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August 15, 2022


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Ally Bean

Sounds like a sweet celebration. Funny how time flies and how cute little cuddle monsters steal the show!


My mother loves spending time with Jamie and Ian, too. They have a special relationship. Happy Belated Birthday.

Doug M

First of all, mystery driver aside, congratulations on hitting 66 and never receiving a ticket! That's a pretty big accomplishment! Secondly, who is in that first photo? And third, that is one beautiful pie! ❤️😋


I can empathize with you. My mom's 4th year death anniversary is coming up in a couple months and like you, it feels like a lifetime ago even though the feelings can be a bit raw still. I often find myself pondering how things could have been so much different with her presence still here.


I guess I can understand why you’d want to keep an unblemished driving record at this stage. I succumbed very early but most were weird things and not associated with reckless driving. The very first was for going through a red light, which may have been yellow when I started (can’t remember). We were in a bit of a convoy as such and were driving to a hospital to do Christmas carolling. The cop was most unsympathetic.

Arkansas Patti

So glad you beat the camera ticket and still have a clean record. We don't have any such thing here in tiny town. We are lucky to have 2 red lights and one is strictly for Walmart.
That might be the cutest picture yet of LG. All that and personality too. Wow.


Your family B-day celebration sounds excellent. A's baking skills are par excellence. Your ongoing perfect driving record is impressive. Tickets can be costly today. Like you, I often miss loved ones that have passed. They most definitely live on in our hearts and minds.

Jenni Elyse

I'm glad your birthday was just right and not overwhelming or disappointing. I'm sorry about the ticket, but I'm glad you got it figured out. And, that Marion berry pie looks scrumptious. My husband and I both adore Marion berries. And, I can see why grandson took center stage. He's a cutie! Happy birthday, again!

Karen Sullivan

I'm happy you had a good birthday. The dinner sounds wonderful and your older daughter is something else with her baking!!!

Your grandson is getting cuter if that's possible!!!

Joanne Noragon

I was about to say, At our age any birthday celebrated is a good birthday. But since I'm about ten years older than you are, that really applies to my birthdays. The little guy has lots of birthdays left, and that is wonderful.


I'm late on the comments. Yesterday was day 1 of home school science. I expected the 2nd grader to get antsy, but even the 5th grader has no attention span. She's been conditioned to 1/2 days for over 2 years. Ugh! My mouth is watering over that pie. With my mood yesterday I probably could have eaten the entire thing.


I don't like my birthday, not the getting older part, but it's always kind of a let down. I keep my expectations low and my husband tends to lower my expectations even more. This year I'm turning sixty and I'm giving myself a party. We'll see how that goes.

Your grandson is so sweet! He's such a cutie.

Marie K

I love the pictures of your little guy, especially the one looking out the door with Ziggy (a few posts ago, but it said comments were closed). 10 years...that is hard to believe. Hugs to you.
That pie looks absolutely amazing!


Again… a very Happy Birthday!!! That photograph of your grandson is ESPECIALLY cute!!!!! If you are so inclined, I think that one would be really great framed as an 8x10 in your home. Very, very expressive and special!!!!



That sounds like an ideal level of celebration. It must be nice to have your daughters and the grandson close so you can have these celebrations. It is fun to have some attention for your birthday without it having to go over the top.

It really is hard to believe it's been 10 years. Time is weird. As you experience it, it seems to take forever. If you had to wait 10 years for something, it would become interminable. And yet, it passes and we look back and a decade or two has gone by though it often seems like just yesterday. I was only meant to be down here for six months or so and I realized the other day that it's been almost 20 years. You'd better be preparing for the young one's high school graduation.


Happy belated birthday, Margaret.
Sounds like you had a nice day and not getting a ticket was a nice added bonus.
The pie looks amazing and the grandson is as cute as always.


The picture of your girls with their dad is touching. So nice.
Your pie looks wonderful. I have never had Marionberries. I'm sure they must be native to
the NW area? Nice to get together for your birthday


Happy HAPPY Birthday, Margaret! I'm sorry I wasn't able to send tidings earlier. It's been nuts over here. I'm having a terrible time keeping up with my blog.

I'm so sorry for your sadness, missing your husband. He would be very proud of you. I just know it.

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