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May 13, 2022


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What a cute house! If you don't want that bottle of Prosecco, I'll take it. πŸ˜‰


YAY! Looks like it was left in good shape for them to just come in and unpack. I hope it all seems real to them now that the keys are secured and they have a clean slate to start out here in WA.


And if Kathleen doesn't get it first I'll take it. That backyard garden looks amazing! And I'm sure your daughter will love that kitchen.

Doug M

So wonderful! Love the photos, am excited and happy for them! πŸ™‚πŸ‘β™₯οΈπŸ‘

Arkansas Patti

Impressive the shape everything was left in. Love that back yard with the privacy fence and plants. The sparkling wine was a nice touch. Maybe they can regift it.


The house looks nice and clean, a huge bonus, and the yard is gorgeous. I'm sure they will be very happy there.

As for health insurance in the States, it's obscene.

Ally Bean

How fun to go through the house now, before it becomes a home. It looks lovely and with that backyard a great place to raise a family.


It looks like a really good place. The yard and garden with all of the plants already there is hard to beat.


The house and garden looks fabulous. They will have plenty of space to make it their own custom home. I can visualize all the toys and N playing in his back yard with Ziggy nearby. New beginnings are always exciting.


Congratulations to them! And to you. So nice to have family move so close! It will be great to travel an hour not many hours to see that darling grandson!


That's a wonderful home! I bet she loves the garden. The kitchen will feel so much bigger. I like the size and shape of the rooms (the ceiling in the one). I remember the feeling of going from the community apartment laundry room to having my own, and it was just the best feeling. Do laundry whenever you want and without other people's lint, hair, and leftover socks (ick!), not to mention safety concerns. I love that hardwood (?) floor and the purple, green, and white plant is gorgeous.

Did they buy it, or are they renting? Celebration time whichever it is. Congratulations to your daughter and SIL!

Joanne Noragon

Thank you for the tour. An easy home to love.


The new house looks fabulous! So happy you will all be living close to each other. There's nothing like owning a home when you have a family!


Perhaps they left the garden and plants because someone put a lot of thought and effort into them and hope the new owners will care for them. It seems that the house was not at it's best when you last saw it, but it does appear it's been well cared for. I look forward to the kids getting moved here.

Have a safe trip! Enjoy the bebe!

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Wow! that's really roomy inside and is very clean, ready for move-in. Ship the wine to Kansas; my DIL loves it. Your daughter might, or she could cook with it. The basement is for tornado time, but I don't think you get many. I had a house with the washer/dryer in the basement; it's precarious on the stairs as we get older, so keep ahold of the railing! That was a nice touch for the previous owner to leave plants. Looks like she can grown anything anywhere. Pots loaded with dirt are heavy. Linda in Kansas

Tonya Watkins

Weird, several of the photos had broken links again! (It's been a while since that was happening). But, nobody else mentioned it. I don't understand why or how it would only be on my end?

So exciting that the house is READY for them! When is their ETA? Such a great house!!

Donna W

They are really moving up! I'll bet the washer and dryer will be wonderful, after having to go to laundromats for so long. I'm glad your grandson will have a wonderful outside play area, too.

Deborah Weber

How lovely and exciting! I think the garden left intact and the large planter are lovely welcome-to-a-home-where-much-happiness-can-grow gifts.

Jenni Elyse

What a lovely house! I hope they love living there and make many fond memories.


I;m back again ;-) Good grief, I find myself away from my computer more than ever now that I can get out in the evenings and rake and clean my yard.
What a nice home they have there and how nice to have to have the room to spread out a bit.
I'm sure you are just waiting the time they can get moved there.
I think you are probably in NY now, and so have a wonderful time visiting with your family and celebrating little man's birthday.

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