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January 16, 2022


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Well gosh, hire a handyman and make a list for them. That will lower the stress level. My neighborhood Ace Hardware has a new "hire a handyman" program to help on on many types of projects. Be careful getting on ladders. I think you're over 50. Grandson IS a real cutie.
Toddler understanding and thinking is interesting. To pick up my visiting parents from the Kansas City airport, we always cross a big curving creek. When I told my then young son about the recent floods that had even flooded over that highway by the big curving creek, he started tearing up and being very sad. When I asked why, he thought he'd never see his grandparents again if we couldn't get over that creek. My Dad said to tell him that if he had to canoe over that water, that he'd still see his grandson.
Linda in Kansas


Our present storm is storming but maybe not as much as predicted. At least it is a bit of a break from the recent biting cold. Not that it is exactly balmy out, you undersratnd. Glad the fam travelled safely. The cat looks huge in the photo, but I think it is at least partly because it is closer to the camera.


Both my grandparents suffered with congestive heart failure and my grandma just recently did a stint in the hospital for problems caused by it. It just seems like a never ending battle to balance drug interactions and the effects of the congestive heart failure on a teeter totter. Hopefully your mom's doctor gets things sorted out.

I solved my lightbulb ordeals by replacing them with LED ones when they burn out. In your case, I would just replace all five at once and never touch it again the rest of your life.

Ally Bean

I'm glad your grandson understood why you weren't there. That's a relief of sorts. As for your difficulties with your insurance company, I'm sorry. Good luck with your mom and her appointments. That can be quite taxing for all concerned.


It is good to have the estate completed. I've hired a handyman occasionally and find them useful for taking on small jobs that I have no skill nor desire to complete myself. I make a list of jobs, and ask for an estimate of cost. (Note: I've learned, each handyman has projects they will not take on and I need to know this prior to the hire.) For your replacement light bulbs, you can order LED's on Amazon. I often purchase all the project materials needed and the handyman does the install. The photo of your grandson with Ziggy is priceless and just so adorable. Is Ziggy a Maine Coon cat? I want a Ziggy!


So happy to hear your mom is doing well right now. I hope it continues, that is such a worry when our parents are older and failing. I went through this with my mom. Terrible worry each and every day and night
Nice to have your step grandmothers things all settled now. One thing to not have to worry about anymore.
I have a very good friend of my son's who does handyman things for me. He is awesome and I have to tell him each time to charge me the rate he charges everyone else otherwise he shorts himself. He is so good at what he does.
That picture of your grandson and Ziggy is heartwarming. He is happy to be home again and have his kitty and kitty is so happy to have his people back again too.


Grandson is one beautiful child! He is so photogenic and looks like pure joy. I can see why you would miss him! Glad he has Ziggy. Hopefully he will grow up without allergies to cats.

I'm happy to hear your mom has improved. Will hope she keeps improving. Scary that something can be caused by a medication adjustment. I fear getting old.

Joanne Noagon

You are very smart to stay on top of your mom's diagnoses' and follow them up. You will save both of yourselves a ton of trouble and misunderstandings, not between yourselves, but with medical practioners.

Tonya Watkins

Your little guy will be so excited to see you the next time you guys do FaceTime or Zoom!! And doesn't it just melt your heart to hear him call you Mémé? Mine sure does when I hear "Nonna!" (And he grabs my hand to take me somewhere to ask a question about something. (Like the globe!) I adore that photo of him using Ziggy as a pillow! :o)

We've pretty much changed out all of our bulbs to LED over time. (Or smart bulbs, which also last for just-about-ever).

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