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August 01, 2022


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I have always wished I lived close to a U-Pick fruit farm of some sort. The nearest one I know about it quite a drive away.


Loved the blueberry pics... Margaret, it sounds like a good life. You're handling that heat well.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Enjoying moments is a wonderful thing. You have an amazing history and childhood memories of the blueberry farm. I didn't know there were mummy berries. I'm not sure about having music with my picking though. Probably kept some of the blasted heat away. Linda in Kansas


I REALLY like your terminology about living IN hard times!!!!! That was stated in a very eloquent fashion that I will work to remember myself. I try to do similarly, but I had not thought of a way to as accurately express those sentiments! My feeble attempt was to simply say that I was trying to deal with “what is” which isn’t as nicely nuanced as you way of stating it.

Thank you!



Picking fresh blueberries is always a great experience. We have a family owned U-pick farm as well. Do tell, what are the mummy berries? I totally agree, finding joy in every day is good living. Having everybody together to share a family dinner is outstanding and the meal sounds delectable.

Joanne Noragon

I'm sorry I didn't know panzella back when I cooked. Bocce, however is a wonderful game for that many people.

Arkansas Patti

Had to look up mummy berries--ooh that is not what you want to find. Nice that you could educate them.
Tell the truth now, when you were a 10 year old picker, how many did you eat?
You have a great attitude about how to spend your time. I am working towards that but don't always make it.


What an inspiring post - to enjoy each moment, instead of looking ahead to what might be better (or not). I'll work to adopt this attitude as the temperature here is ramping up and I need to live in it and enjoy!


There was once a blogger who said she would tease Canadians by telling them the blueberries were ripe. The Canadians always looked down because low-lying blueberries are they way that they grow here. When we travel a local rural highway at this time of year, we pass blueberry stands that would feature these kinds of wild blueberries, or close to it, I guess.


That's a good reminder for me. I tend to be one of those people, one day when...

It's cooler here today which is nice but I just feel so down. Not sure if I'm just tired or depressed. I don't feel like doing anything and it took everything I had to make it through the day at work. I'm home alone now which is nice. My husband has gone to Wetaskiwin to see his dad so he'll be gone for at least three hours and I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want.


Seizing the moments sounds like a good plan. We, too, are in a heat wave. They keep saying it's going to cool down and it does, all the way down to 93 or 94. I suppose that's better than 100+. Don't like. Want it to be cool. Heck, I'm making my annual promise not to complain about snow.


It's so neat that you found a place to go berry picking. I've been wanting to do so myself and am still searching for one near me. Michigan is a big apple and cherry state, so I'd probably be more likely to find those.

Ahh, mineral-based sunscreen. I just bought some of that untinted and will have to see how it turns out. I love that the mineral-based ones don't sting if they get in your eyes. I'm increasingly going without eye makeup because of the burning when I forget and rub my eyes.

You make a good point about not living for the weekend and vacations. If we calculate those days vs the days of our entire lives, quite a loss of time.

You look great in your photos. Your hair looks pretty, and your skin is flawless. I bet you don't even wear makeup. I'm still breaking out like a teenager in my 50s! I love the blue-and-white top you have on, too!

Jenni Elyse

I like your attitude. I have a hard time carpeing moments. I think it's because of my mental illness(es). I'm learning, though, and I have seen a difference when I act opposite of my sadness and fear.

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