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February 19, 2022


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Joanne Noagon

I am so sorry your co-existence with the youngest is disintegrating. The only advice I can offer is stay distanced; offer no advice unless specifically asked. It's so tough; especially under the same roof.
On the other hand, Mr. Fire engine boots is pretty cute.


As mothers we want the very best for our daughters and sons. When tensions rise it is hard. Joanne (above) has some good suggestions. I'm glad your contractors are going to fix the stone on your fireplace surround. Your grandson is adorable in his new fire engine boots. Seeing him thrive and be happy is really wonderful. His growth chart is impressive; strong, happy and healthy is perfection.


I'm sorry to read of things not progressing well with YD too. (I actually had to read that a couple times over to get the gist of what you were talking about, the curse of being a guy.) Well, I love grandson's cool boots and can't you buy a couple of ice cube trays from your local Target or Wal-Mart? That's what us poorer folk use, you know! :^)


I learned about the spam folder only a couple months ago but found maybe three comments in it that weren’t actually spam. Maybe it works better for Blogger.


I am glad for the tulips but sorry for the other thing. It’s hard to share a house, but you do manage very well with the other daughter and her whole family, So it is possible.


It took me years to find out about the spam folder too:)

My husband and I went out for supper last night after we dropped Jack off at his grandma's house. We talked about Gracie, Jack's mom. I hate not knowing what's going to happen and my husband told me to stop prejudging what will or won't happen. He's a good man, although a straight talker (he's dutch) and sometimes it's hard to hear what he was to say. But he also doesn't judge me and loves me, despite my foibles. Nothing he said was inaccurate but it is hard to hear. He also told me I'm impatient. NO! Yes, sadly. Gracie won't manage to make it on her own, probably. But we have to wait and see.

Anyway, I'm rambling. My point was, your daughter's problems will take time, probably a long time, to get better. And they might not get better. None of us know. I hate not knowing:)

I heard a song the other day, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and this line stood out for me.
In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double

So true and so hard to do.

Sending hugs.

kayak woman

I definitely make ice the hillbilly way (maybe snowbilly is a better word for me LOL). Always have, always will. We do have a fridge with an icemaker at the more moder of our cabins. It works but can be finicky even on a good day. And of COURSE grandson would choose those boots! What was his mother thinking? ;-)

kayak woman

"modern", not "moder"


I had (and have!) no idea about the spam folder. How did you discover it? I'm rarely on Typepad since I use Livewriter, and I've never seen or heard anything about it. (Ha! Maybe THAT's the reason I have only 2 readers! They're all in the abyss!)

Very sorry to hear about troubles with YD. Oh dear.


I love the grandson's boot! Firetrucks are cool, man! Dig digs too. My friend's little boy is majorly into trucks as well.

You made me chuckle about your spam folder. It's funny how you can own something or work with something for years and then discover something obvious you've overlooked all that time. Been there, done that.

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