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May 19, 2022


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Doug M

Your poor cat-sitter, that photo of Mari made me laugh but my gosh how fierce! Sweet, sweet photo of your little guy too--I can't believe he's 2! We are having an uptick of covid here in the Northeast, scary stuff... I don't think this is EVER going away. :^(


Yes, Mari does look very peeved. And Ziggy totally complacent. I maybe saw a couple of tiny scrapes on the boy's face but what the heck: he's a boy! May he have many adventures in his life.


Is that a tarp in the picture with Mari? I wonder if she is complaining about that. You know cats can be picky about changes to their normal areas and I assume (maybe incorrectly) that you don't typically walk around on tarps at home... Your guy is so cute!

Karen Sullivan

Enjoy the really warm weather and your adorable grandson!!!

kayak woman

Both of my kids were fine talkers but the younger one was making complete, perfectly enunciated sentences at 18 months, like "Would you please read this book to me?" Of course later on, that meant she would correct my grammar/syntax/whatever at every turn like, "It's not 'gonna', it's 'going to'". LOVE the cat pics!


Enjoy the rest of your trip, Margaret. 98 degrees? Yikes! Too hot for me but I am sure hanging out with the little dude probably helps.
Mari does indeed look not pleased.


What happened to anger Mari? She seemed very calm, cool and collected in your previous photo. Maybe the cat sitter can give Mari a bit of catnip. 98 degrees is going to be baking hot and the air conditioning will be key. Active little boys are bound to have regular bumps and bruises and an occasional melt down. When my son was that age, I carried band aids and lifesavers. Both helped to console and make everything better.

Joanne Noragon

Only 98 for a couple of days; nevertheless, days you're in NYC. I need to get a second booster before I do shows. I hate to be so sick from the shot.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

That's just a Mari Meltdown; she misses you in spite of the nice cat sitter. Your grandson looks the part of a little Hobbit peaking out from the forest. Have fun! Linda in Kansas


Your cat looks like my cat when she's pissed. Mask wearing is definitely the best option right now. Covid lives on and is still causing mayhem.

Your little guy is so freaking cute!


What a cutie peeking through the leaves. You are blessed.
Yes Covid is rearing its head again. I spent about 2 hours with my sister putting together patio furniture this evening. Then she went home feeling ill, and tested positive. Ironically, I had my 2nd booster this am. Will this never end?


Masks can be a fashion statement although I guess those ones are not the safest. Still, they do for me in a casual sort of setting like in a grocery store where I am not exactly standing shoulder to shoulder in a crowd. Keep enjoying your trip.

Arkansas Patti

Ninty eight is brutal. Grandson is so right. Mari does not look amused does she? Think I would just slip her food to her and hope I was quick enough. Think she missed you.
Had to smile about the mask pealing age off us. It sure does for me.


Your little guy is so adorable. Hilarious comparison of the two cats. Enjoy your trip!

Jenni Elyse

Lol. Your cats remind me of my cats. We just clipped their claws and Mari's picture embodies Dax's reaction to the process. Whereas, Izzy just quietly complains as she's more laidback like Ziggy. :D Your grandson is adorable. I hope the weather stays moderate, but with how wishy washy it's been in my neck of the woods, who knows what it'll be like.


Mari will be very glad to have you home. And I'm sure she will be more tolerant of the rest of the family now that they will have their own home and not expect her to share her space with Ziggy. I bet she really misses you.

We can't call the big little dude bebe anymore, can we? Walking and talking and showing off his war wounds. What an amazing little guy!

Tonya Watkins

Such an adorable (frameable!) picture of the Little Guy!! Makes me think of that character on "Laugh-In" -- "VEDDY INTERESTING." All he needs is a little green helmet. Lol


Poor Mari! She misses her mommy.

Grandson is just so cute. I love his precious little face. Little button nose, happy eyes, cutest little smile. I am so happy you get to spend time with him. I agree with someone above who said this is a framable photo!

I like the rocks and wish I could have read them, but when I click, the photo is upside down. I can normally read type upside down, but this was too hard. It's so nice others left those there. Makes the reader feel not so alone in all of this chaos.

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