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January 26, 2022


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Ugh, sorry to hear about the contractors, that stinks. I'm glad you can afford to blow them off.


Before you pay anything, I might have a chat with the owner and explain the circumstances. As a small business owner, I will do a lot to keep clients happy, if I know about the problem. And this is horrible to say, but people who threaten to leave bad online reviews (there's only been one ever) generally get what they want, because at the time I couldn't afford to have that out there.


Drats! Can you report the missing storm drain covers to the street department? Would any of the snow removal trucks have removed them accidentally, and they're hiding in the snow.

Too bad you got poopy contractors. Yep, NO contractor should ever ask for 100% up front. Maybe your insurance guy or the local "Angie's List" type place would have a good lead. Get 2 or 3 bids. I've always been surprised at the wide range of "suggestions," and bids have been from companies. They probably DO know of your inheritance. Just how nice your house appears is an indication of funds for upkeep. Or, ask a local realtor for good repair leads. As a last resort, apply Mari to the evil contractor by putting a red light beaming pen onto the person, if Mari's into chasing red lights. I would get a lawyer and demand to keep the 20%. There are many bad stories about bad contractors in the K.C. area.

Guess your foil-lined coat didn't totally bake you. Try an L.L.Bean jacket: so many to choose from, with zippers and pockets in the correct places, they last forever, and you can easily return if it's not the correct fit.

Mari might get perturbed at John. Not sure about kitty retaliation. Hang in there! Linda in Kansas


I am having a memory of a Great Big Hullaballoo song on the Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, I may be wrong, for I can’t find it online.


Yeah, I learned the hard way too about how fine the print can be in a contractor's contract. The next major project, if every, I'll pay for a lawyer to review things before signing. I'm sure it would end up much cheaper.


Good contractors are hard to come by. I had a roofer accidentally drop a tool on my new deck and badly chip a cedar board. The roofer (owner) said he would fix the damage. The new roof is fantastic. Ultimately, I had the deck repaired by my master carpenter. The roofer made promises but followed through on nothing. I filed a review online at the "Bureau of Better Business," told all my friends and neighbors and filed with the MA Attorney General. I tell contractors I pay: one third at the job start date, one third at the halfway point and one third at project completion. (All payments are made at my house by check.) It's cold here too and a Northeaster is predicted for the weekend. I can also recommend LL Bean fleece and silk long johns. Layered under a jacket, both provide great warmth without weight. Just about now, a warm weather vacation sounds good to me.

Ally Bean

What a lousy turn of events with these contractors. Years ago there was a deceitful roofing company that pulled the same sort of sh!t as these people tried to do with you. Neighbors were unhappy, but it was all in the weasel words. Sorry about the financial loss, but also happy that you can ditch these people.


Oh my....it's so disappointing when contractors are shady. I'm glad you're able to walk away and support you writing reviews to expose those people.


I was reminded of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned reading the last of your post. Go get 'em, Margaret. Sorry that you had to deal with an unsavory company. I never thought I would love a puffy coat but I do. It keeps me pretty warm. Stay safe and take care.

kayak woman

I do walk in the dark most of the year and that open drain looks scary as all getout. Our storm sewer openings are typically built in with the curb so not where a lot of people walk although ducklings sometimes get stuck in them. As to the "hullabaloo" I have no words!

kayak woman

P.S. Reading more comments, re reporting missing drain covers. Our small city (Ann Arbor, MI) has a nifty online tool for reporting things like that. I used it once to report a streetlight that had been out for months after an ice storm. The downside of this tool is that people can use it to "tattle" on their neighbors for incomplete sidewalk snow removal.

Joanne Noagon

Shit storm covers it. I would write a scathing and true review and file it away, for copy and paste jobs as warranted. Even marginally appropriate. They are scum.


Oh my. Call your local television station (they must have scam experts). Nothing like a little, or a lot, of publicity to make them behave.


I'm sorry the contractors are such assholes. That's disgusting and I'm glad to hear that you plan on making their tactics well known to warn off others.


Oh my gosh. That is horrible about the contractor. I hope you can figure it all out and not have to pay the $1000.00
I do hope you called the city to report the storm covers missing. That is so dangerous

Tonya Watkins

I'm furious on your behalf about that contractor. Lodge a complaint with the BBB. Ugh, I'm so disgusted with PEOPLE.

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