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June 28, 2022


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We have No Fault, and the driver in the wrong gets a ticket. It helps if you are not the one in the wrong, for it shouldn't affect your rates. That's how I understand it and have experienced it.


So glad they made it!! But the price of that rental car--and no fault AUTO INSURANCE?? I've heard of no fault divorce, but...aargh! Well, the important thing is they're there and soon they'll be in their beautiful new home. Love seeing Ziggy & your little man too. :^)


I'm glad they made it in one piece and they're all safe. You can breathe a sigh of relief now.

That insurance sucks. I can't beliee how much that rental vehicle is.

And grandson and cat are happy to be out of a vehicle.


I'm glad they arrived safely.


I've lived in no-fault states. I'm extremely happy and have saved tons of money living in a fault state. It wasn't something I thought about until I switched between them.


Auto accidents come with complexity. I'd let the insurance companies battle things out. The driver in the wrong will be held accountable and their insurance company will likely be required to pay for all damages/losses. You do need to contact your insurance company regarding any accident within 24 hours (that's in the small print on the policy). Z and N look quite happy to be home with you. Z has some great poses.

Arkansas Patti

Wow, that cost of a rental is outrageous. I hope they are able to get all the insurance straightened out and don't come out on the short end.
That was so sweet of the firefighters to give LG a present. At his age, that makes a huge difference in how the day is going.
Love Ziggy finally getting room to stretch out.


That last picture says it all!

Marie K

I'm glad they arrived safely and little guy looks pretty happy!

Joanne Noragon

So happy they have landed. Little guy will have adventures to talk about for a few days.

Tonya Watkins

Holy crap, the price of that rental (originally)!! I would imagine it was pretty much a gas hog, too. I've never heard of no-fault auto insurance, but then I haven't lived outside of Washington since Maine (but that was only 6 months nearly 50 years ago!) I certainly hope all of this DOESN'T bite them in the butt.

So happy to see your happy mess, Ziggy, and adorable Little Guy! I'll bet he's a BIG help! Tee hee!


Glad they made it. Yeah, the car rental rates went up about the same time buying new and used cars went up. Love that Ziggy.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

That looks like a pretty neat pile of stuff to me. The big rental needs to snuggle up to the neighbor's new giant truck. Be sure their insurance know the u-turn driver is a paralegal; might have to get an attorney from within the insurance company to fight for what's right. Or the new Sparky dog will get 'em. That was nice of the firemen. Linda in Kansas


I've priced rental cars on my recent trips to the states and they've been insanely expensive. As I understand it the car companies sold off many of their vehicles during the pandemic and now don't have enough to go around. I've been lucky enough to figure out other methods of transportation!

At least you got Sparky -- one nice thing out of all that drama!


Holy cannoli! That is a hefty price for rental car. I had to go back a post to see what happened. So glad everyone is OK and they made it. Enjoy your little helper and take care.

Jenni Elyse

That's so frustrating about the no-fault insurance. I guess I'm never moving to Montana (not that I wanted to). I'm glad the rental care employee took pity on your daughter. $230 is so much better than $600. And, that's so sweet of the firefighters to give your grandson that stuffed animal. My kitty Izzy likes to lay in positions like Ziggy. I love it when she does it. I think it's so cute.


Oh dear, what a shock about the accident! So glad, though, that everyone's ok. Relief!


We have no-fault insurance here in Hawaii too which I don't understand. I'm so excited for you to have your grandson and family with you

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