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February 25, 2022


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I thought YD and her boyfriend broke up; did I miss something? Whatever the trouble is, hope it resolves soon. Man, I don't miss the days of painful romances, do you?


Well, the mow-lines in your yard are very straight and I know how you like that! Margaret you can't question your parenting for issues with another adult, c'mon. She's a grown woman now. Anyway, I never tire of seeing the amazin' Ziggy, and that's funny but I feel grandson's pain! Hang in there, both of you.


Sorry things are tough at home. I honestly feel like it's harder having adult children than it was when they were throwing themselves on the floor having tantrums.


It must be awkward there.

Ally Bean

You mowed your lawn! I cannot wrap my head around that mowing thing quite yet. Wow, spring really is a'coming.


Maybe it's a good time to get away and take a break from the drama? I'm so sorry it's so stressful.

When I get too much cat food I put it in those heavy duty freezer bags and stick it in the freezer. Or I use my vacuum sealer but gracious those bags have gone up in price.

Our Ozark mountains, which are the oldest blah blah blah and have been worn down over time into hills - are now being questioned re whether they were ever mountains at all. Even your foothills look pretty mountainy.


Can you have John-in-waiting pop over to check on your house and Mari while you're gone?
We have mountains in Kansas: the Flint Hills. They're about 10" taller than the flat highway that crosses the eastern part of the state.
Linda in Kansas

Arkansas Patti

Had to smile about the "foothills". When I moved here from Florida I swore these were mountains. I have finally realized it was just that comparison to the flat lands of Florida that made them look majestic. Someday hope to see some real mountains.
Sorry you and your daughter are at odds. Hope it irons out soon.


The sun has been glorious for walking these last few days. I can totally let go of stress when I'm out and moving. I hope things settle for you and you are still able to get away.

Donna M Wood

I'm pretty sure most parents have times in the adult lives of their children when they feel like a failure. I know for sure my mom had times she gave up on me. I, too, have a daughter I worry about, and she's practically middle-aged. Sometimes I wonder if it's payback for how I behaved once I was living away from my parents' house.


I think even good parents can't control their children's decisions...

Christie Hawkes

Parenthood is hard...no matter your children's ages. Wishing you peace of mind. I laughed at the foothills/mountain comment. I live in Utah, where the mountains are large and close to town, so I can relate to your response. I just spent some time reading through your "About" page. I feel almost like I know you. Thank you for being so open with what you shared. Hoping you find joy in this week, Margaret.

Pam Donaldson

Oh, of course you're a good parent. She just needs to find a nice man, then all will be well. Ooops, that doesn't sound very 2022, does it? I really mean that she needs to find her own contentment with life. You can't solve all her problems; just being there is all you can do.

Focus on the trip to see that lovely squashy little person. The rest will be resolved...


You brought your girls up well, but some lessons have to be learned firsthand, I'm afraid. Sorry that there's so much tension at home right now. I almost can't believe it's coming up on the 1-year anniversary of your dear dad passing. Wishing you and your mom comfort and peace.

Tonya Watkins

Your lawn looks LOVELY!

I sure hope YD settles. "The quality of your life is based on the decisions you make."

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