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February 20, 2022


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We walked today, mostly in the sun. And it was still sunny when the big raindrops started hitting us. We were surprised because it was so bright. They kind of came and went for the rest of the walk. When the wind picked up we could really feel the chill underneath the sun. I heard there is a possibility for wintry mix tomorrow.

I have a flight booked to NYC in early May,but still have to book a return flight. I fret about making the correct connections from JFK to the kids apartment. And I've found Penn Station to be the most confusing transit hub.


Hooray for the icemaker coming back from hiatus!

Doug M

That is good news about your ice maker (and very kind of John), and your trip to see OD and grandson sounds like a great idea! I didn't realize it was more than just the flight, though...hope this works out!


That is something to look forward to.

Arkansas Patti

I have had appliances spontaneously heal themselves and have always been shocked but pleased. Maybe it was just resting.
Ha ha. Think I would resent the Internet thinking I would be interested in a doublewide one:))


Our ice maker goes off line several times a year. It usually happens when we are gone for a few days and the fridge doesn't get used much. I think what it happening is that the water supply line gets froze up and it takes a couple days to thaw out. I have learned to just take a hair dryer and blow on it for about five minutes and that is generally enough to have it working again in an hour or so.

I should add when our fridge is especially full and things are blocking the vents in the back, it can also get cold enough to freeze the water supply line too. However, I'm getting pretty good at keeping those clear with experience.


That's a very good price for a flight across country. Have a lovely visit with your grandson and remember that your younger daughter is her own person and she will find her way, or not. We can't control what others do, sometimes I can't even control myself:)

Ally Bean

Definitely the wrong color for you. A blue abaya would be better. Yet I do wonder why any algorithm thinks you need one. 🤔


You seem to be on a roll. The hail let up for your walk home, the ice maker fixed itself, a bargain rate on plane tickets . . . I don't know, though, about that double wide abaya!


The mysterious ice machine! I love that it fixed itself. You deserve a break.

I'll keep your daughter in my thoughts. I think you're doing the best you can do just being there for her when she needs you. She will find her way.

So happy you have another trip planned to see your beautiful grandson. It's so nice to have happy things to look forward to.

Joanne Noagon

I wonder if a large cat could do that to a sink? Or two, in tandem?
I would do everything to keep John from repairing the ice maker. The results of that at my house always were a water leak on the basement floor and/or broken tile on the kitchen floor.
Yay for the trip to New York.


Miracles do happen and you're on a roll. The ice maker fixed itself, you diverted J's plan to fix it and best of all you're going to NY.


Oh hail, indeed! Somewhere I have pictures of the softball sized hail that punched a hole right through my folk's roof in Kansas City. Left some major dents in one of the cars, too. I'm glad that you weren't walking home when the hail started!

I hope the ice maker stays fixed. Maybe it just had a little clog somewhere?

Tonya Watkins

I'm so glad you're heading to NY to see that precious little guy, and his parents, of course. ;o) Perfect!

"Full Modesty Doublewide." Snort. OMG, that's so bizarre, but everything seems to be these days.


How wonderful that you booked a ticket to head to NY to see your grandson and of course your daughter and son in law too! We know who we really go to see when grandchildren are involved ;-)
I wonder if a piece of ice was holding the bar just so that it wouldn't let it fill and make ice. Anyway, Yay for the ice machine working again.

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