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September 17, 2022


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What a wonderful, happy post! I do love all the advice that we bloggers can give each other. I could just imagine your adorable grandson doing his happy dance.

Jenni Elyse

The birthday lunch looks fun and delicious. The ambiance and scenery are beautiful. They probably have shellfish. Otherwise, I'd make sure to take Corey there if we do move to the PNW. Even if he can't eat there, maybe we can plan to go together. It won't be for a few years, though.

Izzy, my tuxedo cat, knows that her job is to eat all the spiders so I don't have to encounter them. She does a pretty good job unless they're outside, of course.

I'm glad you got some good suggestions to help with your daughter's medication problem. I just thought of something. You may already know about it. Just in case you don't, have you heard of GoodRX? It's an app / website that gives you the best price for meds locally. If insurance doesn't cover it or it still costs an arm and a leg with insurance, GoodRX provides discount cards for cheaper prices (unless, of course, it's the brand name med I told you about, lol).


Those photos of Budd Inlet are so beautiful. Your lunch looks delicious too, although the name peach slump to me suggests, not a great dessert:) I don't like cooked fruit either.

Doug M

That's interesting about your dad in law. Are your daughters curious about their grandfather on their dad's side? I'm sorry to read about YDs rosacea, I feel bad for not remembering that. And your meal out looked scrumptious! You sure live in a nice place for a dining out margaret! 🙂👍


This whole post is just heartwarming, with a twist of intrigue about the father-in-law. Happy sleuthing!


Learning about your father-in-law sounds fascinating. If he lived a colorful life, this makes the research fun while enlightening. Like you, I discovered that I needed to update my fire alarms. I discovered they were hardwired and battery powered as well. All were still working but not up-to-code. All have been replaced. The ocean views made for a lovely b-day lunch celebration. Z on spider patrol is a good thing. Your daughter must have been happy to be home with her family. N's welcome home hugs and happy dance must have made her day.

Ally Bean

Lots of shouting here, thanks for the mention. My husband's grandfather disappeared and no one in his family seems interested in finding out why. Makes me wonder how some people define family.

Joanne Noragon

My sister has roseacia. It is fairly easy to treat. Good luck to your daughter.


Mr Riverbend really knows his genealogy. And woodworking.


The blogging community is pretty freakin' awesome.
I am so grateful for the tribe I have met and got to know since I started back in 2005.
Glad you nice lunch with your friend. Looks like a lovely spot.
Hope things improve for the youngest daughter and roseacia.
Take care.


That meal looks sensational.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

I love the "leaves" on your soup. Uh, best thing to do is go to Menard's or Home Depot and buy all NEW smoke detectors and their coordinate batteries. I put one in each room of my apartment. Put dates on the detectors AND the batteries. Any of this cost is less than replacing your home. I'd be afraid that old of smoke detectors would be the source of the fire! You live dangerously and don't know it. (I'm talking about the smoke detectors, not the "not beefcake"?! men in the calendar!) Careful having John replace them. I find I can't look directly overhead on a ladder to do such things anymore. I learned why (aging) in a nursing course. Since I don't think anyone over 50 should be on a ladder, I save such chores on a list for my son. Linda in Kansas

Arkansas Patti

Glad John is updating your smoke detectors. They are life savers. Loved that table you snagged for lunch. I did have to Google Peach Slump though as just the name I found unappetizing.
So glad you SIL is such a super dad.


Alison managed to uncover some interesting tidbits here and there for us but so much is still out there I'm sure and the interest isn't great enough to pursue more, although Cara now is suddenly into the whole DNA test "let's see who we are" phase so who knows what will turn up. Glad OD is home safely.


Well, I'm eager to hear what you ultimately learn about your father-in-law! My dad did a lot of work on my genealogy and brought some things to light in my family tree as well. There are eight million stories in the naked city, as the old TV show used to say.

Glad you had a fun lunch for your friend's birthday. It's hard to get a decent peach.

And I'm glad the spider was outside, both for its sake and yours!


Like you, I enjoy the challenge. But your father-in-law has been unlike anybody I have researched. Usually when someone just disappears off the face of the map, it is because they died and I can usually find a record of the death. With him, I haven't found a record... yet. But like many in my tree and in others, I see most people are totally confused or uncaring and have him mixed up with records of his son and grandson which only clouds the search engine results. I'll keep looking in my spare time for awhile. I hate to be stumped!


Interesting on your father in law I will be interested to hear if you ever find out anything.
Happy that your daughter arrived home safely and little guy was so pleased to have her home again.
What a beautiful dining spot. Agree, you got the best table. Your meal looks delicious and fancy with the soup. I made a fresh peach cobbler, had to toss part of it out, just couldn't do it anymore. ha!
My son in law replaced my hardwired smoke alarms 2 years ago. They were 18 years old and were good for 10 years, but who knew that? I write the date on my other smoke alarms and each year on the batteries as I replace in the fall.

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