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July 30, 2022


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Yes, the best time of day is 6 am -10 am during heat wave days. I find it doesn't cool off nearly enough in the evenings, but morning is always fine. The e-bikes look fun - do you own or rent them? Helmets are great. As I always say, you've got to protect your personality, and it's located behind your forehead. Hopefully the end of your heat wave is in the near future.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Glad you got out in the morning! Even when the evenings cool, they're more humid. Our KC cool weather is coming to an end, so maybe your heat wave will return to your normal weather. Uh, you might want to practice some more on your bike. Like when we were children, just "go around the block and back home." Maybe you propped your helmet up for the lovely photo, but it needs to be on your forehead to protect it if you really DO end up over the handlebars. (My son rode his bike from school, and hit some leaves with a branch hidden in it in the street, and went over the handlebars. He boasted how wearing his helmet correctly saved a lot of pain by showing everyone the deep scrap marks on the bill and forehead.) You needed to reposition the sun for the Regal Eagle pic, but it looks cool to a Kansan. We need a full view shot of John; it appears he has nice legs. Well, at least we can LOOK!? Mari probably really wants you to turn on the fireplace. Sprinkler companies can find the leak much quicker. They have modern day divining rods. Maybe a big ground hog moved in. Glad you had fun, got aired out, and are still in one piece! Linda in Kansas


John is a keeper and that bike ride looked like a lot of fun. I really don’t like the heat. We used to be told when we lived in Chicago that the lawn won’t die even if you go through a dry spell. It just goes dormant. We never did quite put that to the test.


We no longer bother to water our lawn, such as it is. It greens up when it rains. We actually don’t have much of a lawn any more. In a townhouse, it was small to begging with, and then we mulched it. We also have flowers out front but only a few pots in the back.

Doug M

Awesome photos Margaret, you really do enjoy a full life! I admire your spirit! You really have found a good partner with John (as he did with you). Your neighbor's lawn however...wow 😧


We just returned from a weekend spent down south at the family cabin where it was extremely hot. We were up before dawn and hiking followed by afternoons swimming in the spring fed river. Definitely the way to go.

Arkansas Patti

Good time of day to be active. That is when I mow. I have never tried an electric bike but always wanted to especially when I moved from the Florida flat lands to the Ozarks.
I don't water either. My grass gets brown but first rain and it totally revives.


95 degree heat with your humidity is NOT a good time to be doing manual labor. Better keep an eye on him. Congrats on your fine bike ride.

Jenni Elyse

I'm so glad you all had fun on your bike ride. I'm glad the weather cooperated and that you had shady areas to ride in. I think the photos are great.

Your poor neighbor! I hope he finds the leak soon if he hasn't already.

Karen Sullivan

So happy you had a fun outing with John and his daughter. Nice guys are the best!


Your bike ride in the scenic park sounds terrific. Having both forest and water views is lovely. The electric bike sounds like it comes with some complexities; I'm glad you enjoyed the day and most importantly had no accidents. My grass is temporarily brown too. The heat and lack of rain continues in Massachusetts. Today was dry and in the 80's so not as oppressive as it has been. Green lawns are important to some people...I hope your neighbor finds his leak sooner rather than later.

Joanne Noragon

Poor neighbor. I would just go to the basement and shut off the water supply to the sprinkler, then call the installer to find the problem.
What a nice family bike ride day.


I'm in the process of growing clover in my lawn because it's pretty, smells good and most importantly, is drought tolerant=less watering. It also doesn't turn brown when the dogs pee on it.

I've never tried an ebike. The early morning is a very good time to get out, before the heat.


As we have beaten the weather to death lately with complaints and lots of swear words (at least at my house) I just wanted to say I love that you put up your book club reads on the sidebar. I've been checking lately, both your comments but also researching new ones you haven't reviewed yet. The two newest sound interesting! I'm putting them on my library list to borrow. Thanks!


It's wonderful to have a biking buddy, a friend for dinner dates, and just a friend. I'm really glad John turned out to be such a great guy.

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    Slocumb, Brendan: The Violin Conspiracy
    A solid 3 1/2 stars for me, but a disappointment in general. As a former violinist myself, I was excited about the topic. I love mysteries which was what this novel was billed as. (not much of one and very predictable) I found the writing sophomoric and rather repetitive; the topics of slavery and underrepresentation of POC in classical music were compelling though. As always, I'm hoping for an excellent discussion at BC. (***)

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  • See, Lisa: The Island of Sea Women: A Novel

    See, Lisa: The Island of Sea Women: A Novel
    Although it wasn't perfect (sometimes hard to follow the timelines), this book was fascinating on a personal, historical and cultural level. I learned so much while suffering through the tragedies and celebrating the joys of the characters. I'm hoping for an insightful discussion at Book Club, as this novel deserves. (*****)

  • Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel

    Whitehead, Colson: Harlem Shuffle: A Novel
    Extremely well-written, atmospheric and full of fascinating characters and history. Being a mystery reader, I would have preferred more plot though. If you haven't read Whitehead before, I recommend "The Nickel Boys" instead. Fortunately, the book seems like it will elicit a decent discussion. (****)

  • Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea

    Klune, TJ: The House in the Cerulean Sea
    This book was hard to rate (***1/2): heartwarming, yet cheesy and predictable. Imaginative, but also preachy. It reads like a YA novel. There were some wonderful characters if you enjoy fantasy. I think it will be nearly impossible to discuss as a Book Club read. (***)

  • Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel

    Towles, Amor: The Lincoln Highway: A Novel
    This is a exquisitely crafted book and extremely well-written. I didn't always like the way it jumped from one person to another, especially when I was very engaged in the last story. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but the ending was also beautiful in its own painful way. 4 1/2 stars. (*****)

  • Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir

    Wang, Qian Julie: Beautiful Country: A Memoir
    Although it had some fascinating and illuminating moments, this memoir of a young Chinese immigrant facing poverty and prejudice was ultimately a let down. Part of it was the writing and lack of proofreading(too many grammar mistakes) while the rest related to my confusion about whether I admired or disliked the author. She was often mean and dishonest. Much of the time I didn't find her sympathetic. (***)

  • Pooley, Clare: The Authenticity Project: A Novel

    Pooley, Clare: The Authenticity Project: A Novel
    A solid 3 1/2 stars--I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. It felt like a beach read with a bit more depth to it. Still it was often predictable and wasn't particularly well written. (***)