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February 17, 2022


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Fireplace looks gorgeous. If you go to buy ice cube trays, get the silicone ones. They come in pretty colors and the cubes pop right out. (I had an ice maker once; then it broke and I never got if fixed. For one person, it doesn't seem worth it; the ice gets stale and funky tasting before you can use it up.)


I dread taxes since I retired, a juggle of dividends, capital gains & stock sells while keeping my MAGI low enough for affordable Obamacare subsidies. But yours sounds worse! Anyway, I'm sorry about your refrigerator (but I liked what you said about it owing you nothing) and your fireplace looks just beautiful. I enjoyed Mari's antics along the way too. :)

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Would Mari attack the workers if she could? Funny how she likes to play with their protector blankets.

You may be able to get just the ice maker part replaced. If not, buy bags of ice from your local 7-11 or Quik Trip, bang the bag on a tough counter and pour it into the ice bin. (I think there's still a bin even with front door dispensing models.) The 6 pound bags last a long time in the bin. My apartment has difficult water pipe access for my ice maker water line in my freezer. I just never hooked up the water. I have a few ice cube trays.

The new fireplace stone looks wonderful. It looks nice and even.

Mr. Jack has an interesting spelling for his last name. Dapper looking guy. My mom had a half sister and a half brother. I grew up around the sister, and met the brother after my mom died. They just went their vastly different ways in life and she kind of ignored him. Interesting reasons back in the '30s and '40s.

Linda in Kansas

Donna W

The only new relatives I've found after submitting my DNA to the world are fourth and fifth cousins scattered about the world, some even in the British Isles and a couple in Canada.


That is a heckuva impressive sweater that Jack is wearing.


I have replaced the ice maker on our fridge twice and have a third one in a box in my garage for when the time comes. It is pretty easy to replace requiring only a screwdriver and takes about 15 minutes to do so. The worst part about it is listening to the refrigerator alarm ding reminding me that the door has been left open while I make the replacement. Like you, I like cold drinks, especially during the summer months.

Back when I got into genealogy, I prepared myself to find some skeletons but really haven't. I know I should be thankful but I was a bit disappointed. I guess I did find a half sister though I knew that was a possibility going in as my parents divorced young and my biological dad remarried a couple times afterwards. We communicated a couple times and really haven't had anymore contact. When our connection is a dead beat biological father in neither of our lives, it makes it kind of tough.

Ally Bean

Your fireplace is beautiful. Your cat is nutty. Your ancestry discovery is amazing. Jack's sweater is something else!


Mari is adorable. I've seen cats do that when they're very scared; they'll often hide under the covers on the bed. Poor little things!

Your fireplace is beautiful. I just love that stacked stone look or whatever it's called. Very elegant. Nice color, too.

You really notice it when you're living without an ice maker. In my apartment freezer there's a bin and a stack of ice cube molds, and I hate them. They take up so much room. I hope you get your ice maker fixed soon. I think I read the average lifespan of a refrigerator is 10 years, so yours has served you well!

Joanne Noagon

How I like your fireplace face lift. All my cats have been forthright in their interest in new people, and spend their time around ankles. Our computer guru, when much younger, sat cross legged in chairs. A new kitten begged so hard to be picked up, it was, and spent four hours napping in that wonderful lap.


I LOVE your new fireplace. It looks so cozy and inviting. Beautiful job!

I'm pretty fanatic about ice in my drinks so I would have to have the refrigerator replaced pretty quickly (I keep ice cube trays in my freezer even though I have an ice maker, just in case!) It's always something with a house, isn't it?


I absolutely love your new fireplace! Mari is such a little cutie pie. I always dread tax time too and still haven't got my stuff together for the accountant. Isn't it crazy what kind of skeletons we find in our family history. Nobody would even believe if I told about mine, and it's still all a huge unsolved mystery!


Your fireplace stone surround looks beautiful. Mari is definitely the curious kitty as she checks out the workman's drop cloth. Tax season is good for the tax accountants; that said, some friends rave about TurboTax and how easy it is to use. A friend just replaced her 20 year old fridge with a Kitchen Aid side-by-side and it looks great. It's also highly rated by Consumer Reports.


The fireplace looks beautiful. I think I'll be doing this at our rental. Some of the tiles are broken anyway so this will make a nice change. There's a lot of work to be done there in the coming year. We want to sell it in a year and pay off our mortgage. Yay!

You can get ice cube trays at the dollar store. We have an ice cube maker in our fridge but it was nothing but trouble so I just bought the ice cube trays.


I agree with everybody. Your fireplace is awesome, Margaret. Art is working on getting taxes ready for our accountant. It's not a happy chore. Wow! Your fridge lasted a LONG time. Ours died after 15 years. We decided against getting a fridge with an ice maker this time. I have to use trays, but that's OK.

Arkansas Patti

Still trying to make this work. We will see if this goes through.

Arkansas Patti

Disappeared. Maybe it is in your spam folder.


Mari cracks me up! Oh, she is a CAT! And I just love 'em.

Your fireplace turned out spectacularly! Perfect choice and so warm and cozy.


Yes, you were in my spam folder and I fetched you out! Supposedly, if I publish your comments, typepad will learn that you aren't a spammer. I'm not holding my breath, so I'll continue to check the folder every day. Thanks so much for persisting!:)


The fireplace turned out beautiful. Mari is so funny, hiding when they're working and playing in their equipment when they are out of there.
My frig of almost 27 years keeps on a working. I hope it continues to hold on too. I love my ice maker in mine, but when it dies, well, with that old of a frig I won't fix it or replace it.

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