The only thing I spot is the lack of the brass trim but I think it looks better without it.

We tried everything to potty train our oldest without success. Finally she learned in an instant by us just asking if she wanted to use the same toilet as us without any child seat on it. So that is what we did with the youngest and she too just did it one day and that was it.


What a bummer day for John. He may not have made good company after enduring that goofiness. Maybe the cat's litter box would work better for such an approach. If she had "multitudes" of accidents, sounds like she's having too many bowel movements a day. Training could be even more fun.
Okay, I'm noticing the brass trim is not on the new fireplace insert. If it's something else, I'd be afraid to mention it in case it would worry you unnecessarily.
Most cats hide with workers in their house; that's cute how Mari is inspecting their tools.
It looks really pretty; but I'd prefer a cute guy lounging in front of the fire. That must be what you think is wrong with it.
Enjoy the fire; Kansas City is heading back to single digit low temps today. Linda in Kansas


I love your new gas fireplace and see nothing missing. The contrast between the white tile surround and the black insert is lovely and very contemporary. If you like contemporary? Boot camp potty training sounds extreme and not something I would support. Based on his experience, John should recommend they disband this approach. Mari is adorable investigating the toolboxes. She is a curious kitty. Enjoying some great nibbles and a glass or two of something special sitting by the fireplace will be just great for you and John.


A friend and I switched days for our online chat. We now take turns forgetting to sign on. I refuse to blame it on age, I'm sure it's just a reluctance to change.

Sounds like much craziness all around. I feel for John. And it goes on my list as another good reason not to have children.

As for the fireplace, if it's the brass trim I prefer it without. It's up to you but I hate brass trim. Or shiny trim in general. I've noticed a lot of gold trim, knobs, pulls, and faucets lately. I'm just glad you and Mari have your warm fire back. I hope it resolves your heat pump issues!

Ally Bean

Your fireplace looks beautiful. I can imagine how warm it keeps the room. Mari is proof that someone likes it.


I think it's asking too much for John to watch an infant and potty train a toddler!

Your fireplace looks so lovely! I with Mari!


Ohhhh, so not fair to put potty training on grandpa! No way! Clearly she is not ready if she's on day 4 and pottying on the floor yet.
I love the fireplace insert. I only see the shiny stuff around missing, but I like it better without that. But, that's me. I don't care for gold, brass, shiny stuff like that.


I am reminded of a relative who was trying to potty train at (I think it was 9 months). I never inquired about her success or lack thereof. She had a PhD in psycholog, so maybe she was onto something that would bedevil mere mortals. ,


Is it the brass trim that everyone is suggesting?


Yeah, I guess it's the brass trim though frankly I didn't get that until I'd read all the other comments. It would be fancier with the brass but Mari certainly doesn't seem to notice any difference. I've said this (perhaps frequently) before but Mari is a gorgeous cat.


Apparently I missed a few posts. It's been a stressful week and it's only Wednesday. And I'm sick again.

The fireplace looks lovely and that will be so nice for you and your older daughter when they move back to the pacific northwest.

As for potty training, we're working on it too and so far it's been a no go. He knows when he was to go but he doesn't want to do it in the potty and wet pants don't bother him. Stinker:)


Also, the fireplace looks better without the brass. Just my opinion.

Tonya Watkins

Hmm. I can't tell what's wrong with your fireplace. It really looks beautiful.

Wow, what a bizarre story about John and the granddaughter and the bootcamp and all of it! Jeeze. I really have no words.

And man! What in the world about all that construction work and now everyone is...vamoose? In the midst of it all? Oooh, I'd be so pissed!

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