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June 11, 2022


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Crazy cousin made her own bed. Three bankruptcies is hard to do without being completely irresponsible with money. I wish your mom could be shielded from her somehow. I have sympathy for this cousin's dealing with mental illness, though. The treatment available in this country is poor. However, she obviously has other issues and you all do not need this stress or owe her. I hope you can block her from contacting you all. I would be livid about her contacting your elderly relatives, especially. I'm sorry you're going through this and that YD is now seemingly losing some stability. Hope things settle. Maybe the sisters being closer geographically will help?

Sweet animal pics. Raccoons are so dang cute with their little fingers, but they scare me a bit as they're too wily. Your flowers are lovely!


Family issues really suck don't they. Sorry to hear you have that craziness on your plate now. Is there any way to intercept mail or anything else from her before it reaches the older folks?
I enjoyed Downton as well. It seems they tried to wrap a lot up with this movie so perhaps this will finally close the door on the story.
Funny you mention Dukes- my oldest apparently was there as well at some point. Don't know if they had the kids or not. You might have been sitting right next to them!

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Sounds like Crazy Cousin is becoming consistently annoying. Hope YD can get some counseling to climb out of her dilemma. Thanks for the movie review, so I guess I should go see it. Yep, you never know what critter might hop into your car. And John caught a whale! Beautiful flowers! Linda in Kansas

Doug M

Omigosh! That cousin story was extreme! I have siblings who I've turned away from for less! I'm sorry, I just can't imagine dealing with such Insanity for my cousin. I hope it's a first cousin at least. Anyway I enjoyed your outing Margaret, you and John always enjoy scenic ones. That raccoon gave me a laugh. But I don't blame you I don't trust them either!


I'm sorry for all the family drama. Hope you're coping OK.


Crazy cousin (CC) needs to go away. Yet you know she's going to try every angle. I have a CC too. You definitely do not need this kind of drama. You day out with John sounds lovely. Yes, enjoying the wildlife from afar is always best. I hope YD works through her situation and finds resolution. This has to be hard for both of you. Your photos are very lovely and capture the moment beautifully.


My family has a few issues, but nothing so dramatic as yours! It makes me appreciate them all the more. We deal with of our disagreements by not discussing religion or politics, with some very careful exceptions, LOL. I hope YD finds her way, and that CC does not manage to invade your life, or your mother’s, with anything worse than a diatribe by letter. I suspect you can handle it though, much as you’d prefer not to need to.

I am up in your neck of the woods. Thought of you when I drove past Mt. Rainier. I’m avoiding urban areas on this trip, although I know several people over your way.


Just catching up. Your cousin sounds like a sociopath which is much more common than people realize. Healthy boundaries or no contact is the way to go.

I'm sorry your younger daughter is still struggling but not uncommon. I hope you don't blame yourself. I have no idea what you're like really, only what I read here, but I know for years I blamed myself for my son's addictions and behaviors. I've come to the realization that he's an adult and it's not my fault. It's hard though and heartbreaking.

John sounds like a very good man.

Arkansas Patti

Wonder if she was OK as a child and teen, what tipped her over the edge. Scary. I hope her son hasn't access to military weapons and if the daughter is OK, I do feel sorry for her. This is one time when you hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that you and your Mom can be spared further angst.
Hope YD gets her feet under her again and this is just temporary.
Drama is so wearing and glad you and John had such a nice day out for balance.
As for the raccoon, I would probably be on my second rabies shot by now. He was such a cutie:)


That raccoon definitely was looking for an opportunity!

Joanne Noragon

More on your plate than a British Baking Show contestant. I hope you can persuade your mother to back away from Crazy Cousin, too.


While visiting our daughter in Vancouver, we heard a commotion and a lady screaming outside. A raccoon was chasing her and her dog. The next day we took a long walk in Stanley Park. We turned around while eating lunch to find 4 raccoons descending upon us. People tough it was quite funny, but we didn’t think so after the event of the previous night.


As I'm dealing with similar family drama, but with siblings, I can sympathize. Mental health is so elusive to many, and our social and health care systems are totally inadequate. I just try to meditate and stay true to my values in order to mitigate the pall of sadness that these family dramas bring to life. Good friends and family sure do help as well.
That cute little raccoon is clearly up to something!


I doubt the raccoon would have jumped into the car but then one never knows.

Jenni Elyse

Sorry about crazy cousin. I have some of those. They're not fun to deal with. I hope your lawyer can back her off again.

I totally would've let the raccoon jump in my lap. LOL! I keep telling Corey that I want a pet raccoon. Yes, I know they carry disease and are rabid, but they're so cute. Ha!


You make me glad I don't have an extended family. There is always some drama somewhere in a family, but we have pretty minimal drama. Everyone has health issues and pet health issues. That's better than crazy cousins and people we love going off the rails. Take care of you and mom, trust in the universe that things will work out.

Ally Bean

Stories like this one with your Crazy Cousin seem to be par for the course in extended families, something I do not have. I'm sorry she's upsetting your mother, and you of course.

Tonya Watkins

I'm so sorry about all this drama in your life! You don't need this! Argh!

That is actually an excellent photo of that raccoon, but it's also kind of creepy! (He looks a little mangey).

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