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May 18, 2022


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Enjoy your trip! I always set off the metal detector, I don't know why. I just accept it now.

Jenni Elyse

Enjoy your trip. I love the east coast even though I've only been a couple of times. :)

Doug M

My gosh Margaret you get around!! Mari looks her beautiful self, but I was happily surprised to see the famous Ziggy too! Am I being too nosy if I asked why you returned to New York so soon? Are you helping OD with the move? It amazes me how much you travel! πŸ™‚πŸ‘


I have to say that when I asked for you to bring back nice weather when you return I absolutely did not mean temps in the 90's! Please leave those behind :) It makes life so much easier when you know the lay of the land associated with your destination I think, but pretty soon you can forget all about navigating NYC.

Ally Bean

I admire your ability to enjoy your travels, despite the inconveniences. I wonder why the TSA agent was surprised that you were traveling along. That doesn't strike me as noteworthy.


I think you made a good decision about the air bnb. I have a basement in the Midwest. And it is not cool when there is no air conditioning. Meh. It is nice that you have a place to share that will be cool. There would be little sleep with 94 degrees temps and the humidity in the basement!

I am sure you will enjoy Grandson and family. Have fun and safe travels home!

Arkansas Patti

Goodness, you got frisked. You sure it wasn't just because he liked you:) Kind of glad most everyone is wearing masks. We are not out of this yet. Stay safe.
Think Mari is getting spoiled which is great and Ziggy is taking over her job of snuggling with you though those bites aren't necessary.
Glad you aren't in a basement. Enjoy your family and that adorable youngster.


Have a wonderful trip and keep cool this weekend!!!


Being a seasoned traveler, you know how to roll with the blips along the way. I'm glad you are staying with OD and not the basement air bnb. Knowing that Mari likes the cat sitter is reassuring. It also sounds like you've put things in good order at home and all will be okay while you are in NY. N is such a delight and he's always got something to say. He likes to converse with you and seems to share everything. Ziggy and his welcome bites and kisses are comical.

Joanne Noragon

As your first commenter said, I always set off the alarms, too. I do know it's due to all the metal in my body.
It's good the flight was uneventful and the little face planter climbed into bed with you.


Carl got scolded by TSA for putting food for the plane ride in with his CPAP. The taxi line when I arrived seemed long and slow. When I checked my texts it was really only 20 minutes. I am hoping Carl doesn't have to wait long when he arrives tonight.


That cat!


Welcome to NYS! At 1.5 hours north of the city I hope you've enjoyed the Walkway Over The Hudson. I'm not looking forward to temps in the 90's this weekend.
It's so fortunate that your mother has many helpers while you're away. That helps me continue to travel knowing my siblings and I all do our part so no one is overwhelmed by the responsibility. Enjoy the time with your family.


Have a wonderful visit. I'm going to check out that book. I recently read "Pachinko" which was also about Koreans, a very good read.


I also received a few very gentle love bites before 5 this morning. She would have been purring loudly. Alas, I cannot hear it sans helpful appliances.


I see we are both reading The Island of Sea Women right now. I keep asking Don if he was aware of the history of Korea and the horrendous way we treated the people? He wasn't. Me, either. Such a rich and revealing story.


I'm glad that people were around to help your mom. I hope your irises are ready for your return. My peonies are finally blooming so perhaps there is hope for my lilacs.

Why, by the way, was it so odd that you were traveling alone?

Tonya Watkins

I would think that there are MANY people who travel alone!? That TSA question surprised me.

We stew about leaving our cats for a DAY!

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  • Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel

    Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel
    Extremely well-written, atmospheric and full of fascinating characters and history. Being a mystery reader, I would have preferred more plot though. If you haven't read Whitehead before, I recommend "The Nickel Boys" instead. Fortunately, the book seems like it will elicit a decent discussion. (****)

  • Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea

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  • Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel

    Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel
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  • Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir

    Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir
    Although it had some fascinating and illuminating moments, this memoir of a young Chinese immigrant facing poverty and prejudice was ultimately a let down. Part of it was the writing and lack of proofreading(too many grammar mistakes) while the rest related to my confusion about whether I admired or disliked the author. She was often mean and dishonest. Much of the time I didn't find her sympathetic. (***)

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