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September 19, 2022


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I loved reading the hike description on the WTA website. I easily would have stopped at the lovely meadows and never even considered going further up, especially when I read the words "scramble" and "loose gravel"! Even hiking poles would have been useless in my case. Lovely view though. The marmot cracks me up trying to be aggressive. He looks incredibly well fed but yes, those teeth and claws are nothing to sneer at.


Your teachers group looks like you had great camraderie which is so important for such a demanding job. I'm amazed with your daughters hiking pictures. Our highest NYS peaks are just over 4000 ft, not even close to the heights in your state. So impressive!


My teacher group just got together last week and sent me a photo of it. Sigh... I wish I could have been there. I haven't seen them in person in 3 years. Sigh... sigh...

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Marmot does not look like he wants people encroaching on his territory. He IS fat! Linda in Kansas


For some reason, when I was reading about the pickle plant, all I could imagine was Lavern and Shirley.


Team performance seems very unpredictable. With all the cash these athletes make, you would think they could win at least as many times as they lose. Remembering good times and long time friends is very nostalgic. The ups and downs of life are never ending. Your daughter hikes in very picturesque areas. The wildlife seems numerous; an encounter with a bear would be scary. I had a 250 pound black bear roaming near my home because my neighbor was feeding him and making videos. (Yes, some people are off the wall.) When my dog attempted to chase the bear, I insisted on no more bear feeding and video production.

Arkansas Patti

Good thing you had good company, good snacks and cold beer to make the game more bearable.
Your daughter obviously has no fear of heights. I felt a bit woozy just looking at the picture and that marmot is definitely impressive.


Oh heck no! I would not be up on that mountain. My sister and brother in law took me a small butte in MT and I cried I was so scared and it was not big at all. Cannot do heights. Ugh! But, kudo's to those who can. I had a bear walk out of the woods when I was walking early one morning, cripes. I can't run, but I ran after I backed up watching it until it went back into the woods.

kayak woman

Apologies if I'm spoiling for NYT spelling bee puzzlers but marmot was one of today's words. I only sorta follow football. UMich (Ann Arbor) has good and bad years but if you live here, you have to know when the games are because traffic. The Lions (Detroit) ALWAYS LOSE! :-)

Karen Sullivan

Such a great picture of your daughter. It looks so beautiful there!


That pic of YD looks awesome and inspiring.


Sorry about the Seahawks but I think you know that was to be expected.
Hopefully, they can give you a few more good moments like in Week 1.
I was unaware of hissing marmots so now I am intrigued and might go down some Google rabbit holes.
Take care and have a good rest of your week.

Jenni Elyse

Sorry about the game. I've never been one to like sports and my dad, brother, and sister's attitude when their teams lost always turned me off even more. I'm a cautious hiker (when I do hike). I don't like going near the edge. The last big hike I did was basically all edge and there was scree everywhere. I was always terrified I'd fall.

Deborah Weber

A friendship begun in a pickle plant - now that makes me smile. How fun you got to catch up. Scary marmots, bears, and great heights - I'll take a pass on direct participation. But it's certainly fun to see photos.

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