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November 30, 2022


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Oh how I'd love to be somewhere snowy, at home, drinking a cup of tea and reading a murder mystery. It's gonna be 82 here today, but thankfully partly cloudy. Lack of brilliant, unrelenting sun? I'll take it. Glad you were able to get "rescued" quickly.

Donna W

I hope the new baby is doing better every day! I hate to even think about snow; you can keep it right there where you live.

Doug M

My gosh, I have to admit I've never heard of anyone locking their keys in the car while it was running! Quite the adventure you had Margaret. Love all the snowy pics, and that last one with Mari made me laugh. 😄👍

Arkansas Patti

Locking keys in car while still running was a new one to me. So glad you had quick service. Now you know how easy it is to steal a car if you have the right device.
That snow is beautiful. I am so envious. That is a legit snow and thankfully you don't have to go anywhere. Enjoy your creature comforts with your favorite creature.
Hope the in laws make it out OK.


I thought with modern cars that it was impossible to do that. I don’t think our Honda will allow that to happen. I have done it with an older car though. An announcement came from the church last form: “A car with licence xxx is running in the parking lot, and the doors are locked.” Our pew shook with laughter. Then I quietly exited and attended to the situation with Sue’s keys.

Speaking of snow, we have a weather warning for it to begin any time.


Glad you made it home safely. Can't wait to hear how you managed the locked car stunt?! I'm supposed to drive into Fife later this AM so as long as I can get out of the neighborhood I hope things will be manageable.


I used to make a Chile Relleno casserole back in the day and always loved it. But somehow it slipped into the back of my recipe box and has been gathering dust for decades perhaps. I'll have to dig it out again if it is still there.

I thought locking car keys into cars was a thing of the past. I've tried many times to do so in the last two or three vehicles we've owned but the darn thing just beeps at me in a weird manner until I realize that I must have left the key inside. A vehicle that I had prior to those however, was a completely different story. I locked myself out of it so many times that I became quite adept at unlocking it with wire clothes hangers.


I've been locked out of my Outback; welcome to the club. AAA could not open the car due to computer system tie to the locks. The dealership had to take it in and reprogram the computer. You were brave to drive in the snow. That said, I wish I had your snow. Your decor is building and it looks great. Doesn't it make you smile? Mari's Christmas pic is really good...love your "resting bt*ch" reference. That's the spirit!


Everything is so much prettier under a coating of snow! I can't wait for it to transform the landscape around here. But driving in it? Not my favorite.
I did lock my keys in my car, motor running, dog inside, a very long time ago. It happens.

DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

I'd use your guest towels, because they are hanging there! My OB Dad was called to the hospital in the middle of the night to deliver a baby. When he went back to his car it was running, and locked. He had to call my Mom out of bed to come rescue him with the spare key. I love AAA! Linda in Kansas

Karen Sullivan

The snow looks so lovely (but I know it gets old fast. I lived in Massachusetts for a lot of my life!)

I once locked myself out of my running car with 2 of my children inside when they were toddlers! I nearly had a heart attack and tried to get my 3 year old to open the door but she wouldn't!!! I called my husband who had an extra set of keys.

I've yet to decorate! Still have pumpkins out and about. Hopefully this weekend I will be inspired....


We got a fair bit of snow yesterday and everybody forgets how to drive, plus it was cold, so cars stall. One poor man in front of me, his tire just fell off. My husband explained to me that it wasn't torqued properly. Who knew?

I've done that too, years ago, and was shocked at how easy it was to break into my vehicle. I was driving in the country and stopped to look at flowers. Then I had to walk into a farmyard with a very scary dog, and I love dogs. I've never done it since, so far.


Still, still, still…One can hear the falling snow.

Was a Slim Jim involved, Margaret?

Blessed Advent to you and your Dearies!


It sure is pretty! Thank goodness AAA was able to get there so quickly, and that you made it home safely. Whew!


You did get some snow. Wow.
Glad your new best friend took care of you.
One of my biggest fears is doing exactly what you did.
I am glad it all worked out.
Enjoy your winter wonderland, stay safe, warm and happy December.


Pretty pictures! We finally got our power back this morning, hot coffee and a warm shower are really all I need to live a happy life. :) Glad you got home safe. I absolutely hate driving in the snow and ice, even with four wheel drive.


That's the kind of snow that is so beautiful to photograph. I'm loving your photos. It is such a nice feeling to be indoors, feel safe, have plenty of food, have fireplace crackling, and a cup of hot chocolate. Love it! (Now I'm wondering if hot chocolate is the same thing as hot cocoa.)

Forgot to say on one of your previous posts that I am also picky about my socks. I can't stand the little ones that slip into your shoes when walking. Slightly above the ankle is nice, but in winter, I can feel the cold too easily up my pants. I'll be checking out those socks you mentioned. Always love it when you share things that you've found and enjoy. I bought my Keen sandals because of you! I might need to get a winter pair, too, as my workout shoes are white (ugh!), and my 2-year-old Merrells are starting to look like the soles are crumbling. Any recommendations for winter walking shoes that can be worn on a gym track or outdoors?

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