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September 13, 2022


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Jenni Elyse

I'm so glad the Seahawks won! :D

That motorcyclist is a year older than I am. I'm sad he died, but karma's a bitch!


Meh, that memorial. A thing to steal motorcycles with? That's the best they can do for his memory? So sad. That might disappear in the middle of the night.

I missed yesterdays comments, but the kayaks look like great fun. What a fun thing to share with your family!

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

Thought I'd seen that your team WON! Hooray! I like the bright green uniforms...you can't lose them on the field, but it makes them easier to see by the opposing team. That memorial is bizarre. If they're so upset that he died, will they change their ways? Wonder if he's in the local obituaries? Maybe they'll all come "borrow" the metal key when they want to steal another motorcycle. Maybe it needs a sign next to it about not stealing or speeding. Linda in Kansas


Congratulations on the win. Winning by one point is amazing. Both teams are usually equally skilled when the score is tight. It seems the motorcycle gang(?) learned nothing from the death of their friend. I'm okay with the little tribute but displaying a tool used to steal motorcycles is totally wrong. That tool needs to be removed. Perhaps a call to the PD can make this happen.

Joanne Noragon

A former biker, I know how dangerous a bike can be. I blew a back tire (with my daughter behind me) and only good sense and skills let me ride it out. I never put less than four tires on the road thereafter. Talking about motorcycling with our children when we were so young, my sister-in-law nailed it: we thought we were invincible.


The memorial...disturbing in many ways.

Arkansas Patti

I am so glad not only that your team won but that Wilson lost. I hate those who trade loyalty for dollars. Did they boo him? Holding opinion on the uniforms. Mercy they are bright. Do they glow in the dark?
Debbie is right. That is one disturbing memorial.


I HATE those uniforms. Our regular home uniforms are so classy, why on earth do they bring those things out? And what is up with making a huge trade to bring in a marquee quarterback and then in your last play trying to kick a record long field goal instead of giving the ball to said quarterback? I'm not complaining, mind you. I liked how the defense looked!

That memorial is so sad. I'm always surprised when someone that old dies in such a stupid way. I always think they should have figured it out by now. There was a similar accident in Everett last month, and the guy who died was 61.


I'm like John, only even more laid back as I don't even watch football.

Donna W

Cliff watched the Seahawks game; I went to bed. When I found out they won I thought of you, first thing! I agree, those pea-green uniforms are unsightly.

Ally Bean

You have NFL team gear? Well, aren't you the one! I have a Bengals scarf [a gift] somewhere, but that's about as far as I'll go. I like/tolerate football, but have never invested in it, so to speak. Carry on, Margaret-- you make me smile.


My husband watched that football game and I thought the uniforms were like highlighters too. Maybe so they can find their team mates more easily?

What a waste of a life.


Unfortunately, I am not a football fan (I sometimes feel like a freak of nature in that regard.) But, my wife is super animated about college football games, and gets quite intense. I think the noise (whether on television or in person) disturbs me, so that is the likely reason for never having enjoyed watching the game.

But, I must say, I DID happen to stumble across the game you watched.... I scrolled by it accidentally with the remote..... but when I saw the uniforms.... I had no idea which team it was, but I mentioned to my wife that the uniforms were the color of a green highlighter! I am not sure if I liked them or not.... but they sure were NOTICEABLE!

In the motorcyclist's memorial.... that little necklace item is a way to steal motorcycles? Interesting. Even though not particularly attractive, I think letting the memorials be is always a good thing for no matter how they look.... they do represent a form of care.


Karen Sullivan

Not a fan of the uniforms but am happy they won!

OMG on the memorial. I don't even know what to say. Hopefully everyone finds peace.


We lived in Alaska and they only broadcast Seahawks games to us.
My mom fell in love with them and was a big fan for the rest of her life.
I think she liked that they were always the underdogs and Steve Largent wasn't too bad on the eyes.
Glad your team won but those uniforms were so hideous. Mrs. Shife had a similar comment to John's.
Good luck with the rest of the season.


It's nice the bikers came and wanted to memorialize their friend, but to use a tool that helps steal bikes is kind of bizarre. We had a young lady killed a week ago up here, she was a rider and the bikes back tire locked up and they went down, neither had helmets on and she was killed on impact. The driver was treated and released. HELMETS are sooo important too.

Wow! those uniforms are crazy bright. haha!


My brother still rides a motorcycle, but I wish he'd stop. He says he feels safer on the bike than in a car. Sheesh! As for a memorial by someone else's property... not too cool. We do see memorials on roadsides here in Hawaii but after a while, they look very run down and sad.

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