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May 02, 2022


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That house looks like it popped in directly from Boise State or maybe Denver! Silly cat, trying to pass as a stuffy! That is adorable.


I love the scent of Wisteria. It is a plant which scents at night as well as during the day so when I take the dog out at night I get to enjoy the wonderful scent. Right now ours isn't blooming yet but next week, I think.


Actually… rather than his glucose number on his fasting blood draw, the A1c is a better indication of his pre-diabetic level because it gives you a better indication of his sugar levels for the last 3 months. At least that’s what my diabetic counselor tells me.


I have turned down houses just because they are in a HOA, but I would never paint a house like that. I also don’t think it would bother me to live next door to a house like that as long as the residents were quite and nice.

Doug M

My niece (who is now 17) used to do that too with her stuffed toys--but this one just made me laugh, after seeing Ziggy in there! Margaret, I'm sure opinions differ but I took those fish oil pills awhile back until my doctor saw them on my patient form and told me to stop. When I said I thought they promoted good cholesterol, she said first & foremost I was swallowing oil on a daily basis and that was not good, period. That was last summer, I still have an unopened bottle of them in my fridge.


I have enough HOA-board material for an eye-rolling hilarious TV series and yes you do NOT want to buy a house in an HOA. Have you ever watched Best Of Show? Well quirky board members have that beat by miles. Just think about who is attracted to be on a board - with POWER.

Arkansas Patti

I am usually quite forgiving about house colors but that one does make the eyes hurt.
Ha ha, LG does seem to have gotten the teaching gene. How cute and at first I glossed right over Ziggy.


Orange and blue are complementary, supposedly, but they don’t look right there. I don’t think they got it quite right. Those two shades are very vivid and maybe not quite opposite on the colour wheel. And even if they were, they might best not be used in that context. Not that I really know colour theory. I just to babbling. 😀

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Whew! I thought you were going to tell us that the house was the kids' new one. At least the owners can find it on a cloudy day. When John gets too cranky, have him get the axle fixed by a mechanic. I'm surprised Ziggy is patient enough to sit still while the budding teacher reads to all of the critters. That is a stunning wall of wisteria. They have nose clips to stop nosebleeds; you need one of those. Linda in Kansas


HOA's can be complex and difficult. I live on a private drive with no HOA and a deed that stipulates all 6 homeowners are responsible for road and common property maintenance. It generally works well. The closer houses are to each other, color schemes become important. One obnoxious home can ruin the neighborhood. Given the doctor's recommendations, maybe John will adopt your healthy lifestyle. A brake job looks very demanding. That said, if it's an interest and hobby I guess it is not that bad. It does appear that N is a teacher in the making. Adorable. Even Ziggy is at attention.

Ally Bean

Not sure what kind of mind thinks that house is pretty. It's a bit disconcertingly garish to see. I took fish oil for a while and decided it was not for me. There are side effects from the stuff-- plus I was paying a small fortune for it as the doctor didn't approve of OTC ones. Good luck to John.

Jenni Elyse

OMG! That house is awful! There's a house a few blocks from where I live that was a hot pink, then an emerald green, and now it's cobalt blue. *smdh*

Pam Donaldson

Oh Margaret, I can't believe that you don't like that lovely orange house!!!

kayak woman

I don't love the colors on that house but I would happily live next to it and probably snort-laugh about it whenever possible. I am not a fan of HOAs and their ilk.

My husband used to be a DIY car guy. He put himself through college working summers at the Hamtramck assembly plant (Detroit enclave) and knew cars inside and out. At some point he decided to outsource car repairs and now sticks to toilets and things.

LOVE grandson and his "class", especially the interloper. Stuffed aminals (intentionally misspelled) were a HUGE part of our kids' childhood although I don't remember them being set up in "classrooms" like that.


Oh boy--those colors! We live in a HOA area so thankfully we would never be near something like that (although I'm not sold on HOAs). Ours doesn't permit screens on the front of the house which I think is ridiculous.

I hope John gets his health under control. Maybe some walks with YOU!!!

Your grandson is TOO cute!!!

Deborah Weber

Sending good thoughts for John - those kinds of changes are challenging. "Tight as a tick" made me laugh - I've never heard that before. And your little sweetie is adorable. I think you'll have to teach him the fun of sidewalk chalking.

Joanne Noragon

The orange and purple house is ugly. The boy is pretty darn cute, and I don't know what to say abut the brakes.

Tonya Watkins


If only HOAs would simply focus on reasonable stuff (like keeping house colors sensible), but so often the "rulers" get very full of themselves and go completely overboard. I'm so glad that we don't live in one, and that all the neighbors are SENSIBLE.

Little Guy's "class" is off-the-charts adorable. And, oh Ziggy!!

I think wisteria is my favorite of all things. It's like looking at a real live Monet.


I used to teach school or Sunday school to my stuffed animals, but our cat never voluntarily joined my class. Did not grow up to be a teacher, however.

While I don't hate your orange house, I probably wouldn't want to live by it. Then again, these days I'm mostly inside and am not sure what color my house is so, who knows? It would surely make for easy directions. Aren't those Broncos colors or something?


Anyone would sure know where to find the house if they were looking. haha! Not a color for me though.
Your sweeet little grandson is a good teacher if he can keep Ziggy entertained with his teachings ;-)
Iya Mya! Thats quite the job John has going on. Good thing he has the patience for it.
I first thought the Wisteria was a plant covered with snow :-) I still have snowbanks to melt away and lots of wet places and water too. Supposed to be warming up in the 60's so hopefully it melts and dries up so I can get out and start raking and cleaning up my yard. Wendy

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