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July 21, 2022


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Hope the test is negative, and stays that way. The dogs and I are walking the trails early (7ish) and later before bed, but I am so glad I have AC here at their house. I ran home this morning and after only 1 overnight with things closed up it was over 80 in the apartment. Next week is going to be fun...not.At least I have fans. I used to have both hostas and hydrangeas. I miss them and the gorgeous blue color of the hydrangea blooms.


The one thing that always gave me pause of living in a big city was the lack of friends among so many people. Growing up in small rural towns, one simply new everyone and it would be impossible to live life a loner.

Doug M

Margaret, it is nice to see your feet up! πŸ˜„ I mean it, every time I read one of your posts I'm surprised you're not run ragged. For being retired, you have more on your plate than anyone else I know! Anyway, I always enjoy seeing the inside of your house. Always looks cool and clean. πŸ‘πŸ™‚

Jenni Elyse

I'm sorry to hear about your Stargazer Lily. I hope you have a very nice relaxing day. We all need one every now and then, don't we?

Karen Sullivan

Hope you don't have covid!

I love hydrangeas, they are so beautiful.


We have been in or near triple digits for about a week and next week is supposed to be the same.
With all of the branches we lost from our tree, my back yard is getting scorched but I don't feel right dumping lots of water on it. I will just have to fix it next spring with more appropriate grass seed.
Glad you are the Little Guy are enjoying your time together.
Hope you remain COVID free.
Take care and stay cool.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Good to keep testing. Most folks' gardens and grass are going dormant here. None of my lilies or iris bloomed, even with watering. My tropical and hardy hibiscus have. I wish I had a hydrangea around. I tried at another house and it croaked. Enjoy your cool 80s and 90s; we're at 106 most days here. It's nauseating. Linda in Kansas


Fingers crossed that you remain Covid free. Stargazer is a beautiful lily. I'd fertilize it in the Spring and it might be fine. The heat is oppressive and Sunday is predicted to reach 100 degrees in Massachusetts. I'm dreaming about Fall and now feel it can not come soon enough.
Like you, I love my heat pumps and highly recommend them to anyone considering air conditioning and supplemental heating for the Winter. N will have lots to say to you about his trip to the zoo. He is very observant and enjoys sharing his thoughts with you which is lovely.


Our hydrangeas were pink this year…. first time. Something changed in the pH of the soil near them. You can guide the color to be blue or pink depending on the pH. But, we did not purposefully change anything.


Arkansas Patti

So glad you are testing and hope you remain Covid free.
Don't know how people do without a/c these days. We have been over 100 for days on end. I think next Wednesday it gets down to the high 90's. Totally housebound.
Enjoy that day off. "You" days can be refreshing and invigorating plus you are making Mari very happy.

Joanne Noragon

I hope your lily recovers and you avoid covid. I not only have been exposed, I live in a house with two sick with covid.


Nice for you to have a day off. How permanent is your babysitting gig? Is it just until fall? We did a lot of child care in our time. Breaks were nice.

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