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May 03, 2022


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That's pretty crazy about the books. What are the titles? Are they book club reads?

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Beer, wine, drugs. Or, call/tell the manager of the store what the clerk said. That's not appropriate to ask or bother a person wearing a mask. Especially spewing uneducated spittle. Masked people buying things keep the store open and some clerks employed.

You need cheery books. Egads, those books sound more like the horrid news. Try:
Saturday Night Widows: The Adventures of Six Friends Remaking Their Lives, by Becky Aikman, 2013. actually funny and fun in most spots; true story.
If You Ask Me: (And of Course you Won't) by Betty White, May 2011.
Moving Pictures: An Autobiography, by Ali MacGraw (you know, the Love Story actress.), 1991.
My First Five Husbands...and the Ones Who Got Away, by Rue McClananhan. (yep, the Golden Girl,) 2007.

When John's napping, do a nasal covid test on him; better yet, when he's awake. It's best to know for everyone he's around (like you, preparing to go to NYC.)
Love the tee shirt; show it to Mari, grab your coffee, set down the cup and pick up the cat, and put her in your lap as you sit back down on her recliner.
Linda in Kansas


I had to google FGM and now I understand. I’m pretty sure I’ve read the latest strains are more contagious. My youngest brought home a horrible cold last week that is still causing her discomfort and now the oldest one has it. But thus far they have both tested negative. I’ve been stocking up on cold medicine and waiting my turn.

Arkansas Patti

Think I would give John the home Covid test. I do myself when ever allergies get bad--it is hard to tell the difference.
How ignorant was the jerk that harassed your Mom. I still wear mine and so far no one has given me grief.


Well that was a day of bad news and awful books and awfully rude people around your mom.

Pam Donaldson

Would you really have been happy not to be a grandmother? I wouldn't. Of course it was never a given, and not my decision to make, but I'd have mourned deeply.

Pam J.

I read this post last night and I'm still angry about the people who confronted your mother. What the hell? It's over for humans, we've evolved way beyond our expiration dates. Time to become an endangered species. The characteristics that allowed humans to coexist with other humans are being bred out of us and we soon will be nothing but snarling, infighting, self-destructive creatures. Let the birds take over. I'm done with us.
I also can't figure out why my area (just north of the DC line in central Maryland) seems to be so different from other regions of the country. Almost everyone is still masked in stores and businesses. Even in parks and hiking trails. My only theory is that the greater Wash DC area is very diverse, with lots of young and old, lots of different skin colors, lots of people who were born outside the US. I'm wondering if for some reason that makes us more cooperative?

Doug M

I like your t-shirt! As for your mom wearing a mask, I would be beyond peeved too if someone said something and if that had been my mom and I was there to hear it in person... I've had it up to here with these masks naysayers. On a happier note, that's a sweet picture of Mari and I've never heard the term Brassiere Buster but count me in! 😄👍👍


Covid has turned some people in to rude and obnoxious people. I try to look the other way. That said, I did recently tell someone in a small shop to "mind his own business." He frowned and walked away. Definitely find a new book! Others have made some good recommendations. You are the greatest Meme and I could not imagine you without a grandchild or two... or three... Mari definitely likes her creature comforts. Taking the recliner says she needs to learn to share. You'll have to squeeze in next to Mari.

kayak woman

Broken record here. From experience home covid tests don't always show a positive result, at least not right away. I know soooo many people who thought they had a regular old cold. PCR test showed otherwise.


I got peeved right along with you in the first part. I would lose my words though and just sputter incoherently.


I've always enjoyed John Dunning's mysteries but that's probably because I have always been a book person. But he's written, I think, about 5 Cliff Janeway books. I have one on my nightstand now that I haven't started yet. Dunning is now 80 years old so there may be no more to come.

Sympathy to your mother re her mask wearing. I don't know why people feel so strongly anti-mask that they have to harass complete strangers.

Joanne Noragon

There's always Georgette Heyer. Or straight back to the horse's mouth, Jane Austen.

