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June 20, 2022


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I'm sorry about Younger Daughter and your friend. I think a lot of people are struggling with stuff behind the facade. I don't know about YD's demons, but it can take multiple attempts to slay them.

Doug M

Well, those are nice pics of you and John & the falls, and that sign with Bigfoot sure gave me a big smile! Very sad about your cousin's 35 year old son, absolutely tragic. And I hope you hear more about YD soon... hoping having her older sister nearby will prove to be a good thing.


Is there a word or concept that describes being grateful and appreciative of your own fortunate circumstances, while also being concerned and empathetic to those in your life who are struggling mightily? It's a weird feeling and one that occupies my mind a lot these days. You seem to be balancing the two fairly well. I'd love to find such a balance and a word or phrase to describe it.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Hooray for A++ days! Beautiful falls. Looks like it roars. Who makes Mac and Jacks beer? Sorry about the life gone too young with the off-side relatives. Sounds like you've heard from YD, although she'll hopefully accept help to fight the battels. It IS interesting how a previous car can bring back memories. (Mine's a '63 blue VW bus, complete with bed in the back. Max speed of 40mph downhill, with the wind.) Glad you got through the car show just fine. (Sounds like John's sister-in-law doesn't like them. I hate being around people that have no humor.) And the grandparent competition begins! My son was deprived: no flying construction equipment swings back then. As my Dad used to say about my Mom with impending grandkid/toddler visits: "She's got her Granny Glands all swollen up!" Yep, that's you. Linda in Kansas

Joanne Noragon

Life is too much struggle for too many people. I wish it weren't so.
Glad your oldest is half way across the country.

Tonya Watkins

That Jeep is just like my first boyfriend's! Same color. 1975 CJ-5. His had a fair amount of diamond plating on it. It was a cool vehicle, but like I've said before, I wasn't a fan of Jeep Clubs.

That's awful about the CC's son. Just...awful. All around.

It has been decades for me, too, seeing Snoqualmie Falls. That would be a fun outing, but maybe a weekday so the parking might not be so aggravating?


I think I must give you an A+ for this post although it took me a bit to find the + sign on the tablet keyboard.

Gotta luv dem falls.

There is a car-gathering here every week in summer. It doesn’t do much for me, so I don’t bother. Like you, I see cars in a utilitarian way. Although it I were a rich man, I must admit that a 57 Chev or a 60s Mustang would appeal to me..

Ally Bean

Car shows are interesting in theory, but my mind wanders after a while. Then I get tired of standing around listening to people car talk. I get it. I like the cute swing for your grandson. I've never seen one like that.


Your A+++ weekend sounds perfect. The photo of you and John with the Falls in the background is lovely. Happy times. Today, there is often a lot going on behind the scenes in everyone's lives. I continue to be surprised. I hope YD works through the tough times. Having her sister close will be great. After 10 hours in the car, N looks quite happy in his new swing. His PopPop chose well.


Yes, frivolous is the first word that comes to mind when I think of you:)

I think you're a kind woman to go to a car show, I would not want to. However the falls are amazing and I have added them to my list of falls to see.

Your grandson is making a long trip, poor guy. I just looked up the distance, it's a long drive. Forty hours of driving. It would be an experience though.

You don't really have to worry much about bears, they are smarter than we are and prefer to avoid us.

Arkansas Patti

So glad you had such a delightful A++ weekend and hope it helps to balance out the worries you are dealing with. So sorry about your cousin's son. Like others I hope having YD's sister closer will help her with some of her struggles.
That is just the perfect swing for Little Guy.

Jenni Elyse

I'm glad you had an A++ day. Thanks for sharing pictures of the falls. I think I've been there, but I'm not positive. My parents and I drove up to Washington when I was in my teens and I think this was one of the places we visited. That sign with bigfoot on it is hilarious.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's son. I know that she's caused you some stress lately and this can't be easy to deal with even if you're not close to that side of the family.

I hope your daughter is okay and that she can work out her demons. I'm not sure what demons she's dealing with and if it's depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, I can relate. Hugs to you and her.


Seems like a kind of good and bad day.


I am socially awkward and shy. I'm not much of a conversationalist unless I know you well and I have a stupid sense of humor. I spent much of my growing up years being described as stuck up or, alternately, as "nice." Nice in our world pretty much meant boring. Maybe as you get to know her, John's sister in law will warm up to you and open up. I hope so, anyway.

I'm sorry for your cousin's loss. You don't have to like someone to have empathy for this kind of loss.

Good to hear that grandson and his entourage have made it to his other grandparent's house. I love that swing!


I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's son. His poor grandfather. :(

"I'm also processing that a friend who seemed to have a "perfect" marriage has been living in quiet desperation and in a "plot" that would rival anything in a bad TV movie." This sounds very strange and intriguing, but I respect if you don't want to share details. I am seeing families who are so perfect looking online and knowing that there's no marriage or family that perfect. It always makes me wonder what's under the surface. I hope your friend sorts things out. You're making me think of the series Breaking Bad now. Did you watch that?

Karen Sullivan

You and John are such a perfect couple!!!

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