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July 05, 2022


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Jenni Elyse

I'm totally with you. I used to loved holidays, but my husband hates them (except for Halloween) and I've slowly started to feel the same way as he does. I also hate ultra patriotism (if you can call it patriotism). It makes me cringe because it reminds me of Germany before Hitler based on what one of my German friends told me. Because of MAGA and Drumpf, I now hate the site of the US flag. To me, it's a symbol of those years when he was president and capitalism, which I hate.

Doug M

Margaret, well said what you wrote about the 4th. Not feeling it myself, and these past few nights I felt like I was in Ukraine with all the booming. (At least it's just noise pollution.). On a happier note, that lime pie looked delicious! And that's a very cute picture of your grandson in your recliner. I have a feeling that kid is going to have plenty of girlfriends someday! 🙂👍

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Haven't heard of silent fireworks, so you'll have to endure. (Except sparklers and foamy snakes.) They DO make some gadgets that create some of the sounds without the danger: one thing looks like a bicycle air pump horn, but has an open end piece to put a sheet of newspaper over it. When the kid throws it on the ground it makes the loud pop. I LOVE key lime pie; save a slice for me. You'll have to get your vitamin C another way. I first thought the hanging diapers were baby shark jaws. Berry crumble sounds tasty too, I bet with fresh berries from the area. Toddler Wrangling is more important for grandmas to do. Enjoy it while you can: he's already got the Playgirl magazine pose down pat. Yep, disgusted with the country right now. It will take another 50 years to undo what's happened. Told my son we need to start over with a new constitution. Enjoy your temps; we have 103 heat index today. 85 at sunrise is disgusting. Linda in Kansas


Canadians don't celebrate like Americans but we had a very quiet July 1st. It was a lovely day though, taking it easy and visiting with my brother in law.

Those onions in the garden photo are huge.


I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a war zone here as it usually is. Maybe because people had to go to work this morning...or folks are finally getting wise after watching things burn unheeded not long ago. So many possibilities in the new yard for that young man to discover. What a fun adventure for him.

Joanne Noragon

I'm pleased yesterday is over, and I did nothing and went nowhere. We heard NO fireworks. I saw only one flag in my errand trip.


Like you, I do not like the loud boom of fireworks. My community did not have fireworks so it was nice and quiet. Your family gathering together for a dinner with lime pie and berry crumb for desert sounds wonderful. The proud new homeowners have themselves a real prize home. It has lots of character and warmth. Being interested in growing, your daughter must be thrilled with all the growing boxes. You will be having lots of quality time with your adorable grandson. Enjoy every minute as one day boys decide...no more kisses, hugs and cuddles and any at all must be done in secret where nobody else can see. It's one of those boy transitions! When I have friends and/or relatives staying with me, I throw caution to the wind and just go with the flow. All my preferences for order and neatness go out the window. (Those drying diapers brought back some funny memories for me when my sister-in-law, her husband and two teenage kids moved in for a summer.)


I am almost surprised to see the lawn being mowed again, but I guess that's the way of lawns.

Arkansas Patti

Callie is like you wanting silent fireworks. Loud noises terrify her and I spent the evening comforting a shaking dog. Oh well, we are good for another year. Sounds like you had fun with the family and looks like you and John have been replaced. Toddler wrangling sounds like so much more fun.

Arkansas Patti

Replaced as landscapers I meant to say.


I enjoy the family time on the 4th, but it's hard to feel much like celebrating with the constant headlines about gun violence.

Such a lovely garden. That photo of him was so perfect. What a cutie. He posed perfectly and in a way that doesn't seem very typical for a guy so little.


Our celebration was quite muted. My husband was chatting with a person at the hospital while getting a blood draw, and they were talking about my husband's lack of wanting to celebrate this year, and certainly not calling it Independence Day as our rights are eroding. The phlebotomist is a person of color said he has always only referred to the holiday as, "the 4tb."

Tonya Watkins

We had what I'd have to call a magical 4th. First, with great company (and grandson!), decent enough weather, wonderful food, and then having those Orcas directly in front of our house! I can't get over how thrilling that was! Pretty major fireworks both Sunday and Monday night, but not lasting too late, and fun to watch excited little Quinn with "kiddy" fireworks. Sad to see everyone go this morning. It was so QUIET around here all day.


For some reason the photos won't show and when I click on them it is just black. Apparently no one else is having this problem. But then we just changed Earthlink to just get email and they disconnected our phone! And the button to unlock the driver's door on the Prius stopped working yesterday - the other doors will lock and unlock - perhaps a fuse problem? At least the 4th is over with!!!

Karen Sullivan

Your grandson is so adorable. Everything in the world can be wrong, but with a child like that in your life, you have everything!


Well today the photos are back as they should be! Stopped by Toyota and found out it is a motor problem for the driver's door. Didn't even want to find out how much that would be to fix - the manual key works anyway. We still don't have a working phone - maybe today? I wonder if the calls for our medical appointments next week are frustrating those offices as I think the line just rings and rings.


Who is/are the owner(s) of the new house? We were away for the 4th this year. Just as well. Our neighborhood is often like a war zone.

Marie K

That's the perfect yard for the little guy! We spent the 4th at Matthew's (just 7 of us), and we wore black shirts for our little bbq.


He is lucky he is a single. My brother and I always had to flip to see which got which beater and then one of us had to draw a line across the middle of the bowl and the other got to choose which side was his to lick!


I loved this post. So much good in it, and in the world, it helped me to hear and see. Thank you, and bless you and yours.

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