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February 14, 2022


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Happy Valentine's Day. I'm more like John in that I'd rather just eat a good meal rather than have flowers/cards. I also think it's more important how people treat each other every day, not one day hand picked by someone else.

Your grandson is so precious.

That cake looks amazing and it's making me hungry right now!!!


Lordy, that kiddo is so cute!


Your comment about the caramel being twice more than you would have done is so funny. Carly and I love to watch baking shows together, too. The picture of your grandson is so-o-o-o-o-o cute.


My husband is not particularly romantic, and I adjusted to that a long time ago. Today, he called me mid-day and asked if anyone had taken my mother flowers for Valentine's. When I said no, he dropped everything, got the same flowers my dad used to get her for Valentine's (I didn't have to tell him what kind, he knew) and went over to her house for a vist. Then he felt bad he didn't have a card for me. I told him what he did was a thousand times better than a card.

Doug M

That photo of your grandson is so adorable! What a sweet guy..and speaking of sweet guys, John sounded like a great host and your YDs cake looks to die for! Happy VD, Margaret 🙂♥️👍


John's breakfast casserole has my mouth watering. And that cake! Tell YD from me that she may have a calling! Wow! I'd say your Valentine's Day weekend was pretty spectacular.


Good choice on the tile. Hooray! A ray of hope with competent repair guys. (The lower marbley sample would've started fighting with your granite.)

Well, gee, it is nice to review pics or cards from previous husbands. The timeframes are kind of zoomie to my brain though. It's a different time zone now. Many articles are coming out about today's couples having fewer intimate times, fewer kids and fewer marriages or live-ins, and more texting times. This trend is even pre-covid. Divorce rate is lowering too. Heck, the next generation of guys won't know what cursive is to even sign a card.

Good choice on your current guy. I'd take a guy who can cook dinner, desert, AND breakfast over a card. Loved the ones who did. Cooked too many meals for ones who didn't deserve it. Dating tip: EVERY guy for whom I made my Grandma's apple dumplings recipe, asked me to marry them....coincidence? Could be. I just didn't make them for the other one I would've married!

Good choice on your pick for a grandson! Good choice on having a cooking daughter as a personal chef! It's okay to buy some flowers for yourself sometimes. Brightens up a table as you pass by them during your day. Linda in Kansas, a bizarre choice of a place to live.


Uh oh, brain froze: I meant dessert instead of a desert, where no dessert is found. Linda in Kansas


I have usually made a card, but I didn’t this time. We did go out for lunch with friends, and there is some chocolate around.


I have always preferred to get flowers at sporadic times of the year instead on commercialized for money holidays like this recent one.

I only watch one football game a year, mostly for the commercials, so really didn't know who to cheer for. I chose the Bengals since they seemed to be the underdog and thought I had a winner until the last two minutes of the game.


Sometimes it's hard to tell when a person is joking online, but your post reminded me of Albert Ellis who used to say "Stop should-ing on yourself!"

There's nothing wrong with wanting a little more romance in a relationship, you may need to be the one who instigates is. Also nothing wrong with treating yourself to chocolates or flowers. You sure don't have to sit back and fret because the bf doesn't think of those things. Could be his version of flowers and chocolate looks like a breakfast casserole. I haven't made one of those in a long time and that sure looks good.

Also, nothing wrong with taking a walk on a lovely day instead of mowing the lawn or washing the car. Tsk.

Grandson has a beautiful smile.


My ideal is: a card, flowers, and dinner. Yup - the whole package. It does not happen, but if I get two out of three I'm okay and just go with the flow. J definitely likes to cook for you and I do think that is sweet. He's very caring and definitely a keeper. I wanted an orchid this V-day so I bought myself a real beauty. Yes, I am known for supplementing my gifts. YD's cake looks outstanding. Your grandson is most adorable and he must bring smiles wherever he goes. Next year you and he can make some V-day cards. Others might get inspired to join team "card giving." There is nothing better than a subtle hint.


I forgot to mention I’m on episode 6 of Reacher. A little far fetched to be realistic but has been entertaining.


Don't feel bad for wanting more attention on Valentine's Day. Some of us are romantic. I look at it as a day that gives us a reason and opportunity to celebrate love, whereas exes often looked at it like a commercial holiday and an obligation. But in their doing that, they miss that some of us really need to feel appreciated on a day that's set aside for just that. I get it. No harm in buying yourself flowers or whatever else makes you feel appreciated. I do think he should be trying more even if it's not his thing. It's you that he should be trying to make feel loved. Just my opinion.

Is Reacher good? C has mentioned it a few times. When he described it as a combination Rambo meets Terminator meets something else, I was determined I wouldn't like it, but if you liked it, I'll give it a shot.

Grandson is picture perfect. He has an absolutely adorable little face. Very photogenic and the picture of joy. I don't say that about all babies and toddlers, either!

I should pick up the bake show. Watched a few episode, and I liked the "energy" more than some of the Food Network kinds of challenges, but the recipes are way beyond my abilities, not to mention I don't need the calories of a delicious looking cake like that one!

Joanne Noagon

I like most everything. The tile. YD's cooking. John's cooking. And that little boy eating his snow!

Donna M Wood

We binge-watched Reacher. Cliff seemed to enjoy it too, so now we wait for the next season. I do recall reading a couple of the "Reacher" books and enjoying them.


I like your tile choice. Not it'll be the wait to get it all done. You'll appreciate it so much then.
Your grandson is so cute. That smile is adorable.
Your daughters cake looks wonderful. She has a good way with cooking and baking.
Johns breakfast casserole looks delicious! Mmm! I love breakfast food for any meal.
Maybe you should buy John some candy and a card to start him thinking he should maybe
do that for you too??? Just a thought. Or buy your own and get what you really like and want :-)


I like that tile for your bathroom.

I would have liked a card and some flowers for Valentines. I don't need roses but a few flowers would have been nice. Just saying.


The moon has been looking quite splendid in our neck of the woods as well.
Been breaking out my fancy binoculars to enjoy the views.
Looks like good choices were made with the flooring and love the photo of the grandson. Too cute.
The Super Bowl food looked amazing.
Take care and talk soon.

Ally Bean

I didn't get a card. I rarely do. I am jealous of your rhubarb pie, though. Love the photo of the your grandson. Such joy on his cold little face.

[Am hoping this comment goes through. My last few attempts have failed.]

Ally Bean

Here I am leaving a comment as a test. Should this comment go through the system all will be well. Let's think positive, shall we?


I'm afraid we send a few things for the grandkids during Valentine's Day which is funny, I guess. However, we tend to ignore it for ourselves. I'm afraid we've been married too long. We tend to do things on the spur of the moment for fun.
Just wanted to stop by. Not blogging yet though if something happens, I'm writing and scheduling them to go up in March.


I remember always buying myself a nice bottle of good perfume every Valentine's Day during my single years, and it made me so happy! We don't view the day as especially special (heh), but I do tend to make a slightly more upscale dinner for us (and John did get me some flowers, which was nice).

Oh, that picture of your Little Guy! It should be blown up, framed, and hung on a prominent wall! It is absolutely precious!

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