Tonya Watkins

"The Maid!" Oh my gosh, I just finished it and I enjoyed it so much! For the first time in a very long while, I absolutely could not put it down. It's light, it's (mostly) joyful, and I can't imagine anybody not enjoying it. And yes, it's a mystery!

And I totally get it about not wanting to go off in the blog about all the SHIT that's happening right now. I am so full of rage that I know any post (or paragraph!) would be entirely sailor language.


Ooo! Ooo! I have two series you may enjoy if you're ready for lighthearted reads about strong women. The Knitorious Mysteries by Reagan Davis and the Melinda Foster (not mysteries) series by Melanie Lageschulte. Easy to find in Kindle version if you like.

Did I ever tell you that my doctor told me - oh the first year of the pandemic, that masks didn't do any good but they made you feel as if they did and this video visit which their scheduling software insist I not come into the clinic because I've been coughing and phlegmy, he said something to the effect that people are still acting like we're in the middle of a dangerous pandemic and that's just not the case. I don't even know what to say about that. I knew that the people in this area probably believe those things but a medical professional?

I rather wish you'd given into your impulse to verbally beat that person who said that to your mom, but you know she'd just rationalize that you were misguided...


I'm between good books, too. Just finished Flowers for Algernon, which was good, but not happy. I then tried to read When Breath Becomes Air and had to stop. Too depressing.

The event with your mom would have made me white hot with rage, too. I've had a couple personal run-ins like that with idiots, and I'm not 90, either!


The nerve of anyone being anything but supportive of an elderly shopper makes my blood boil.
Your Meme shirt is fabulous!


I would suggest one of Nick Offerman's book. He played Ron Swanson on "Parks and Rec" and has a pretty good and funny outlook on the ways of the world.
You know, I can give out book suggestions since I have spent 5 days in a row reading. More details on my blog.
Another author I like because I saw his books turned into films and I have heard him on podcasts is Michael Lewis.
Anyway, take care, enjoy being a Meme and good luck getting your chair back.


I am so sorry your mom had to be harassed over her mask. I rarely wear a mask unless I am required to wear one, but I certainly see a good number of folks with their masks on and that is their choice.
I like to read, but mostly fun little fluffy books with sweet endings. haha! I did find an amish mystery series and am working my way through those, but in between my fluffy books :-)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a grandma too! I have 6 grandchildren ranging from 19 years old to 5 months old. Love them all so much, and I have such a good time with them. I am so happy that OD and her hubby and grandson will be so close to you now.
Mari looks pretty darn comfy in your chair haha! Wendy

Jenni Elyse

I had to look up FGM. Even though I'm much more liberal than most people I know in real life, I've still live a very sheltered life, lol. And, yeah, both of those books would not be fun to read. Although, Stalk Jack the Ripper did have a little bit of FGM in it because it is about Jack the Ripper and that's what he did to his victims. I'm not fascinated about that part. (Gross and horrible.) I'm fascinated by who he was and why he wasn't caught.

Anyway, yes, what's happening in the county and world is pissing me off too. I live in a very red state and almost everyone around me is glad SCOTUS might do what was leaked. I just keep shaking my damn head. I, personally, would never get an abortion, but that doesn't mean other women shouldn't be able to just because I wouldn't. And, there are circumstances in which abortions are necessary. Also, the idiots scream about stopping abortions, but they want nothing to do with the babies after they're born because they also don't want to fun Planned Parenthood or anything like that. I'm sorry, but you have help children somehow. Just because abortions are legal doesn't mean people are going to get one. It just means that they can if they need to or want to.

Also, ugh on the mask thing. I would've said what you were thinking too. Stupid non-wearing mask people! I haven't had COVID yet and there's a reason for it. I also don't plan on getting COVID no matter how many mandates are lifted! So, fuck you, you idiot anti-vaxxers and COVID conspiracy theorists. (Sorry, my white hot rage came out of nowhere too.)

Ally Bean

I say it often, Delete Facebook. Really, there'll be much less aggravation in your life and the people who care about you will find you elsewhere. As for the t-shirt situation, I agree. I look ridiculous in boxy shapes and in extra long ones, too. Why is that even a problem? Just make a normal t-shirt.

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