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June 27, 2022


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I'm glad everyone was OK!

kayak woman

I saw your facebook post. So happy they were all okay and it's a silver lining for Mr. Digger* to get to ride in a TOW TRUCK! Here in Michigan, I have abandoned drives north on Fridays and south on Sundays. Pandemic Weekend Warriors driving trucks like your neighbor's go 85-95 (speed limit 75) and on busy days it's really hard for me in my little Crosstrek to jump out to pass slow 65 mph RVs, etc. Good thing I have lots of vacay time and can flex my driving schedule.

*Or whatever he's calling himself now :-)

Tonya Watkins

I completely missed your Facebook post about the accident, but just now saw your later post that they were heading this way in a Yukon. Stupid Facebook! Your original post never showed up in my Favorites! Grrrr! So relieved they're OK! My God! And that "Welcome to Washington" sign made tears spring to my eyes!

So adorable that the Little Guy was so excited about the tow truck!

Doug M

Margaret,you do keep things interesting. My reading got ahead of the photos, I thought why is she complaining about her neighbors new truck it's just a truck? THEN I saw the photo, omigod!!! People drive me batty! Anyway, thank God you're daughter and family are okay. How did they survive a totaled car unhurt... Just thank God they did. I hope your nerves are okay, whew. 😮


I am so glad and relieved, and surprised, that all of them got through that without getting physically injured. That is great news. What an ordeal for them. I am impressed by how they have handled it all.... Fingers crossed, and sending my wishes, for their safety going forward.

John's offer was stellar. I don't know him in person, but from everything I have read and seen about him here, he is truly a good person. A good man.

Bless you, Margaret. Take everything as easy as you can (I know you can't take things very easy, but...).

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Well, poo! Now your grandson knows why he was stuck in a car seat so much: to protect him from goofballs doing U-turns. So glad they're all okay. Doesn't take much for a car to be declared totaled these days. The New Yorkers might have to borrow that neighbor's new truck to defend themselves from crazy drivers. How can he afford to put gas in that huge thing? So much for thinking New York City is crazy for driving. So nice of John to want to help; he really does love driving doesn't he? Whew! Linda in Kansas

Arkansas Patti

What a shock and thank goodness they are all OK. Totaled car and passengers fine. That is a blessing. John gets the MVB award. Most Valuable Boyfriend. What a guy.
Glad you can offer a cool place for them to stay. The hot spell comes at a bad time but at least they will be comfortable.
Had to smile at LG getting to ride in the tow truck. What an eventful trip he has had.


Thank goodness everybody is okay! Shaken, I am sure but unhurt which is the most important of all. Ten more hours on the road and they'll be safe at home with you. John is the sweetest guy in the world, you are one very lucky girl. I can imagine how excited N was to ride in a tow truck. Really, the only positive about the situation. Look at his big happy smile!

Joanne Noragon

Glad there were no injuries. Hope the U-turner faces the ticket of her life.


I'm very thankful they're all okay, how scary! And kudos to John for being willing to make that trip. Joe would do the same thing. It's how I manage not to kill him on a daily basis. :)


So very glad the trekkers are all fine. What an awful thing to happen, and to receive a call about. Life has a way of challenging us, sometimes relentlessly, so we can see how strong we really are. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be smooth sailing right into your loving home. And then theirs.


Yes, those sorts of things never seem to come at a good time. But at least everyone is in good health. The rest will sort itself out over time and years from now they will be "remembering when."

I have always heard that the people who buy such vehicles are compensating for other inadequacies in their life... usually below the waist.


Don't think it was a woman that bought that truck - agree with Ed about why!


Wow! But that’s the best way to get such news — after the accident is over and immediately knowing “we’re all ok”. Which makes it an adventure and a story for them to tell the rest of their lives. Still stressful for you, with nothing for you to do but wait.

I’m hoping that they are now safely ensconced in your home, hugs have happened, and you are now enjoying and enduring the happy chaos of a full house that includes a toddler.


Yikes! I am so glad they're all okay. Stress they sure didn't need, though! Little guy looks tan in this photo.

Donna W

It could have been so much worse! Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

Jenni Elyse

I'm so sorry! That is really scary! I'm so glad they're okay. I also hope they don't have any long-term physical damage (whiplash, back needing adjusting, etc.) from the accident. Stupid woman. Ugh. Also, how sweet of John to volunteer to do that. <3


I'm glad your family is okay. Bloody people, really? A u-turn on a highway?

As for your neighbor, I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's compensating for his micro dick. Probably.

Karen Sullivan

So sorry to hear about the accident. John is the best!!!Wishing them a very safe end of their trip.(I've been away for the past 3 weeks and am catching up on your posts!)


The accident must have been terrifying, they happen so fast. Glad they are all in one piece, and hopefully "home" by now. I also hope their insurance company does right by them and the far flung location. Riding in a big tow truck can be an adventure. We got four of us in a very interesting driver's truck due to a rental car with a flat tire, no spare, and no help from the rental agency. But he did rescue us from the side of the freeway.
John does sound like a helper. Always look for the helpers.


Oops, that is not good at all. I am reminded that there was a coup in Thailand when my daughter was there. TG it was a pretty peaceful one.

That truck is ridiculous.


Thank goodness that went as well as it did. I mean, it's frustrating and a pain in the neck but it could have been so much worse. I hope that driver faces some serious consequences. People don't realize how dangerous it is to pull such stunts in high-speed Interstate traffic.

Your neighbor's truck -- what are people thinking?!?!


Thank goodness they were all OK. Wow! Your John is Prince Wonderful for sure.

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