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February 24, 2022


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Lacey thinks that Carol looks a little hefty, but she is no cat to meow.

Tonya Watkins

Carol is lovely! My GAWD I adore cats.

I'm excited that your trip to NY is SOON! Yep, could be dicey with weather this time of year. Spring is a while off, and especially on the east coast. I suspect it actually comes earlier here, even though it tends to mean lots of rain. We had a dusting of snow this morning, but I swear it lasted only MINUTES. It was beautiful the rest of the day!

And I have been so DOWN with this Ukraine crap. So damned much horrible news lately. I cannot understand, nor will I forgive those who are cheering Putin. What monsters.

Ally Bean

Cat therapy and sunshine are a perfect remedy to current events. I have neither so I'll enjoy yours from afar. What a week, eh?


Heartsick and fearful - me too. Can hardly stand to watch the news lately. Comments from various Republicans (T**** and Pompeo to name but two) speaking adoringly of Putin and how brilliant/shrewd he is make me want to throw up.

Arkansas Patti

Big believer in that statement about tickling God. Main reason I usually have a plan B lurking.
Sadly one would think with Russia invading Ukraine, we would be united against the USSR but no--again we are divided. Not surprised, we couldn't agree on warding off a killer disease. Sigh.


The global situation does look pretty bad today, although today was the first vaguely spring-like day this year in London (dry, sunny, not too cold).


with current events unfolding I would be happy to be a cat in the sun without a care in the world.


I woke up to 2 inches of that white stuff. But I'm not doing anything about it for our forecasted highs next week will be near 60 degrees all week long.


It's snowing gangbusters here right now. 12 inches are predicted. The Northeast is known for this kind of weather. Unpredictability is a given. Packing for NY might require a mix of cold and milder weather clothing. I pack light too. Unfortunately, I buy to supplement and my return trip is not as light. Carol found a nice spot in the sun. She likes to pose for the camera. VP is vile. Watching this play out is horrific. The world needs to stand with Ukraine.


When you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans. So true it seems and still I persist. Madness.

kayak woman

Hilarious about our "matching" titles yesterday. I got that saying from my Jewish buddies who grew up speaking Yiddish with their families. They are mensches! (Another word I learned from them.)


OH, its cold here in Northern MN too. last night was just 25 below and we got up to 17 today. Supposed to be 30 tomorrow so i went out and shoveled off my deck to hopefully melt the last of the snow and the berm of ice off it this weekend. We probably have about 3-4 feet of snow on the ground and then we have the big drifts and even bigger snow plow piles the kids love to play on.
I am so very sad about Russia invading Ukraine. I pray so hard for them. I hate to even watch any news right now.
Carol looks so cozy in the sunshine.
I made a crock pot of Pasta Fagioli soup for the weekend. Its from Olive Garden. Mmm!


Honestly, I want to see you out there mowing the snow. I'm waiting for my drive and sidewalk to melt again. I threw some ice melt out for my porch steps but wasn't able to go roll around in the snow to get the whole sidewalk. That which has melted looks dangerous.

Stay warm, cuddle the cats. Find those rogue sunbeams and share them with the fur babies.


Carol looks beautiful in the sunshine. I'm with you on the state of the world. Heartsick, helpless. I'm trying not to watch much news, but must check every day, and it's disheartening to say the least.

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