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January 23, 2022


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Well, even Mom's can have their boyfriend over! Ya just gotta know how many peeps are around for breakfast, and who is cooking it! Soooo, Mr. Grandson looks cute. (In all my years, I've not heard the phrase about lowering your ears, even raising a boy!) But is he wearing high class diapers, or Speedos? He's got a pile of toys but is trying to FaceTime his Grandma, eh? Linda in Kansas


It's great you can be there for YD when she needs you. Hope she's able to get sorted soon, I'm sure it's hard on everyone when a grown child moves back in.

Ally Bean

I like the photo of boy wonder and his new hairdo. I hope that Carol the Cat adjusts to her new reality. And as for your daughter, why does she not want to go to therapy? It'd be the chance of a lifetime to become more self-aware while living in a safe place. [Or did I just answer my own question?]


Good for you for being there for your offspring. I hope you have a warmer day there than we are having ear. It’s -20 Fahrenheit here this morning.


Frown...tight lipped... BIG SMILE! That's how I reacted reading your post here, Margaret! That picture of your boy at the end brightens everything! He is such a special little guy. :^) As always, keeping you and your situation in my thoughts and heart.


You're daughter is lucky to have you and I fully support being a safe place for your children to come to when needed. She should take her time and heal. Positive energies to her!

Your grandson is so cute! Looks like he got hold of someone's phone in the picture! I love it!


You are a true safety net for your daughter. With your love, support and guidance, I pray she will get through this rough patch. (A funny real story: It appears, separation is the solution when pets do not like each other. My neighbor and animal lover, has 6 cats; they added a lab then rescued a large poodle. The lab and poodle united and went after the cats. The solution is: cats on one floor and dogs on another floor. Margaret, at least you only have 2 cats... Smile! Your grandson is soooo cute and handsome in his new haircut.


I feel for you and your DD, been there and done that. Would she be open to therapy via Zoom?
It is so hard to see them make poor decisions and know what the end result will be for them. Just went thru it again with my youngest DD and am trying SO hard to just listen and be there for her.
Hang in there. Have you tried letting the cats get together and figure it out for themselves? I had to do that when I got a rescue cat and while they aren't friends they do okay now.

Joanne Noagon

My younger daughter is interchangeable with your YD, give or take 20 years. Been there, done that and I won't tell you how long bad decisions can continue.
You have a cutie patootie grandson!


Daughters. Daughters. When will they give us some peace? I empathize with your cat(s). The youngster looks adorable after his "ears-lowering".


That little boy is so stinkin cute! Jack has some of those daipers as well. I bought them because of his daiper rashes but that turned out to be neglect from his mom, not a reaction to disposable daipers. Now I use them for swimming, on him, not me:)

Daughters take time. My middle daughter wouldn't talk to me for almost a year because I wouldn't be for therapy for her. I told her I was still paying for my own, which I was. We're slowly getting there but she was always a tough nut, even when was she three.

I wish we were closer and maybe we will be one day but on her terms I'm guessing.


Thank goodness you are willing to let YD back in and re-coupe and recover from the break up. Just go about your days and it will all fall into place. Its tough sometimes but they are our children and dang, I did what I could to help them out and so do you.
That little guy is so adorable. He looks so much like his daddy.

Tonya Watkins

Oh man, so sorry what YD (and you!) are going through. You are a rock, Margaret. (And of course I would do the exact same thing if need be. Instead, I just envision the endless sea of which my boy is currently bobbing along on his deployment). He has mentioned that they've had schools of dolphins following them on previous deployments, which I think is very cool. And no, I haven't heard from him, but I haven't expected to. No ports of call mid-sea.

And there's that adorable Little Guy again! I LOVE seeing pictures of him!

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