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July 22, 2022


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Well, that's certainly a nice photo of Mari, some striking purple flowers & yourself... shoot about YD, if she does have covid maybe it'll be the Biden variant--just some cold symptoms. And sorry to read about John's mom... when you're 80, these times will seem golden!


Yay! Good news for most on the Covid front.


The Golden Years seem often to be just one more travail on our struggle through life. I've been absent but I still love that Mari!


That is a pretty clingy cat. Will she settle a bit now?


Glad you're covid negative. It just keeps going and going and going...

I need to get out and walk more now that my foot is starting to heal but I'm afraid of overdoing it so I do nothing.


Golden years or life in the fast lane? One seems not come without the other. Your purple lily looks beautiful. Let's hope your Covid status stays negative. I've know some families that experience exposure and only one family member tests positive. Everybody seems to have different outcomes.


Oh man, I feel for John. My own mom was having so many health problems earlier this year, in and out of the hospital. It was a terrible time, incredibly stressful, and then she went into the hospital one last time and died on May 18. Having *two* sick family members must be just awful.

Joanne Noragon

I hope John's life eases off a bit. It spills over to you, too. At least he knows how to get good grub and a beer out of it.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Beautiful Kansas State PURPLE flowers! Might want to check with grandson's pediatrician about testing. If asymptomatic, and positive, I'm not sure what the peds want to do. Tape a stuffed cat to your other leg and see what Mari does. There's that new game on TV called "Stray" that's entertaining cats around the world. Jeanne Moos had an episode about it. Hope John can get some rest. You're both being in the "sandwich" generation. Linda in Kansas


We are having to deal with my 92 year old mom's worsening dementia. I think the isolation is not helping her.

Your purple flowers are gorgeous. Are they gladiolas?

Arkansas Patti

Happy about the negatives but now hope YD is OK. This stuff is all around us.
John really has his plate full with family members. Hope he takes a little time for "John".
Funny about the cat hair. Only funny in that I know what you mean. Hate that when it gets in your nose.


So glad you are negative. I'm still positive and this virus tore through me like a nor'easter in January. I don't know how long til I'm back to normal.
That flower is just beautiful. John is lucky to have you to temper the stress he must be under.

Jenni Elyse

I'm glad you all tested negative for COVID. That's such a relief. I love your pictures. I'm sorry you're getting another heatwave next week. I hope John will feel less stressed soon.


That is a beautiful something! And very purple!

I remember reading that your Stargazer seems to be dying. Did it never propagate? I remember Mom and Dad digging up tulip and iris bulbs periodically and moving them around, so the new bulbs had space. Can you find new bulbs? I hate for you to lose that.

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