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September 06, 2022


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Doug M

How nice about that former student! And 37 years is some career. I'm sure you're in the hearts and minds of many. 🙂. On the flip side, how awful for that nearby fatality. Life is already too short. 😔


That's awful about the crash. It's difficult when things are close to us.

Cute about the dino-horses!


Once, a car ran a red light and smacked me head on. I was going maybe 5 mph and they were doing maybe 15 mph. The resulting concussion and progression of pains that went from my neck down to my hips over the next several days really opened my eyes at the violence of car crashes. I can't imagine being hit at a much higher speed.


Dino-horses is so adorable. Your little guy has lots to say and his thinking is clever and insightful. That is sad about the crash in your neighborhood. Speed with no seat belt is always risky. Mari watching over and focused on your scones is priceless. For all her effort, will you give her little taste? Having a meet up with your previous student is really nice. It says, you were his favorite teacher and friend.

Arkansas Patti

That was so cool about your former student. You really made an impression on him back in the day. Be proud.
That is so sad about the accident and glad you were spared seeing it.
Really impressed with Mari's climbing abilities. Funny how she is waiting to pounce on the scones.


How fun to catch up with your former student. You KNOW you made an impact when they drive over for a visit.
I laughed out loud about your mom yelling out the window that it looks like a used car dealership. haha!
How sad that someone was killed in a low speed area. Makes you wonder how fast they were going and yes, even if they wore a seatbelt.
Kids say so many cute things. I too wish I had written down the cute things my kids said and the daycare kids too.


Dino-horses is just terrific, and the short looks good too.

Mari is a very athletic cat. I am happy that Lacey isn’t. I do feel badly, however that is becoming noticeably arthritic over the 3,5 years that we’ve had her. She’s approaching 12, or so we think. It could be more, I suppose.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Are you sure Mari wasn't scared of something to get up SO high? What a lovely time having a former student visit; very cool. Maybe the neighborhood can ask for a speed limit sign to prevent another car crash. Dino-horses is cute. So what WAS the first ancient horse? Your mountain is pretty out of the clouds. Linda in Kansas


You are not a bad person for being glad you weren't there. I had a similar accident in 2015. This 19 year old kid swerved in front of me and I T-boned him, and he died. I'll never forget the sight of his lifeless arm hanging out his driver's side window in the aftermath. Then I had to drive by a roadside memorial to him every day -- when the accident was entirely his fault. That made me sort of mad. It haunts me still, as do the aftereffects of the broken bones I had, and the memory of sitting on the sofa for a month in pain from the injuries.

Jenni Elyse

I’m glad you got to spend time with Jean-Michel. Mt. Rainier is beautiful. I’d miss not seeing the mountains on cloudy overcast days. We live right up against the Wasatch range and there are others across the valley. I love the mountains dearly. I wish I could have both mountains this close and the beach. Dino-horses is really cute! That’s too bad about the accident. I’m sorry someone died.

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