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May 10, 2022


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Why would you wash your driveway? It looks fine.

What a pain in the ass to have your mailbox broken into. It happened to our mailbox once. They went at each one separately and fortunately gave up before they got to ours which is on the bottom.

I hope your mom is ok. My father in law is still alive but who knows how long that will last. He turns 88 on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to my eighties, assuming I live that long. It seems like one loss after another.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

I'm surprised the Home Owners Association or Post Office doesn't repair the mailboxes. What a pain! Glad you coaxed the Cold into the PCR line. If negative, he may want to get to an ENT doc. Sounds like good treats for the plane flight. If you leave your car at the airport, The Parking Spot has been really nice when I've had to do that. Check online and see if you have one. You get a discount if you reserve online with AAA, or AARP, I forgot which. You park in covered or uncovered. Their shuttle bus picks you up by your parked car, and carries your luggage onto the shuttle. They drop you at the airline curb, and take off your luggage. When you return, it's the opposite, and they provide water when you leave. Most Parking Spots want payment via card but some want cash only. Linda in Kansas


That seems like a lot of effort to go to in order to steal bills and junk mail. Maybe they were just intent on pointless vandalism?

Doug M

Why in God's name would someone even go to the trouble of breaking into someone's mailbox!? Aren't the days of social security checks being delivered via US mail a thing of the past? How infuriating! Well, sorry to read about John and I know all about men's colds being more severe. 😉


The post office offers a free service that you can sign up for where they email you a scan daily of each piece of mail out to be delivered so you can know exactly what should have been in your mailbox. I use it to retrieve mail that the mailman delivers to two other very similar addresses instead of mine.


I am surprised it wasn't the post office's responsibility to fix the box - but where I've had that type of box it was not in an HOA area. Dunno. As for mail, I think credit card offers are still a thing to steal though I'm not sure it's as easy to fake them as it used to be. One was stolen out of my trash years ago and all it took was to confirm that it was not my SSN to get it killed. What scares me is those damn checks the credit card company sometimes sends out. Does anyone still use those? As far as I know that would be about the easiest way to steal someone's identity without much effort. I'm glad you got it fixed and I hope they don't keep coming back. I use informed delivery from the USPS to keep track of incoming bills and other important things. And to make sure that things like credit card offers don't walk away from my box.

I'm sorry that John is still sick. Any illness that lingers is worth getting checked out these days. Medicare is sending out free at home covid tests through the post office. They might be handy to have around.

Best of good luck for the flight situation. Hoping you have a wonderful trip.


I can’t imagine that raiding mailboxes would be at all productive. It sounds as if each person is responsible to the upkeep of their own box?


In a prior married life we had a community box. Same situation and same story to have the thing replaced. Not a fan of those boxes but I get why they are used. Any more news on John yet?

Arkansas Patti

They must have known something about him to pick his box out of all the others. Identity theft would be my concern.
John should be tested. If not Covid, he probably needs meds to fight what he does have since it is lingering. An at home test would have been handy. I have the free ones they sent us for just in case.


I can relate to not having mechanical/handyman skills. You were lucky to have a neighbor help with the mailbox. Vandalizing mailboxes is a Federal crime. The photos showing the act will be helpful to the police investigation. I hope John gets good news. He'll have to build his immunity after this bout of illness. This weekend 80 degrees is predicted for the New England states. Random cool evenings and rain occasionally will continue so I'd pack some options for NY. I hope your travel goes smoothly.

Ally Bean

A piece of unsolicited advice about parking your car at the airport: I don't know how it is where you are, but here there are lots that take reservations then shuttle you to the airport. It costs less than parking in the airport garage. It guarantees that you have a place to park when you need it, so you don't have to go hours early and drive around the parking garage with fingers crossed, waiting for a spot to open. I learned about this the hard way, btw.

Jenni Elyse

I wonder if they broke into the mailboxes hoping for Mother's Day cards with money in them. That's the only thing I can think that would be worth while. Although, it's still not worth the effort in my opinion. Maybe someone knew something would'be in the mail that day and they didn't want it to be delivered and they vandalized everyone's boxes so they wouldn't be singled out. (I watch too many movies, lol.)

kayak woman

My daughters and I use the word "wheelhouse" all the time when we struggle with one of our daily word puzzles (xword, spelling bee and wordle-y type stuff). "This one wasn't in my wheelhouse." I originally got the word from an xword blog. Fixing mailboxes is NOT in my wheelhouse :-)

Glad John got tested. My husband almost ALWAYS gets sicker than I do with viral infections.

Joanne Noragon

When I lived in the trailer park, our mail delivery station became so decrepit after fifty or more years of use, the USPS put in a whole new one for us.


I share your concerns about Alaska right now. My husband is scheduled to fly to JFK on the 18th, and then back a few days later.

Tonya Watkins

MAN I hope Alaska doesn't cancel on you. I've been hearing/reading about that frequently and how stressful is THAT!

We have one of those multi-box post office thingies and it's really NOT all that sturdy. I suspect most people don't get much of anything of worth in the mail these days with auto-deposit, electronic bill pay, etc. I swear it's 99.9% junk.

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