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September 24, 2022


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I'm sorry your grandson is feverish and YD has dropped off the grid again.

People here in the UK are complaining about rising prices as if it was just in the UK. I think people struggle to think globally.


Good morning. I decided not to go out in the dark this morning. It wasn’t a bad decision because once it lightened, I saw that it was very overcast. But I am starting to get a little antsy. It has been a few days sine I did anything with my camera, and the next few days are forecast to be rainy.


My philosophy is that I have always made the right decision with the knowledge I had at the time. But I understand the agonies of the decision they are currently making because I've been there and done that.

I find most people extremely shallow and self centered in their political beliefs in general. Perhaps it is because I more of a centrist and can generally see and understand both sides.


Just FYI, not all your pictures are showing up, at least for me :(
Being an adult is hard- I've often wondered why no one tells you that when you're about 12 so you can decide then if you really want to grow up?
The fire department is a great resource when it comes to smoke detectors- plus you can get a visit or two from some possibly attractive young and male fire personnel if you play your cards right...

Arkansas Patti

Sure hope LG gets over this illness quickly. The blessings of mingling at daycare.
I too wonder why no one seems to notice that inflation is global. Refreshing to hear another voice on the matter but we are still seriously outnumbered.


I remember the Day Care days. When one child gets a fever, they all get a fever. The Day Care closes and then I needed my backup baby sitter. It is a real juggling act. Home Depot carries fire detectors. If you buy a few UL approved models, either John or possibly your local Fire Dept. can install them. My handyman installed several for me. (Make sure to buy only UL approved.) You have some nice Fall color. Our trees are not showing much color. Costs are rising. I also remember the 70's and gas shortages/outages.


I, too, am tired of the constant complaining about inflation, usually from Republicans trying to get folks upset. There's been a Domino's commercial running here saying something like "Since gas prices are going up, we're going to give you 20% off everything on our menu!" Just one problem: gas prices have been going down for the last THREE MONTHS. Maybe somebody called them out on their disingenuousness, because I haven't seen that ad in a few days. I don't eat Domino's - but if I did, I'd think twice about it because of the obvious lying. They have to have known better.

And yes - glad to hear you say it. Sometimes making decisions still gives me great anxiety, even at this late stage of life. Sometimes ya just gotta do the homework and hope for the best.

Joanne Noragon

It's becoming a cold, wet beginning to autumn here. Makes staying in much easier.


Sorry to hear about your daughter. Does she tend to hide when things go off the rails? That's what my son always did.
I just noticed the book, Take My Hand, in your book club reads. I just picked it up from the library today, can't wait to start it.


I agree with you about the state of our country. I can relate with you about our kids and the decisions they have to make. Granted, we live far away so we don't get as much of the worry. However, my daughter does call several times a week to keep us up to date. Our son is in Sri Lanka now so I can't keep in touch with him as easily. Our time difference is too great. But our worry is always there anyway.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Beautiful skies from the fair! Nice that John could see his siblings. That's really Mari's cat tree. I've heard of your Fish House place on your t-shirt. I haven't been there, but my kids have. To fix the detectors: if they're new, they just want a battery. If they're more than 10 years old, you need new ones. They have a round plastic plate that screw into the ceiling. Then, the detector "pegs" or catches the two protrusions on the plastic plate and you turn it about one-half inch. This is a task for John or a younger person. They're about $8 to $12 each at Home Depot or a hardware store. You can buy $38+ ones if you want. Date the detector and the batteries at install time. All of that is cheaper than getting caught in a fire. Linda in Kansas

Ally Bean

I know an ultra conservative woman who piously says that her motto is "do the right thing." It annoys me every time because like you said: "What is the 'right thing' by the way? Is it judged by the short term or long term?" THAT'S exactly what I think whenever I hear her spout her holier-than-thou motto.

Jenni Elyse

Sorry to hear that YD is off the grid and OD is dealing with a sick toddler plus daycare woes.

I can totally relate with what you said about decisions and how they either seem like good ones and turn out not to be or seem like they're the worst decision ever and turn out to be the best. It's so frustrating that we can't see at the time what type of decision we're making.

I'm glad John got to spend some time with his family.

That picture of the fair is gorgeous. I love the colors in the sunset and the shapes of the clouds.


I spy with my little eye…Raphael’s Madonna of the Chair! Ars longa, vita brevis!

Karen Sullivan

The weather looks beautiful there. Glad you're enjoying it.

I don't complain about inflation, but I do find myself worrying about how people are managing with prices at the grocery store going up daily. On the other hand, it doesn't seem to be stopping people from going out to eat around here because when my husband and I go out, there's always wait times and restaurants are packed.

Hope you're grandson is feeling better!

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