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May 12, 2022


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There are days lately that I simply want to stay inside and never come out. Way too many people are irritating me. I have one of those pens! One of the NICU nurses at work gave it to me for some odd reason, it is fun though. I updated my will a few years ago and hopefully got everything squared away and won't have to redo anything in the future. Things are pretty straightforward as long as the kids don't decide to suddenly start a war with each other. I'm glad there is no Covid lurking- but sometimes- men ;) I love that you get to be the personal delivery person with keys for the new house. June will be here soon!


I really like those pens as well! I am not sure if the one you show is an official "Bic" four color pen... but if it is.... you have the "fine tip" design. I am not fond of "fine tip" pens, and so my "Bic" four color pens are always with the blue barrel which has medium point pens (the orange barrel signifies fine tipped pens).

In regards to those pens, I can never resist buying one when I see them. I have been having a lot of fun with several different types I have actually found at one of our local "Dollar Stores". And, two of them have been actually of really nice quality in terms of their ink!

I envy you getting to take a trip to New York. I could not tell from your description if it within or near NYC or not, but anywhere in New York would be fun for me, as I have not been there much. It is now perhaps near 25 years ago, when I had very high expectations for what was to be my FIRST TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY.... I had a scientific conference to attend, and I was utterly delighted! I boarded the plane for my trip, and flew to New York.... and due to weather issues, my plane circled around NYC for quite a long time before concluding that they could not land (and the airport actually closed too due to the weather), and they..... just sadly flew us all home.

In regards to your wondering about "Bear Claw" ice cream.... it is delightful. It is a DARK chocolate ice cream that has chocolate dipped cashews (their shape and color representing the the bear's "claws") and bands of caramel swirled throughout.



You must despair sometimes. Where do you find these people? Never mind. I shouldn’t even ask as I suspect that I may alredy know the answer.

Ally Bean

I had one of those pens. Loved it. I'm easily amused. I agree that $1,500 a month for COBRA is awful. We live in a country that has lost its way when it comes to many things, especially health care.


I had one of those multi-colored pens for about 5 minutes and then my teacher took it away because I kept changing the colors and being distractful.
Good news about John and I hope the cat sitter meeting goes well.
COBRA is so expensive. I hope they can find a better, more affordable option.

Doug M

Glad to read about John, Margaret--and I enjoyed and appreciated what you wrote about the strange outrage over non-enforced Mothers Day cards and the words on Liberty. Nicely said. Has OD looked into Obamacare I MEAN AFFORDABLE CARE ACT health insurance? Cobra rates are criminal!

Doug M

PS Oops--I wanted to add I LOVE THE PEN!! I haven't seen one of those since I was a kid, I loved those things!


We have several of the 4 color pens around. They are integral to my husband's projects. We have one with a purple color that I quite enjoy.

Pam Donaldson

How exciting that they have the house. That's so quick compared to (groan) the English system. I bet you can't wait to have them close by!

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Sooo glad John isn't carrying covid cooties. You could leave a recording of your heartbeat to help Mari while you're gone. Your daughter should check into the healthcare.gov site and see what their cost would be with ACA insurance / Obamacare. It has many choices, levels and deductibles and usually the rates with the subsidy, which most folks qualify for, are very reasonable. Pre-existing conditions are included, even almost-pre-existing conditions. It's really a good deal. I hated leaving ACA insurance when I was forced to accept an agency's insurance plan, having worked there for 6 months. But Medicare and Supplement F can't be beat. Linda in Kansas

kayak woman

I don't think I *ever* gave my mother a mother's day card. If I happened to be there on mother's day, we were *together*. If not, I'm sure we called her. For many years, she spent that "holiday" with my dad and whoever of his sibs and in-laws were still around. They always had a GREAT time. My favorite quote from news articles about various miscreants is their grandma saying, "He was such a nice boy. He always sent me a Mother's Day card." Yeah, right. But Grandma, he killed/raped/whatever somebody.

I have no clue how anyone in our children's generation is paying for housing, etc. But then, I remember my parents being goggle-eyed at what we paid for our (long paid-off) house. It does *usually* get better. Good luck to Ashley and fam and so glad John is negative.


We live in crazy times. MD cards never came into our schools so I have no experience with any controversy. Lady Liberty being redefined is a first for me. I think it is outrageous. That's good news about John not having Covid and I hope his man cold is getting better. Your mother is wise to update her will and wishes. Congratulations on the house purchase. You all must be thrilled. COBRA is outrageously expensive. I wish your daughter had another option. Being in NY for N's B-day will be so much fun. He must be getting very excited about his special day and your arrival.

Joanne Noragon

I had one of those pens for the longest time. When I had grandkids here, each was a different color for calendar events. Three kids plus me, one pen. Life was good.

Arkansas Patti

Goodness I feel rather lacking. I have never seen one of those pens and may have to hunt one down.
So glad John is only dealing with a man cold though that is bad enough. Hope he heals soon.
I like Linda's idea about recording your heart beat for Mari. She seems so content snuggling on you.


Back when we had Obamacare we were paying $1800 per month and had a $10,000 deductible and yet had people telling me that was supposed to be affordable.


I love your clicky pen! And in reading comments, I now know why I prefer blue clicky pens! I haven't seen either one of those in years. It's good to have some fun in your life!

And it's good to have up to date wills. I really need to get moving on that.

Have fun on the big trip! And yes, June is coming soon! Yay!

Jenni Elyse

I'm glad John doesn't have COVID and that you were able to update your mom's will. As far as making Mother's Day cards in school, I didn't even know that was a thing. I never made MD cards in school. We made them in church. We made Valentine's Day cards and I worry that most of the teachers in my very conservative state force their heteronormative views on the kids while they make VD cards.

Tonya Watkins

Oh, I hear ya—I've so had it with so many people. I'm weary of feeling such despair. I peer outside at the deck flowers a lot these days. The godawful weather has battered them, but they continue to spring up and they're definitely growing, so there's that!

Such a cute (and kind of heartbreaking!) picture of Mari!

I covet that pen. May have to peruse Amazon. ;o)


COBRA is always outrageous. There used to be short-term medical insurance that you could apply for instead. Maybe that's something they could consider if the $1,500/month is too much?

The price of everything is outrageous. I couldn't believe the bill from my last trip to the grocery store. I may have to start cooking at this rate--hah!

What do you use your multicolor pen for? Do you color code things or write in books? I have been thinking of coming up with a system to interact with the nonfiction books I'm reading. It's helpful when I see logical fallacies and other issues (or things I like!), and when I read it later, it brings back the thoughts.

That photo of you with your sweet kitty made my heart melt. She obviously feels very safe with you and is nuzzled up under your chin like they do with their mommies when they're little. How precious!! xoxo

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