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September 09, 2022


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I only started kayaking about three years ago, and I absolutely love it! I go every day when I get the chance. The only part that's hard is getting in and then getting out again, you want to brace it because it's pretty tippy (or maybe have better knees than I do, others don't seem to have that problem.) You're smart to stay out of the smoke, I went out in it for about an hour three years ago, and coughed for weeks. Hopefully this time will be shorter.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

That's the other thing masks are for! Try out a mask some of the time. Nope, they don't work in water so well. Love your little red flowers. We used to say in our survivors support group: stay mellow like Jello. Wear your lifejacket too! Hope your team wins! Linda in Kansas

Ally Bean

I've never been kayaking yet it's a big thing around here, very close to me in fact. People love it, but I dunno.


Yep, gotta go with the flow. We're at the beach and it's raining. Looks like it's gonna be an all day thing. Good thing we brought plenty of books!

Arkansas Patti

Such a shame about the smoke but you are wise to stay out of it.
I do hope though that you do get to kayak. I did for years and LOVED it.
The game with Wilson as the enemy QB really will be wierd. Good luck.


Your masks should work well with the smoke. It would be a lovely day to be on the water. I hope you and John make it through the viewing of the game Monday without incident. My TV won't be on. I like that I don't have to appear to be interested in sports anymore.


Haven't done a lot of flat water kayaking though I have done a fair share of the whitewater kind. In my late 20's, I did build a sea kayak out of woodstrips and fiberglass and paddled it a few times but then life happened and I was forced to move and where I landed didn't have access to flat water. Eventually a couple moves later, I sold it to another young kid that had the same ambition in life as I did when I made it. I sometimes wonder if it is still out there being used.


I love to swim but boats make me nervous, especially in deep water. I've sailed, canoed and kayaked on the ocean but they've all made me nervous, because there are things under the water. I hope you get to go with your daughter yet.

We have a wildfire in Alberta right now, near Jasper, the town we like to go to. I hope we get rain soon to put it out. So much of the forest around there has been killed by mountain pine beetles so it's ripe for a fire.


I am vaguely reminded of an old joke, the punch line of which was, “You can’t have your kayak and heat it too.”

kayak woman

I just about did a spit-take seeing your title! LOL! I confess that I also have a fear of water but mine is a little weirder. I was a decent swimmer growing up although probably not so much now but my fear runs along the lines of "what is *under* the water that I can't see?" Very hard to explain it exactly and my water is Lake Superior so there are no sharks or anything. I also attest to masks helping with smoke. I discovered this accidentally when, much earlier in covid, we had a small gathering around a fire in our backyard.

Joanne Noragon

Love your snack solution. May the best prepared win.
We have a lot of kayak water around here, and can see kayakers any weekend we wish. As close to the water as I care to come, lately.


Hopefully you can kayak soon. When I kayak with others, it's full of laughter and fun. When I kayak alone - a meditation. Not sure which I prefer!
Organized sport makes my eyes roll back in my head, so I have no comment. Enjoy though!


I hope you go kayaking one day. Water sports are one of my favorites. Definitely wear a life jacket as the kayak can tip. Let's hope the smoky air clears quickly. How dare the defecting QB!?! Your team's win would show karma is real.


Since I don't swim (I know. I know. I grew up in Hawaii but can't swim. I got teased about that in Illinois.) I guess I won't be going into a kayak anytime soon. I'm sorry about the air quality by you. That is really worrisome.

Jenni Elyse

I'm sorry your kayaking was canceled again. I hope you get to go at least once. The Super Bowl party seems like it might be a bit intense. I'm not a huge football fan. I like the Super Bowl commercials, though.


I have kayaked a few times and loved it. Now my knees are too bad and I can't bend them enough to sit down with out a huge ole plunk and I don't want to tip over either. LOL
I did laugh about your snack solution. Did you need to use the other room? I didn't watch the game, heck, I'm a Minnesotan and didn't watch the Vikings/Packers game Sunday which is THEE game to watch every year, or so I hear. I can find plenty to do other than watch football. Wendy

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