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June 13, 2022


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DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Well gosh! They all look alike. I first was afraid you'd put a Shakespearean dress on Mr. Dig Dig. I agree with Mari: she should have a couple of bites of your scones. Linda in Kansas

Doug M

Darn it, I just made a cup of coffee this morning and one of those scones would be perfect.. I guess I have to get in line! Margaret, the similarities between OD and your grandson are incredible, talk about sharing the same smile! He is a sweet little guy and I am really excited for you! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


High 60s sounds great. It was so hot and sticky here yesterday that I finally had to break down and turn on the a/c. And while I'm grateful for it, I feel like I'm sealed in a box, cut off from fresh air and the sounds of nature... sigh. Summer here is trying.


I wish I lived where you do right now. We are forecasted to possibly have our hottest day of the year today and with the humidity, the heat index is completely insane. I'm planning on staying low... as in low in the house where it is cooler.


Summer time cool is always appreciated. That said, we can count on having some hot and humid days too. As you say, for those days, the heat pumps are wonderful. N is a great mix of both his mother and father. He's a very handsome little boy! I bet he's excited about moving to his new house and being close to you. Mari has good taste and I'm sure she loved her bits of scone. There is no denying our fur kids... I had a dog that loved sardines. The store clerk once said you feed your cat well and she laughed when I told her they were for Sophie, my Bernese Mountain Dog.

Ally Bean

Unseasonably hot and humid here now. These temps are more July/August than June, but what can you do? I'd make scones but it's too hot to bake.

Arkansas Patti

Your 60's sure look nice. We are not enjoying the high nineties here.
I see a lot of you in the smiling little guy. Mari really does have an unusual appetite. Minnie isn't interested unless there is a fish smell.

Deborah Weber

We're part of the crazy hot system at the moment, so I'm living vicariously imagining your deliciously cooler temps. Love the photos - those smiles! I rescued a cat once who surprised me by being a great lover of cantaloupe. And with his typical rough cat tongue, he could get down to the rind with hardly any effort at all.

Jenni Elyse

High 60s/low 70s are my favorite. Right now we're in the high 90s/low 100s, but that's typical for this time of year where I am. Like you said, I wouldn't survive without our AC.

I love all your photos. They make me smile. :)

Tonya Watkins

The South Sound has been incredibly cloudy and dreary all spring long. Even the warm-ish days have still be cloudy. There was one night I woke up and the 3/4 moon was low and bright and shining through the bedroom window and I gasped! How many months had gone by since I'd seen the moon!? But I AM thankful that we aren't dealing with close to triple-digit temps! (Yet!)

I've always thought that Little Guy looked so much like his mama, especially when she was young and I saw her then or saw photos. It's almost uncanny.


Your daughter and her husband look very alike even now, don't you think? Three peas in a pod.

Sorry about your Crazy Cousin - not what you or your mother needs. Sigh. As for the temperatures, I couldn't agree more. I would hate to live in 90 degrees - argh. Mind you, our Scottish summer is a bit chilly right now. It could try slightly harder...

Joanne Noragon

That little boy is growing so fast!


I had a cat that liked cheesies. It’s a pleasant memory that I haven’t thought about for quite some time.


Yes there is definitely a resemblance. I love that cat. Now give him a scone. BTW, the BRD has recently taken in a rescue cat she named Opal. He's jet black like Mari but he has a white spot on his belly.


Oooooops! Excuse me. Opal is a she cat, not a he cat. What was I thinking?


The sixties are a perfect temperature for outdoor activity, but give me the seventies and not a degree more.
Genetics are fascinating and I love to observe who got what, from whom. It really is a big genetic roulette wheel of fate.


Your daughter and grandson have the same smile and the same haircut. They're so cute.

It's cold, wet and windy here today. I had to put an extra quilt on the bed last night which may also have been why I had a hard time falling asleep, cold:)

Thank you for your kind comment.


Oh my gosh! He is the absolute most adorable child ever. He looks so very good natured. And what a smile!!!


I could definitely go with cooler temperatures and no rain for a while. It's hot and dry here right now. Not as hot as it is in Kansas City but then we aren't an island of asphalt and concrete retaining heat. I'm over it and am already looking forward to autumn. Never happy.....

Grandson really is starting to look a lot like OD. I'm sure he looks like his daddy, too.

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