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July 23, 2022


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DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Good Grief! Do you ever use the back of your Subie? That's a huge web! I'd call animal control for that spider! You need some sticky Roach Motel boxes to capture such creatures! Filling the tank was nice of the kids. I remember eating blueberries and strawberries every day when I visited the band director in Portland, OR. We got them from a little neighborhood festival. SO yummy. Keep us posted on Thimbleberrys on toast. That is a TOTALLY COOL wind chime. I have a glass dolphin one just inside my first front door, so it usually tinkles as I'm coming and going. You're worth more than $3. That's a man who listened to your wishes and made it happen with a much better one than now available. That s about a $150 one from what I've seen in stores. You be nice to him or send him to K.C.! Please contact blogger Apache Dug if you keep raising spiders like that! Yikes! Where on earth do you get plastic cow wind chimes? Linda in Kansas

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Yep, I get worried about gasoline from being in the '70s too. We had a military gas can mounted on the back of our VW bus, with a lock on the cap. I always got locking gas caps for my cars, even if I had to order it. I keep my tank about half full because of '70s ingrained paranoia. My kids think this is all weird. Linda in Kansas

Doug M

Those are nice looking chimes, Mom always had them hanging from our front porch growing up. I am at a loss for words regarding that giant cobweb in your vehicle! What kind of spider did that?! And finally, that was nice someone sent you that thimbleberry jam, I can't say I've ever heard of the stuff! 🙂

Arkansas Patti

Aww, it wasn't the price, it was that he actually listen to you, remembered and bought it for you. What a guy.
I too remember those 70's and usually top off my tank after I use 1/4. Also the price for a quarter tank isn't as mind blowing as a fill up.
Had to follow your link. That really looks good.


Thimbleberries are not easy to find - I know of a place (secret) where I have a few each day they are ripe - luscious!!!


Now I want blueberry pie. It views with apple for being my fave. A good apple pie is tops, but they don’t all reach that lofty achievement. Most blueberry pies, however, can be relied on.


Your new wind chime is beautiful and definitely once came from an expensive store. John has a good eye for quality and value. His thoughtfulness surpasses all expectations. Locally grown blueberries are my favorite too. That cobweb in your backseat is massive. I've never seen anything that big. I'd be tempted to use the vacuum and give the car a good once-over to ensure the web building family is entirely gone.


What a lovely thing for John to do. I love wind chimes. I can hear the neighbors on both sides as well as mine so it's sort of a chorus. I bet that spider alerted all its friends that you have the best location for web building. His presence may call for a daily check before sitting anywhere in the car.

Jenni Elyse

Oh hell no! It's time to sell or burn your Subie, lol. I hope it didn't leave any friends. Corey found one of those above our door earlier in the week. He said he had a moral dilemma of whether or not he should kill it. (He doesn't like killing creatures just to kill them and likes to leave outside creatures alone. He'll often relocate them instead of killing them. With it right above our door, he wasn't sure he could get it before it ran away.) I told him if he wanted me to live in this place, he had to kill it. I hate spiders SOOOOO much.

I'm glad John was so thoughtful to you and your grandson. I understand the want to ask if you're worth only $3. And, because he took the time to fix it up for you so it worked nicely, I think that makes up for the $3 purchase price. :D

Marie K

That's a garden spider. They eat so many bugs! It was nice of him to get rid of it for you though.
You can change the color of your hydrangea! From tasteofhome, "It’s in the soil! The key to color-changing hydrangeas is whether the soil is acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH.) In order for hydrangeas to be a beautiful blue, the soil must be on the acidic side, with a pH lower than six. You can test this with a soil pH meter like this one. You can also look at your hydrangea blooms: If they’re pink, then the soil is alkaline."


Yiiiikes! That spider would have truly freaked me OUT!
Your John is absolutely a jewel and a KEEPER. He is so darn thoughtful. I loved going to those garage, estate, rummage sales.

Blueberries are one of our favorite fruits. We buy them every week when they are available.


As you have probably heard before, it is the thought that counts. Not home much the windchimes cost. Now when you hear them, you will think of John.

Joanne Noragon

I googled Thimbleberry jam, and it seems that company is the only one in the UP that makes it. That looks like a decent little windchime, though probably with little volume. The longer the pipes, the more the sound.


Thimbleberry jam looks delicious.

Karen Sullivan

Love the wind chime and love a bargain.

John is the sweetest!

My hydrangea is a similar color to your Mom's...I cut off flowers and put them in a vase while they're blooming because they bring me such joy.

I am a "keep my tank full" kind of girl, too. Never below half!


John is indeed thoughtful. And you are very nice. I think you have a touch of snark as you sometimes struggle with the different ways you two express caring. It's okay. You just thought it!

Hydrangeas change color based on the acidity of your soil. I thought I saw someone comment on this and then couldn't find it. So here is a link on what to do:

I was working on catching up here and there and realized sometime on Saturday, I think, that I had seen no Margaret posts. Then I remembered there's no way to have them sent to my email here! There are 13 posts in my RSS feed from you, however. *blush*

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